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									         Installation of the ISO template on Vista and Windows 7
                         and its use with Office 2007

The present version of STD works in Word 2007 (tested on Vista). Note that the same
security problems as with Office XP and 2003 (see B.4 in the template reference manual)
may however be experienced. The most annoying problem is that the STD toolbar does not
appear at the foreground but is available in a tab of the Ribbon. There are however some
tools available which would allow it to appear as a toolbar as in the previous versions of
Word but we have not tested them yet; see for more information.

The installation instructions are the same as those provided on our website
1.htm) except that, in Vista and Windows 7, the STD.INI file shall be copied to

The present template will not be optimized for Office 2007. A new generation of templates
based on XML is under preparation.

Additionally, we have not heard of any major problems concerning the use of the present
version of STD with Word 2007. It has only been reported that:

      if a Run-time error 4120 "bad parameter" message appears when creating or opening
       a file based on the ISO template, your copy of MS Office shall be personalized as
       follows: open a new file in Word, click on the Office Button, then on the Word
       Options at the bottom of the menu. In the left-hand pane, click on Popular, and enter
       your username and initials in the appropriate fields under the second heading in the
       right-hand pane;
      files prepared with the older versions of Word need to be converted first to the Word
       2007 format in order to keep the link to the template active (i.e. so that it is not lost
       when the files are closed) — the files prepared in older versions of Word or in another
       environment will generally not be linked to the template when they are opened for the
       first time. To attach them to the template, once the file is opened, click on the
       Microsoft Office button, click on the Word Options button. In the Word Options
       dialogue box, select Add-Ins in the left-hand pane then select "Word Add-Ins" in the
       Manage dropdown list at the bottom of the right-hand pane and click on the Go
       button. In the Templates and Add-ins dialogue box, select the Templates tab click on
       the Attach button, browse the File Name box until you find "STD.DOT", select it and
       click on the OK button both in the Attach Template and Templates and Add-ins
       dialogue boxes,
      in certain configurations, the STD template disables Word 2007's native Equation

However, when working in Vista or Windows 7, if an error message appears stating
'PrivateProfileString' of object 'System' failed, then go into the Control panel/User accounts
and turn off the User Account Control (the procedure cannot be described here since it varies
depending on the operating system used and on its edition: please refer to the online help).

When running Office 2007 on Windows XP, make sure this latter has been upgraded at least
up to SP 2.

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