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									ING USFS Graduate
Leadership Development
Karen Ryan
Emory University
USFS Graduate Leadership Development Program
December 1, 2005
Who is ING?

ING is an international financial services company
  offering a wide variety of financial and insurance
  products. Here are some of the facts:
    Over 115,000 employees worldwide
    Operates in over 65 countries
    Total Revenues EUR 76.8 billion*
    Over 50 million customers worldwide

*Figures from 2002 Annual Report
ING Locations in the US

 51 offices in 21 cities
 in the US
How does ING rank?

    2nd largest life insurance organization in the world based
    on revenues*
    10th among the top 20 global financial institutions by
    market capitalization
    Among the top 50 organizations in the world based on
    10th in Forbes’ 2002 “International 500,” the largest firms
    based on aggregate sales, assets, profits, and market
*Based on 2002 financials.
ING Products and Services

  Trust Services            Individual Banking
  Leasing                   Private Banking
  Cash Management           Corporate Insurance
  Financial Markets         Real Estate
  Individual Insurance      Private Equity
  – Term & Permanent Life   Corporate Loans
                            Defined Contribution
  Saving & Investing
  – Variable Annuities
  – Mutual Funds
  Employee Benefits
ING’s Business Principles

  We are committed to our integrity
  We aim for an above average return
  We are open and clear
  We promote sustainable development and
  respect human rights
  We respect each other
  We are involved in the communities we operate
ING Employee Values

There are five core values that ING looks for in all employees.
   Entrepreneurship-having a dynamic and innovative approach to
   Professionalism-ensuring the highest levels of customer service
   Responsiveness-being responsive to customer needs regardless
   of location
   Integrity-being committed to integrity and consistently high ethical
   standards of conduct
   Teamwork-value-enhancing teamwork between complementary
   businesses and across business activities
Why work for ING?

 Diverse challenges and opportunities
 A stimulating work environment
 Competitive compensation and bonus package
 Excellent benefits, including a dollar for dollar
 401k match up to 6% employee contribution
 An solid financial services company with a track
 record of financial strength, continued growth,
 and unlimited future potential.
Framework for GLDP

  Supportive four-year structured rotation and development
  plan focused on core business levers.
  Rotations that cover a variety of business levers, introduce
  critical people management experiences, and expose
  participants to varying cultures and geographies.
  Participants will be managed by a “role Model” leader,
  mentored by a senior executive, and have good exposure
  to all senior leaders.
  Opportunities exist across the enterprise to leverage and
  broaden leadership and professional abilities.
  The program will link to ING’s Global development
  initiatives and opportunities and international experiences
  will be encouraged
How ING Supports our GLDP

  Three full time rotations of 12-18 months carved
  from existing key roles in the business:
  – Project Management Consultant – Life Group
  – Product Development Consultant – Worksite Business
  – Project Management Consultant – Financial Horizons
  – Project Manager – Customer Contact Center – Strategic
    Project Team
  – eBusiness Marketing Strategy – Web Strategy
  Locations of possible rotations
  Atlanta, GA                       West Chester, PA
  Hartford, CT                      Scottsdale, AZ
  Minneapolis, MN
What ING is looking for?

  Evidence of the ability and drive to achieve a
  senior level leadership position.
  Willingness to relocate to core ING sites
  Graduation from a top 1 or 2 tier graduate
  school within the last two years.
  2 + years of related work experience
  A desirable GPA of 3.8
  A strong desire for a leadership career in the
  insurance and financial services industry.
What ING is looking for?

  Diversity is a core value within ING and persons
  of all races, ethnic backgrounds, gender, and
  sexual orientation, or with disabilities are
  encouraged to apply
How to apply with ING

 Apply online at
 Apply directly through your school career
 services office.

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