The Versatility of a Garden Studio by djsgjg0045


									Decorated Shed offer a wide range of garden offices and studios which offer a
freedom in the home like nothing else. The choice is immense as designs such as the
Lantern Lite, Flat Lodge and Curved Lodge all offer a slightly different experience.
The option to have a garden office or studio that is bespoke to your needs is also
  A retreat conveniently placed in the grounds of your garden can enhance your life
immeasurably. A garden studio is very versatile and can serve a number of purposes.
From simply relaxing with a book, socialising or as a quiet space to get way from the
bustle of the main house, a studio nestled into the garden acts as a perfect way to
gather thoughts and reflect on the day.
  Other activities could be a games room, complete with state of the art technology
such as the X-Box, Nintendo or Playstation. A lack of space often becomes an issue
when playing games, even if friends or family or squashed on a sofa in front of a
computer game, the noise and excitability caused by the game can escalate, disturbing
other house members. Other more physical games could include table tennis or pool,
which take up valuable space in the house, where a dining table might stand. Having a
room dedicated to leisure secures the time for it to be made possible. Knowing that
there is a close place in which to go to relax and socialise makes the prospect more
likely to happen.
  Other activities could include a yoga space. The light and airy environment provided
by a garden studio would sit well with the meditative aspects of these exercises,
together with the greenery outside which promotes a sense of wellbeing.
  Apart from leisure activities, the garden space can be occupied for work through a
garden office. The pretty environment of the garden means that a large proportion of
the day is enhanced as opposed to an urban environment that drains morale by the
hour. The commute to work is non-existent, which substantially improves the day and
frees up more time for friends and family.
  A separate room in the garden also means that it can be made available for guests. A
futon or even a bed can be placed in the space, giving a unique guest experience and
allowing the hosts to reclaim their house at night. The high insulation means guests
will be warm and comfortable.
  The room can also act as a place to host social gatherings. Lights can be strewn from
the garden building, decorating it in a way that displays a convivial spirit. A garden
room that stands alone and is illuminated in the darkness of a garden makes a striking
impact and is much more inviting.
  Whatever you decide to do with your garden studio or office is entirely up to you.
That is the beauty of the product. It is an ideal way to express creativity and fit it
around a lifestyle that continues to change.

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