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Job Title:                 Spanish Speaking - Speech and Language Pathologist
Supervisor’s Title:        Department Manager
Provide evaluative, therapeutic, and consultative services for children who are delayed or disordered in speech,
language, feeding, cognitive, and/or hearing abilities. Provide culturally relevant services for Latino families in
their home, in the community or in a classroom environment.
Principal Duties & Responsibilities
Duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following:
 Assess each child’s developmental level of functioning;
 Design and implement treatment plan in center, home, or community child care as needed;
 Conduct formal evaluations of performance;
 Prepare progress reports; review medical reports; update medical referral forms; seek medical referral,
   consultation, and advice as necessary; and maintain accurate records of contact for each child
 Participate in the development of each child’s total program as part of the interdisciplinary team
 Design and/or assist in developing alternate communications systems; educate primary care givers in
   therapeutic interventions
 Make referrals to appropriate community or Kindering Center programs, support groups, and other services
 Participate in Individual Family Service Plan conferences in cooperation with Family Resource Coordinator
   and provide services to the child and family in accordance with the IFSP
 Translate documents when appropriate from English to Spanish
 Provide or support outreach, intensive informing, care planning, coordination, anticipatory guidance for
   complex health needs, assistance to access services, consultation, resource development, interagency
   coordination, training, program planning, quality management, and administration to support Medicaid
Required Education & Experience
 Possess or qualify for immediate issuance of Educational Staff Associate (ESA) Certificate
 Master’s degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology (in fulfillment of the requirements of the American Speech, Language, and
   Hearing Association); eligible for Certificate of Clinical Compliance
 Valid Washington State professional license or certificate in process if out of state/country
 Experience working with children who have neuromuscular and developmental disorders

Minimum Prerequisites
 Pass Washington State DSHS criminal history and background check and FBI fingerprint check
 Demonstrate skill in word processing and familiarity with MS Word, Excel and Outlook
 Possess valid Washington State driver’s license and valid automobile insurance
 Have access to a dependable personal vehicle
 Be able to lift 40 pounds (average three-year-old)
 Pass tuberculosis test
 Have current CPR and first aid certification

Submit resume and cover letter to:      Katrine Miller, Department Manager

The statements contained in this job description are not necessarily all inclusive; additional duties may be assigned and requirements
may vary from time to time.

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