Learn the Basic Things in Japanese by hkksew3563rd


									Japanese speakers around the world are more than 100 million people. But the truth is
that such poeple are most probably native Japanese, for this language has so far not
widely spoken outside Japan. Certainly some American-born Japanese people speak
Japanese in America, and a lot of people now in China are learning this language. But
anyway Japanese language is a very beautiful language that should be learned by
others from all over the world. Then we should learn something about its basic
language points.
  We know English has alphabet and phonetic symbol, it is the same to Japanese.
  But Japanese alphabet appears strange and difficult. Why? This alphabet can be
generally divided into two parts: hiragana and katakana. The two differ from each
other by the places they may be used. Hiragana is often used for the native Japanese
words or characters, while Katakana is often applied to the words from outside. But
there is another interesting function in them. That is they can be used both as a
phonetic symbol and as an independent Japanese character. They call it Kanji. If you
are worried about learning Japanese now due to its complexity? If you are, don't!
Because we have a tool to solve your problem. Get a Rosetta Stone Japanese software,
you will not be so worried about it.
  Another important thing you need to know is that Japanese has a very deep relation
with Chinese characters. Thousands of Japanese words come from Chinese words. It
is true that Japanese learned Chinese in Changan(or the capital city of China in Tang
Dynasty) more than one thousand years ago. Then they took Chinese to their country
and gradually invented their own language out of Chinese. You see, Japanese people
didn't have their own language that time. It is bit of culture in Japanese history. If you
want to learn another language like Hebrew, then you can try Rosetta Stone Hebrew to
help you. Also you need to learn something about its background and history. It is
wise way to learn.
  Then you must have learned something about Japanese language and its
development. But you are not satisfied, for you want to learn more languages like
Arabic which seems to be alien to you as well. But never be so worried since you
have got a software called Rosetta Stone Arabic.
  Actually no matter how you choose to learn Japanese or other foreign languages, you
should be industrious. Then you can learn more useful things for your future

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