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Learn the Art of Saying No and Enjoy a Less Stressful Life.


									1. I am unable to take this on as I am in the middle of several other projects.
  If you are already full up and busy with several projects, you simply do not have the
time for any more. People will understand that you do not have any free time just now
and that the door is open for future work.
  2. Give me some time to think about it and I’ll get back to you.
  Sometime saying no straightaway becomes difficult and requesting for time can
solve your problem of saying no at least for the moment. If he gets back to you at a
later date when you are free and If you like the project, you can take it on.
  3. I am not taking additional responsibilities for the moment.
  You are making it clear that your projects and other commitments both business and
personal are keeping you busy. You will be able to consider future requests.
  4. I’d love to do this, but unfortunately I cannot commit myself.
  This is a great way of saying no to someone with whom you do not want to get
involved with. By appreciating his project or ideas, you make him happy while at the
same time saying no to his request.
  5. I have no Experience in doing this type of job.
  If you feel that your expertise does not match the requirements of the job, you should
be frank enough to say so. You can advise him to look for someone who the necessary
expertise or even recommend him to an expert.
  6. This does not meet my requirements but I'll keep you in mind.
  If someone is pressurizing you to accept a deal which does not meet your needs, you
should not hesitate to say so without prolonging the matter any further. The sooner
this is made known the better it will be for both parties concerned. You are not
shutting the door for new deals and opportunities.
  7. Regret that I do not enjoy this type of work.
  If you do not enjoy doing this work it is better to say no straight away. Why do
something that you dislike doing. You can advise him to contact someone who will
enjoy doing this work or project.
  8. You have the ability to do it yourself.
  Too often we come across people who come running for help when they can do the
job themselves. We can motivate them and give them the confidence to do the job.
There is no harm in saying no in these circumstances.
  9. Unexpected things have cropped up that need my immediate attention.
  Due to unavoidable circumstances you are unable to take on the project and No is
the answer. Once the circumstances change you will be able to take on the project.
  10. Say No.
  There are instances where you do not want to associate yourself with the project or
with the promoters. The answer is No but say it diplomatically as the situation
warrants. You need not give any reason this.
  Follow these tips and soon you will be on the way to say no firmly and politely
whenever the situation demands.
  Copyright ? Kanaga Siva.
  Kanaga Siva is an Expert Author and Successful Marketer commited to help
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