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					Facebook has evolved into one of the hottest social networking website in the world .
It is a gathering spot, to connect with your friends and with your friends friends.
Facebook allows you to make new connections who share a common interest,
expanding your personal network. Additionally, users can join networks organized by
city, workplace, school, and region. Facebook is pretty awesome, but it is far from
perfect. More than once, I 鈥檝 e heard complaints about some of Facebook 鈥檚
technical aspects. Sadly, Facebook isn 鈥檛 open-sourced, so users can 鈥檛 change
anything themselves 鈥?or can they? By using simple pieces of Javascript code, or by
applying Firefox Greasemonkey userscripts, users can change the appearance and
workings of Facebook themselves. Learn how to hack Facebook accounts for fun, or
tweak something useful. Believe me, it really is all in your hands.
  Before that there are 2 things that you will need to do. The first thing is to install
Firefox. After that install Greasemonkey. Automated Login : If you feel lazy to type in
your personal info every time, this might be the tool that you can looking for. By
installing this you can save up your time & you will be logged in to your
account/profile automatically! Account/Profile Colour customization : Feel free to
customize the colour that you like & add it to your account/profile
  Facebook Account Javascript Hacks In these following hacks we 鈥檒 l be using
basic Javascript to toy around with Facebook. Note that we 鈥檙 e not going to hack
into Facebook accounts, or anything of the like. Most of these 鈥榟 acks 鈥?are
temporary and will disappear once you refresh the page. They also won 鈥檛 be
visible to users on other computers. So why are we doing it? 鈥?Because it 鈥檚 fun!
  These Javascript snippets, which we 鈥檒 l supply below, simply need to be pasted
into the address bar. Hit enter, et voila! Changing Profile Colour This will change the
colour of your Facebook bar to a color of choice. Just paste the following code in your
address bar and hit enter. You can replace 鈥榬 ed 鈥?with any color you want
鈥?black, white, green or even orrange. If you want to reverse the effect, press
Ctrl+F5 for a hard reload of the page
  View Chat History with Offline Friends Unfortunately, you can 鈥檛 normally view
the chat history of online friends. If you 鈥檙 e trying to remember something that was
said, waiting for them to come back online is one hell of a bother. Instead, you can
just use this 鈥?pretty useful 鈥?Javascript hack. First of all, we need to get your
friend 鈥檚 Facebook ID. When you visit his page indirectly (through your friends
list or by using the search engine), you 鈥檒 l be able to see it as a number in the
address bar.
  Other Javascript hacks The preceding two hacks are without doubt the most
impressive or useful ones. Below are some of the other tricks you can pull off by
using Javascript. We 鈥檙 e not going to deep on this because they 鈥檙 e all things
you can do manually as well. Change chat status to invisible:
javascript:statusControl.sendVisibility(false); Change chat status to visible:
javascript:statusControl.sendVisibility(true); Close all chat windows with person
1122334455:         javascript:chatDisplay.tabs[1122334455].tabXOnClick();        Open
application tab: javascript:applicationDock.toggleTab(); Bring up notifications:
javascript:presence.toggleTab('chat_status_control','chat_status_control_tab'); Bring
up friends list: javascript:buddyList.toggleTab();

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