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                                                  Monthly News Letter from
                                                   Probus Club of Chennai
                                           (Sponsored by Rotary Club of Madras )
                            Registered under T N Registration of Societies Act 1975 (148 of 2004)
                      An Association of Retired Professionals, Businessmen, Govt Servants and Others.
 In servicsince                       K46, Anna Nagar East Chennai-102. Ph:26216767
     1992          Vol 20                            No 2                   June 2009

1.0 The First Column                                 of men and matters and particularly in the field of
                                                     dramatic art etc. and the said meeting was attended
From the President
                                                     by large number of Probians including your
Dear Probians,                                       President who honoured Dr. G. V. Rao with a shawl
                                                     and a bouquet and wished him many more laurels in
My hearty Greetings to one and all.                  his public life; particularly when he is going to
The month of April 2009 was a great event            celebrate shortly his 80th Birthday in the month of
for the Probians when the Master Health              August 2009 and he has already invited all probians
Check up Camp was organized by our Club              to grace the occasion.
between 15th of April to 30th April 2009             Our Donor Member, Shri Bhaskar Shah has donated
when more than 300 Senior citizens got the           to our club substantial amount for our projects
benefit under health care programme and              amounting to more than Rs. 70,000/- so far and we
the valedictory function was organized on            have been promised by him all support whenever
the 11th of May 2009 at the General                  necessary and we are thankful to him for his
Hospital,    Conference      Hall,   Chennai         generous gesture. His large donation to Sankara
and on the said occasion, the Chief                  Nethrayala has won him the title ―Friends of Sankara
Secretary of Tamil Nadu, Thiru K. S.                 Nethrayala‖ which is a prestigious award given to
Sripathy complimented us for having                  him by Dr. Badrinath of Sankara Nethralaya.
organized such a programme in providing
relief to the senior citizens in the realm of        We are happy that more and more members from
health care and the said function was widely         different walks of life are coming in our fold and this
reported in the press. The same was                  will give the necessary fillip to our club for embarking
attended by many of our members.                     upon new service projects.
There was yet another programme                      The Annual General Body Meeting which was to be
organized by our energetic Secretary in              held in 27th June 2009 has been postponed to 25th
arranging a trip to the Golden Temple at             July 2009 as the Audit Report is yet to be completed
Sripuram, Vellore on the 29th of May 2009            for presentation before the General Body along with
and the Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation             an Annual Report.
gave us all the help in giving us the said tour      Finally, I expect all the members to give the same
package at a concessional rate and more              amount of co-operation in all our ongoing and future
than 33 members availed the opportunity in           projects.
visiting the famous shrine.
                                                    Yours Sincerely,
Our Vice-President Dr. G. V. Rao, invited our
                                                    S. Krishnaram Davey
members on the 6th of June 2009 for a book release
function authored by him tilted ―Successful
Management Technique‖ and the said book was22-6-2009
released by Shri N. Murali, Managing Director of The
Hindu and on the said occasion he felicitated our          Hail our Hefty Helping Hands !
Vice-President for having brought out a book onProbus Scholarship Scheme :
management technique which will be a great help toDonors of Rs. 10,000 and more:
all members of the business community and besides
he also gave encomiums for his profound knowledge
1. PF C. R. Vaitheeswaran          … Rs. 20,000               2.0 Editor’s space
   (His total contribution as on
   date is Rs. 50,000                                         MULTI-HOODED AGGRESSION AND ITS
                                                                     VICTIMS OF TORTURE
2. Probn S. Arumugam               … Rs. 10,000
   Life Member (ID L 094)                                     ―If society is in danger, it is not because of
3. Probn S. Srinivasan             … Rs. 10,000               man‘s      aggression,    but    because    of
   (ID A 132)                                                 repression of personal aggressivenes in
  Total                            … Rs. 40,000               individuals‖. — Dr. Wnnicott, Psychoanalyst.
Note : Thank you for the handsome donations. Once you         In no other age was there such a large
donate Rs. 10,000/- (and above), its interest will go to      number of vctims of aggression than we see
educate a deserving poor child from Std. VI to Plus two.      now. There is hardly any subject, in he field
Your name will be associated with the scholarship. You will   of psychology, more important than
be provided with full details of the child you are            aggression. Unfortunately, aggression is the
                                                              least understood; though it is all pervasive
                                                              around us!
              OLD AGE ECONOMICS
                                                              Needless to add that aggression, of several
If a man lives a good healthy life of values, he
would live for 100 years, divided into four                   modes, is responsible for many grave
stages: Brahma-charya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha                 issues, facing the mankind today. It raises
and Sanyasa; each of 25 years.                                its vicious multi-fanged hood a wars
                                                              between nations, crimes of violence against
Prathame narjitham vidhya – Dvithiye narjitham                race, sex, crimes creed etc.; more with tell-
Dhanam – Trthiye narjitham Punyam –
Chathurthe kim Karishyasi? ―If a man has not
                                                              tale signs of prejudice and irrational
gained educa-tion in the first stage, not earned              mindset. Thus, the world is more
wealth in the second and not done meritorious                 concerned       about     its    dangerous
acts in the third – What can he achieve in the                consequences. To sensitise the populance
fourth?‖                                                      of the world, two days are observed every
A man enters the third stage on his
                                                              year in June; known as INTERNATIONAL
retirement. It is not the time to just amass                  DAY OF VICTIMS OF AGGRESSION (4th
money, but to pursue some noble work. If he                   June)          and         INTERNATIONAL
does not do so, he cannot find fulfillment here or            DAY OF IN SUPPORT OF VICTIMS OF
better future hereafter.                                      TORTURE (26th June).
Reference :                                                   By the way, while CRIMINOLOGY is an old
―An introduction to Gerontology‖ by Swami                     science of study of crimes and criminals
Shankarananda; published by Central Chinmaya                  there is a relatively new science known as
Mission Trust, Pitamaha Sadan, Mandhana,                      VICTIMOLOGY, to study the victims of
Kanpur-209 217.                                               the crimes and the psychological impact
                                                              of crimes on them of late, many courts,
           SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT                               while convicting the criminals; concurrently
AGM postponed due to unforeseen reasons, the                  compensate he victims of the crimes
Annual General Body meeting proposed on 27-6-                 perpetrated against them for mental
2009, stands postponed to 25th July 2009                      anguish etc; though not fully.
(Fourth Saturday). Secretary‘s Notifi-cation would
follow separately. Please see para 22.0 of this               According to Dr. Winnicott, an eminent
issue. – Ed.                                                  British Psychoanalyst, ―aggression‖, is a
                                                              perfectly natural and in-born tendency —
                                                              not a word synonymous with hate or
      SPECIAL EC MEETING:                                     evil‖. According to Freudian theory, ―Origin
Date & Time:30-6-2009 –10-30 a.m.                             of aggression is almost synonymous
Venue: AASI                                                   with ACTIVITY‖. That means, it is neither
                                                              an instinct nor a ‗specific desire‘; but only
Please see Secretary’s circular                               a natural tendency to overcome
sent by him to EC members – Ed.                               obstacles to the attainment one‘s goals.
                                                              Without goals, life itself cannot exist. That is
                                                              why we use words ‗attacking‘ a problem,
                                                              ‗mastering‘ a subject, ‗getting one‘s bite‘ into
a topic and the like. This is only one side       day, in the past fortnight, learning martial
of the coin and O.K. if the obstacles are         arts, at Anna Nagar (West)‖.
‗successfully‘ overcome. The flip side of
                                                  Adducing the compelling reason to learn
aggression — But when he goal is
                                                  Karate, (in Chennai) a trainee (a sex
‗unachievable‘      or      the     problem
                                                  worker) told:
‗insurmountable‘, a state of frustration
develops; leading to emotions which too           ―After training, I can refuse when a man
can be termed ‗aggression‘ with negative          orders me to drink, or I can defend myself
traits, suppression of this ‗aggression‘          if he acts funny. There are sadists who
with force by Society/Government pose             stub cigarette butts on our bodies. They
grave danger to society ! How?                    are scared of their wives at home but
                                                  when they come to us they gave went to
I recall the days, of late 1940‘s and early
                                                  all their pent-up anger! Now we know
1950‘s, when the Communist Party of India
                                                  how to stop‖ (emphasis added).
was banned in a few princely states, now in
Kerala, and its members, who had gone             Biological Sociologist like Michael Ghighlieri,
‗under ground‘, were hunted by police like        is of opinion that testosterone (male
wild animals and ‗tortured‘ in Police lock-       hormone) acts as ‗Kick-starter‘ for male
ups. The Communists, then, believed in            aggression. The violence is universal from
facing    violence   with   violence.      The    species to species and Culture to Culture
suppression of the communism by brute             as a ―male strategy‖. The news paper
force only led to the spread of its               report given above, interestingly, brings to
ideology among the people. Better sense           light a new mode of ‗male strategy‘!
prevailed among the diehard but enlightened       Incidentally, sex workers are more sinned
comrades. They opted to come to power             against than sinning!! This could be traced
through ‗ballot boxes‘ and formed the             to the days of Jesus Christ. Jesus saw a
first communist ministry in the world in          group of men about to stone an adulteress
1957. Some of the Communist leaders were          to death. Deeply moved at this, Jesus
‗innately very gentle‘ in their personal          challenged them ―Let him who is without
life, I adore them, with sterling qualities       sin among you is the first to throw a
of head and heart, like simplicity, spirit of     stone at her‖ (John 8:7). None dared come
sacrifice       and     uprightness          in   anywhere near the victim of torture! As an
private/public                                    irony, the apostle of peace and love himself
life. This is a classic example of                had to subject himself to intense senseless
channelizing of aggression in a fruitful way.     torture; on the cross! His last prayer was
Now on to some of the victims of torture, at      ―O Lord, they don‘t know what they are
                                                  doing, Forgive them‖ (not verbatim). He
the hands of ‗aggressors‘. Perhaps,
                                                  taught us to hate the sin; but love the
religions; due overzealous followers, have
perpetrated a lion‘s share of tortures,
especially, against women and children.           It is strange and sad to see that ages after
No doubt, core of all religions is non-           Manu wrote MANUSMRITHI, some of us, in
violence and nobility of thoughts.                modern India, still defend the Primitive
                                                  and barbaric attitude towards to our
I may be raising a few eye brows now.
                                                  women and children! To be fair, to Manu,
There was a news item in an English daily
                                                  some of the smrithis were amended
(Times of India 28-5-09) under the head line
                                                  subsequently for the better; which the blind
―Sex workers learn karate to keep unruly
                                                  protagonists of our ancient civilization may
customers at bay‖.
                                                  be blissfully ignorant or deliberately
Excerpts of the report are:                       strain to ignore. Here are a few samples:
―All this while they had to put up with           ―A wife, a son, a slave, a pupil, a younger
unreasonable clients, not merely for the          brother who has Committed faults, may be
sake of money; but because they were              beaten with rope or a split bamboo‖ (Manu
unable to defend themselves. No longer.           VIII 299).
Seventy five sex workers in Chennai have          As if adding insult to injury, here is one more
been sweating out for nearly five hours a         dose of mental torture; by way of negation of
legitimate rights and empowerment. Here         Soon after a prayer, Probn S. Krishna-ram
it is:                                          Davey, the president, called the meeting to
―A wife, a son and       a slave, these are     order and welcomed the members. He
declared to have no     property, the wealth    thanked Probians who turned up in large
which they earn is      acquired for whom       number both during the inaugural meeting of
                                                Master Health Check up for Seniors, at
they belong (Manu       VET 416) (emphasis
                                                Government Hospital, Chennai-3 on 15th
                                                April and at the Workshop on Seniors‘
The above is an appalling scenario where        Health Care, conducted on 26th April, and
ancient societies treated women land and        the Health Secretary, Government of Tamil
children as property, where the owner           Nadu, Sri V. K. Subburaj, I.A.S., for his
(father or husband) had the absolute            participation as its the Chief Guest of the
power over his ‗perceived possessions‘          day. He requested members to participate at
(wife, sons, slaves etc.). This has given       the Valedictory Function of the Master
rise to a perception in society that            Health Check up scheduled on 11-5-09 at
‗aggression and violence within the             the auditorium of Madras Medical College,
family‘ is a private matter. Thus, persons      Chennai-3 with family members and friends.
not within this circle either hesitate or are
plain unwilling to provide support to the       After his welcome address the subjects in
victims of torture — mental, physical,          the agenda were taken us for deliberation.
emotional, financial, sexual so on.             • The E.C. confirmed and recorded the
Protection of women from domestic violence        minutes of the E.C. meeting held on 11th
Act 2005, by large, addresses to the              April 2009 already communicated to the
menace of Domestic violence. There are            members.
several other acts, which can give succor to    • The following new members were
the victims of torture; if enforced               admitted.
effectively by the law enforcers. Mere            (a) (i) Probn S. Krishnamoorthy, Annual Member
enactment of laws without its strict                      ID A 359
enforcement is only a mockery. The need of
the hour is to generate ANGER AGAINST                (ii) Probn R. Magghan Lal Jhaver, Annual
VIOLENCE. Why anger? Here is an answer.                   Member ID A 360
                                                     (iii) Probn T. D. Sadasivam, Annual Member ID
―I never work better than when I am
                                                           A 363
inspired by anger. When I am angry, I can
                                                  (b) The following members were deleted from the
write, pray, and preach well, for my whole
                                                       roll of membership of the club, for the reasons
temperament      are    quickended,    my
                                                       noted against each, with effect from 9-5-2009.
understanding      sharpened,     and  all
mundane vexations and temp-tations                   (i) Probn V. Subrahmanyam
departing‖. — Martin Luther King.                        ID A 280. In unavoidable circumstances
TORTURE TOO SHALL BEGIN AT OUR                       (ii) Probn K. Masilamani
HOMES. Our mindset must change with                       ID A 175. Indifferent health condition stated.
the change of times. When will we see that          (iii) Probn J. W. R. Livingstone
day?                                                      ID A 053. Expired on 24-3-09 from the date
YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE.                            of their demise.
Reference:                                          (iv) Probn G. Ramamoorthy
1. Pears Cyclopedia – 1967-68.                           ID A 167. Expired on -1-09 from the date of
2. Manorama Year Book – 2009.                            their demise.
3. Times of India of 28th May 2009.                  (v) Probn A. R. L. Ramanan
                                                         ID A 320. Expired on 28-2-08 from the date
3.0 Events and Activities                                of their demise.
3.1 E.C. Meeting held on 9th May 2009 at        • The E.C. members placed on record their
    10.30 a.m. at Automobile Association          deep gratitude to the Principal Secretary,
    of South India Meeting Hall, Chennai.         Health Department, Govt. of Tamil Nadu.
  Thiru V. K. Subburaj, I.A.S. and Govt.           The function began with an invocation song
  General Hospital Doctors for their very          sung by Probn T. K. Bala-subramanian, an
  valuable contribution made for successful        octogenarian senior member. In the fitness
  culmination of Master Health Check up            of things, compering of the proceedings was
  for Seniors and the Eminent Doctors who          done by Probn Dr. (Ms.) P. Naga-
  contributed for the success of Workshop          booshanam, former Vice Chancellor of Tamil
  on Seniors‘ Health Care. It placed on            Nadu, Dr. Ambedkar Law University.
  record its appreciation of the hard work of
  Probn R. Subbaraj, Secretary of the Club         Probn S. Krishnaram Davey, the President
  who liaised with different Government            of the club, welcomed the gathering. In his
  Departments fully making use of his              welcome address he expressed his great
  popularity among Government officials.           pleasure and gratification in organising a
• The E.C. tentatively fixed 27th June 2009        task which appeared a daunting one first.
  to convene the Annual General Body               Thanks to the medical staff and their
  Meeting as per constitution (byelaw-21).         missionary zeal, the medical camp of more
  The E.C. members were suggested to               than two weeks, especially in an
  submit any matter to be transacted in the        environment not congenial (what with
  General Body Meeting to the Secretary, in        election time around and a scorching sun
  writing, on or before 30-5-2009. (AGM has        above); culminated as a grand success. It
  since been postponed to 25-7-2009.               was not a mean task to do a ‗Special Health
  Please see announcement in the front             Check up‘ for three hundred and odd Senior
  page of this issue. – Ed.).                      citizens and filling the elaborate related
• Finally the subject matter related to the        medical reports. Full marks go to Thiru V. K.
  approval of Receipts and charges                 Subburaj, I.A.S., Principal Secretary, Health
  statement for the month of April 2009 was        and Family Planning, at whose suggestion
  put off. The E.C. requested the Treasurer        the club ventured to take up this arduous
  to prepare the annual accounts for the           work.
  period from 1-4-08 to 31-3-09, in detail
                                                   The president welcomed Thiru K. S.
  and to submit the same with next E.C.
  meeting without fail scheduled on 13-6-09        Sripathi,     I.A.S.,     Chief     Secretary,
  for commending it to the AGM for                 Government of Tamil Nadu, who pinched
  approval. The Treasurer was requested to         about half an hour out of his tight schedule
  adopt the guide-lines framed in the              to participate in the function (he spent more
  preparation of accounts. (A special E.C.         than double the time he promised showing
  meeting would be convened on 30th June           his keen interest in our activities – Ed.).
  2009 for this purpose. – Ed.).                   Appropriate to the occasion, Probn S. P.
                                                   Ambrose, I.A.S. (Retd.) honoured the Chief
• With a vote of thanks by the Secretary, the
                                                   guest of the day, with a Ponnadai.
  meeting was adjourned to 13th June 2009
  at 10.30 a.m. at AASI Hall, Chennai.             Probn Dr. V. Chockalingam, an eminent
(Report based on the inputs received from Probn    cardiologist and former Professor of
R. Subbaraj, Secretary. This does not purport to   Cardiology of Madras Medical College,
be the minutes of the meeting. – Ed.).             honoured Dr. Geetha Lakshmi, Vice
                                                   Principal of M.M.C.; Probn Dr. M.
3.2 Valedictory function of ‗Special               Parthasarathi, a well-known Ortho-paedic
    Master Health Check up for Seniors‘            surgeon, honoured Dr. Jayaraman, the
    held       at      the     Seminar             Dean of M.M.C.
    Hall, Madras Medical College, at 10            Thiru V. K. Subburaj, I.A.S., in his felicitation
    a.m. on 11-5-2009.                             said the genesis of this scheme was the one
Valedictory function of the ―Special Master        designed for the Police force in Tamil Nadu.
Health check up for seniors‖ was organised         This was extended for the benefit of Senior
jointly with the Government Hospital,              Citizens now, with a concession of Rs. 100/-
Chennai.                                           (i.e. Rs. 150/- only). Similar ‗Master Check
ups‘ could cost a couple of thousand chips         Probn Dr. V. Chockalingam, for Professor of
in private sector hospitals. In his view, about    cardiology gave       a    thought-provoking
80% of the deaths in old age could be              speech, regaling the audience with his wit
prevented if cardiac diseases and Diabetes         and wise-cracks. His cautioned ‗lifts may
could be detected early and periodically           lift
monitored. He added that medical expenses          you upwards (to heaven) quickly‘ – so
are now quite exorbitant, especially for           avoid use of lifts as far as practicable. He
Senior citizens, when they go to private           presented a few books to those on the dais.
hospitals, in preference to Government
                                                   Probn S. Krishnaram Davey, the President,
hospitals, which very often, lack in facilities
                                                   presented a memento to Probn Dr. P.
and staff strength. Now the Government is
                                                   Nagabooshanam        who   compered    the
addressing to these lacunae by filling up all
                                                   proceeding with a clockwork precision.
vacant posts of doctors and paramedics.
Now even Public Health Centres (PHCs) are          A vote of thanks was proposed by Probn
well-equipped with more sophisticated              (Ms.) V. K. Vanaja. Curtains were down after
equipments,      medicines      with    a   full   National Anthem.
complement of staff manning them. He gave          All those present were presented with a
sufficient hints that similar schemes would        copy of a book titled ―Chinthanai Chirakukal‖
be extended to other districts soon.               (what we want now is a flight of
                                                   imagination matched with innovation and
Thiru K. S. Sripathi, I.A.S., the Chief Guest      pragmatism – Ed.).
of the day, as an opening remark, said that
he felt elated at being honoured by a person       (Report based partly on the inputs received from
                                                   Probn R. Subbaraj, our dynamic Secretary.
like Probn S. P. Ambrose, I.A.S. (Retd.) who       Please see the feed back in Para MAIL BOX. –
was very much senior to him, in service. He        Ed.).
added that traditionally we are habituated to
respecting our elders. Naturally, we are           3.3 There   was    no   ‗Spiritual and
more concerned about the ‗basic health‘                Philosophical meeting in the month
of our elders. He was very much pleased to             of May 2009.
know that more than three hundred elderly
(some of them sponsored by our members             3.4 Monthly breakfast meeting held at 9
for free check ups, paying for them). He               a.m. on 23-5-2009 at Gokhale Hall,
considered Geriatrics as the most important            Karpagambal Nagar, Mylapore.
among all disciplines of medicine. He              Probn S. Krishnaram Davey, the President,
lamented that Cancer is a scourge on the           called the meeting to order.
health of all, especially, in elders.
                                                   The proceeding began with an invocation
He highlighted a very important fact that it is    song by Probn A. K. Viswanathan.
imperative to have confidence in your
doctor and the medicines he prescribes;            The President welcomed Rtn. Deva-
besides one‘s self-confidence to tide              prakasam, the Guest speaker of the day and
over any situation. This is all the more           Sri R. Sekar, Sales Manager, ING-Vysya
important in Geriatrics. It is not the             Life Insurance who came for a presentation
number of hospitals that are important             of its scheme for falicita-ting earning by
but the quality of the services it affords.        elders, as ‗second career‘, remaining at
No doubt, there is lot more to be done at          home, in life insurance business.
the Government level and the scheme                The President, in his welcome address
‗Special Health Check up‘ is only a                highlighted salient features of the on-going
beginning. He complimented the Probus              scheme; ―Special Health Check up for
Club of Chennai for taking a right step in this    Senior Citizens‘, in association with
direction. He paid rich encomium to the            Government General Hospital, Chennai. He
doctors and other medical staff who                expressed his indebtness to Thiru V. K.
eminently deserved it too.                         Subburaj, I.A.S., Principal Secretary (Health
and Family Planning), Government of Tamil        the planning and implementation of several
Nadu; for the implementation of the scheme       community service projects of the club. The
with a tidy concession in fees of Rs. 100/-      Guest was honoured with a shawl by the
(i.e. a nominal fees of Rs. 150/- only). He      president.
announced that Thiru K. S. Sripathi, I.A.S.,
                                                 In his speech Rtn. Devaprakasam detailed
Chief Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu,
                                                 the objectives of the Rotary movement, ―to
had consented to be the Chief Guest at the
                                                 encourage and foster the ideal on the basis
valedictory     function,    despite     his
                                                 for worthy enterprise‖ among those with a
preoccupation      with    the     on-going
                                                 philan-thropic bent. During the course of
parliamentary elections.
                                                 explaining various schemes of the Rotary
Probn S. Krishnaram Davey thanked Tamil          clubs, he was all praise for the some of the
Nadu Tourism Development Corporation for         on-going schemes of the Probus Club of
allowing 35% concession in fare for a one-       Chennai. He desired our members to
day trip to Golden Temple and two other          associate themselves with the schemes of
temples near Vellore, proposed by the club.      Rotary Clubs too; for mutual benefit of
The President requested the new members
present to introduce themselves. The             Probn R. Manickam, PP, introduced Shri R.
following spoke briefly giving their personal    Sekar, Sales Manager, ING-Vysya Life
details.                                         Insurance and his team of officers. Shri
1. Probn S. Krishnamurthy (ID A 359)             Sekar     explained   the    opportunities
                                                 available to Senior Citizens to earn
2. Probn Maggan Lal Jhaver (ID A 360)
                                                 sufficient extra income to augment their
3. Probn (Mrs.) Prabhavathy R. Dave (ID A 361)
                                                 present income. Mementos were presented
4. Probn P. M. Pandian (ID 362)                  (books and Probus T-Shirts).
5. Probn T. D. Sadasivam (ID A 365)
                                                 Probn M. Chidambaram, Joint Secretary,
6. Probn L. S. Jagannathan (ID L 152)
                                                 proposed a vote of thanks.
Probn R. Subbaraj, Secretary, announced
                                                 All those present were presented with a
that Probn S. Arumugam, Life Member (ID L
                                                 book titled ‗Makizhchi Engey?‘ donated by
094) donated Rs. 10,000/- for the Probus
                                                 PF C. R. Vaitheeswaran.
Education fund. This was received with
ovation.                                         (Report based the inputs received from Probn R.
                                                 Subbaraj, Secretary of the Club. – Ed.).
The Secretary announced a donation of Rs.
250/- by Probn V. Gopala-krishnan (ID A          3.5 One-day tour of visits to Sri-puram
164).                                                Golden Temple and two other
Probn R. Subbaraj, announced that the E.C.           temples, near Vellore, from 7 a.m. to 8
had tentatively decided to convene the AGM           p.m. on 29-5-2009.
on 27th June 2009 (This was since                The Probus Club of Chennai organised a
postponed to 25th July 2009 – Ed.). He           one-day-sightseeing cum pilgri-mage in
briefed the audience of the proposed visit to    association with Tamil Nadu Tourism
Golden temple, near Vellore. He appealed to      Corporation Ltd., availing a concession of
members to participate in the ‗World             35% in A/C coach fare, exclusively for its
Hepatitis Awareness Week‘ celebration at         members.
the Government General Hospital, on 25th         The party of thirty three elders under the
May 2009 (not more than ten due to space-        captaincy of Probn K. Venkatachari, PP, left
restriction at the venue.                        Chennai at 7 a.m. for the sight-seeing cum
Probn R. Subbaraj introduced Rtn.                pilgrimage. Shri Ramanathan, the guide of
Devaprakasam, former President of the            TTDC, though young; co-ordinated the
Rotary club of Franston-North (1979-80),         itinerary with a clock-work precision,
with more than four decades of experience        enabling the party to have good ‗darshanam‘
in Rotary movement. He was instrumental in       first at Sri Murugan temple of Ratnagiri and
                                                 at     Jalakanteswarar     temple;    before
proceeding to Sripuram, near Vellore.             10. Singaravelu M Dr      12    4208 7875
Breakfast, mineral water and other                11. Ramachandran N        15    2248 3645
essentials were thoughtfully arranged by          12. Sreenivas V           15    4354 6696
Probn R. Subbaraj, Secretary and the fleet
                                                  13. Subramanian V (Ch-41) 15    2451 1799
Master. Probns R. Manickam, PP and
Subramaniam entertained the group with            14. Gnanaraj P Dr         16    4218 2465
singing. After 45 minutes the party               15. Kamala Anantram Mrs 16      2823 2448
proceeded to the Golden temple at                 16. Maniarasan C S        16    2245 2444
Sripuram. The TTDC had arranged for lunch         17. Arunachalam M         19    2495 2597
at ANNA lAKSHMI, a hotel manned by the
                                                  18. Mallikarjunan R C     21    2475 7593
temple autho-rities. Though a tad difficult to
walk soon after a heavy meal at noon, the         19. Sriram N              21    2811 4923
welcome reception at the VIP gate enthused        20. Jayaraman N           22    2461 8223
the party to look forward to the breath-taking    21. Sampath S             22    2449 0227
landscape around and heart, stopping              22. Pasupathy S           24    2434 4740
dashing of the deity of the only Golden
                                                  23. Sarada Nambi          24    2464 3068
temple in the south, modeled after the
                                                      Arooran Mrs Dr
Sikh Golden temple at Amritsar in the
Punjab. The Golden temple at Sripuram is          24. Krishnan K            29    2815 7995
known as Sri Narayini Peetam. As a                25. Purushothaman K P Er 29     2434 5854
measure of abundant caution, persons who
are in doubt of their ability to walk a long      4.2    Probus spouses having Birth Anniversary in
distance are advised to ask for wheel                    July 2009
chairs available.
The one-day tour provided a whole-some
experience of spiritual bliss, light recreation   1.    Devaki Perumal        3   2855 2229
with good fellowship to cherish for long.         2.    Prabhavathy Ramaraju 4    2259 1050
Probn T. R. Jayaraman, Coordinator of our         3.    Radha Gopalakrishnan 6    2815 3924
Spiritual meetings suggests more such trips
                                                  4.    Chandrika Arumugam 8      2377 4650
in future. Probn K. Venkatachari, PP, the
coordinator of the programme thanked all          5.    Thilagavathy          9   4208 7875
those who participated in the tour.                     Singaravelu
                                                  6.    Lakshmi              10   2248 3645
(The report based on the inputs received
from Probn R. Subbaraj, Secretary. Probns R.            Ramachandran
Subbaraj and K. Venkatachari deserve kudos for    7.    Padmasini            12   2615 1652
the meticulous planning and implementation of           Rajagopalan
a project which was a dream for many of us. –      8.   Padma Srinivasan     12   2376 0164
                                                   9.   Padmavathy Govindan 12    2491 0207
4.0    Felicitations                              10.   Charumathi           14   2243 2516
4.1    Probians having Birth Anniversary
       in July 2009                               11.   Rathnavathy          14   2491 4270
                                                  12.   Vijayalakshmi        14   2434 5854
1.    Ramachandran K       1   2483 5660                Purushothaman
2.    Srinivasan N         1   2491 1647          13.   Indira Gopinath      15   2499 3901
3.    Madhava Rao A G      2   2491 1639          14.   Rajareka             15   2811 6465
4.    Perumal M            3   2855 2229                Chidambaram
                                                  15.   Kalyani Srinivasan   17   2827 7738
5.    Krishnamurthy K      5   2461 8100
                                                  16.   Lakshmi Kumari       17   2825 6104
6.    Ranganathan P V      5   2615 3485
                                                        Panduranga Rao
7.    Viswanathan A K      7   2440 4136
                                                  17.   Bhanumathi           19   2491 1639
8.    James A              9   2231 2141                Madhava Rao
9.    Prasad C S Dr        9   2641 1991
18. Hemalatha            25 2498 3033      16. Ramaswamy T S Dr      13 2844 2526
    Sundarrajan                                Probn & Lakshmi
19. Shantha James        30 2231 2141          Ramaswamy Mrs
20. Nalini Rao           31 2493 7388      17. Pranab K Basu         22 2472 4089
                                               Probn and
4.3    Probus couples having Wedding           Sunipa Basu Mrs
           Anniversary in July 2009        18. Kishen Bhatia Probn   30 2836 2243
1.    Rengarajan J Probn & 1 2499 5840         & Padma Bhatia Mrs
      Chitra Rengarajan Mrs
                                           Wish you all many happy returns of the day. May
2.    Vedanthachari T &      1 2433 0877
                                           God bless you all with good health, happiness
      Saroja Vedanthachari
      Mrs                                  and a peaceful life. Probn D. Sugunaraj, will be
                                           sending, Probus greetings to all the above.
3.    Arunachalam M &        2 2495 2597
      Sundari Arunachalam
                                           (Thank you, Probn Sugunaraj – Ed). Kindly
      Mrs                                  donate to our Sunshine fund generously – Ed.
4.    Govindasamy N Probn 5 98845 74834
                                           5.0   Feedback
      and Radha
      Govindasamy Mrs                      1.0 The First Column:
5.    Chitralekha Mrs Probn 7 2836 2703    When members of our parent, Rotary Club,
      & Mehta D MMr                        are aptly called Rotarians, not Rotians why
                                           we call ourselves Probians, instead of
6.    Daivasigamani P        7 2615 0552
      Probn & Manimekalai
      Daivasigamani                        2.3.3 Probus Group
7.    Pattabiraman P &       7 2620 3201   While every chart is unique, Rahu and Kethu
      Hemamalini                           are always found in every chart seven
      Pattabiraman Mrs                     houses apart counting from either. Why is
                                           this so?
8.    Muthukumaran S Dr & 8 2491 4270
      Rathnavathy                          15.0 Feedback
      Muthukumaran                         Presume that the concluding sentence
9.    Durai S & Bhami        8 2499 2799   re:netenabled OPC provision for the Editor,
      Durai Mrs                            is receiving attention.
                                           – Probusian N. Dharmeshwaran A 00 19
10.   Tamilarasan L Probn 8 2442 0804
      & Mangaiyarkkarasi                   Editor‘s Reply
      Tamilarasan Mrs                      It has been clarified in our earlier PROBUZZ
11.   Ramakrishnan V &      10 2432 1121   issues that some of the Probus Clubs in
      Brahada                              Canada use the term PROBIAN. However,
      Ramakrishnam Mrs                     there is nothing wrong in using the term
12.   Venkatachari K &      10 2498 1099   PROBUSIAN. In our club it is customary to
      Hemavathy                            use the term PROBIAN. We have no quarrel
      Venkatachari Mrs                     with those who use the term PROBUSIAN.
13.   Viswanathan AK Probn 10 2440 4136    Your editor is a computer illiterate.
      & Geetha Viswanathan                 ―Yasya naasthi swayam prachna,
      Mrs                                  Darpano kim karishyathi?‖
14.   Krishnamoorthy N      11 2446 0442   ―What is the use of a mirror to a blind man?‖
      & Meenakshi                          Kindly bear with your present editor.
      Krishnamoorthy Mrs                   Thank you.
15.   Subramanian D V       12 2435 2838
      & Vijaya                             6.0 Welcome New Members
      Subramanian Mrs
                                           New Members

                                           Life Member :
Jegannathan, L. S. Probn, Project              Train passengers who require assis-tance
Officer/Jt. Director, Rural Development,       from the police in cases of emergency
Vellore, (Retd.). DOB: 07-03-1940, Spouse:     during their journey can now send SMS to
Sabitha Jegannathan Mrs, DOB: 02-03-           99625 00500. This facility will enable the
1947, WD: 14-09-1970, Res.: ―Saraswathi        passengers inside the train to post
Illam‖, Old No. 22, New No. 4, II Main Road,   complaints about any crime or any other
                                               matter taking place inside the train and seek
Srinivasa-puram, Korattur R S, Chennai-600
076, Ph: 26512249, Cell: 94449 39698,
Membership ID L 152, introduced by Probn       The system provides for automatic diversion
R. Subbaraj, Secretary.                        of the message to the beat constables and
                                               route officers based on the train number and
Annual Members :                               station name given by the passenger.
                                               These officers would reach the seat or the
1. Krishnamoorthy S Probn, Hr. Grade           berth of the complainant and take action.
Assistant, LIC, Coimbatore. (Retd.), DOB:
02-09-1938,         Spouse:         Jayam      All such calls are automatically recorded and
                                               logged for future reference and monitoring.
Krishnamoorthy Mrs, DOB: 10-12-1948,
                                               There        is      also      a      website
WD: 24-10-1968, Res.: L 3, 2nd West
Street, Kamaraj Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur,
Chennai-600 041, Membership ID A 359,          Source: News today dated 5th Feb. 2009.
introduced by R. Ramakrishnan ID A 190, e-
mail ID:, Cell: 99401       8.0    Additions and Omissions
35160.                                         Item 4.2, under new members; PROBUZZ
                                               January 2009 Probn N. Govindasamy (ID
2. Maggan lal Jhaver R Probn, DOB: 04-         No. A 350).
11-1939, Business, Spouse: Rajkumari
Jhaver M Mrs, WD: 22-6-1959, Res.:             Instead of Lecturer in Medical Ento-mology
Vatsala, 20 (New 6/2) Parsu Pillai Street,     read as Lecturer, Madras Medical College
Kilpauk Gardens Road, Chennai-10, Ph:          (Retd.). This correction may be incorporated
                                               in all our records, as requested by him in his
389598/99, Cell: 93801 82944, Membership
                                               letter dated 9th June 2009 to The Secretary
ID A 360, introduced by Probn S.
                                               of the Club.
Krishnaram Davey, President.

3. Prabhavathi R. Dave Mrs Probn,              9.0 Directory update
Business, DOB: 12-10-1947, Res.: 23/17,        Probn N. Govindasamy (ID A 350), No. 24
Venkatanarayana Rd., T. Nagar, Chennai-        A, ‗Narayana Nilayam‘, Jeswant Nagar,
600 017, Ph: 2434 5436, Cell: 98409 34811,     Mogappair (West), Chennai-600 037
Membership ID A 362, introduced by Probn       Ph: 2653 6556 Cell: 94457 45995
S Krishnaram Davey, President.
                                               10.0    EC Meeting of July 2009 – CHANGE
4. Pandian P. M. Probn, Dy. Director of                OF VENUE
Agriculture, Commissionerate of Agriculture,
Chepauk, Chennai-600 005, (Retd.) DOB:         E.C. Meeting of the Club will be held on 11-
                                               7-2009 at Kancheepuram.
10-11-1947, Spouse: Radha Pandian Mrs,
DOB: 29-12-1954, WD: 1-12-1976, Res.: F3,      The Secretary will inform the E.C. members
Srikrishna Apartments, 45 (Old 17) Muthu       and Special invitees regarding the Venue in
Street, Royapettah, Chennai-600 014, e-        due course.
mail: Ph: 2835         Necessary transport will be arranged by the
1166, Cell: 94441 71757, Member ID A 362       Club. Please be in touch with Probn R.
introduced by R. Subbaraj Secretary.           Subbaraj, Secretary. His Phone No. 2442
                                               2839 Mobile No. 94444 55872.
7.0   SMS helpline for train commuters
11.0 Book Review                                  2. Mr. X: I think that girl is deaf.
Successful Management Techniques: A                  Friend: How do you know?
review: Author: Probn Dr. G. V. Rao, Vice-           Mr. X: I told I Love her, but she said her
President, Probus Club of Chennai.                   chappals are new!
The book was released at a function on 6-6-
                                                  13.0 Obituary
2009 at Tag Centre.
The book has 27 chapters. Each chapter            We are extremely sorry to learn that Probn
deals with a specific topic connected with        (Mrs.) K. Jayalakshmi, our life member,
the art of management. The beauty of the          passed away on 3rd June 2009, after a brief
book is the simple language in which it is        illness. She was aged 63 years. Though she
written so that even a layman can                 joined the club about two years back only,
understand the various techniques of              her contributions to the club are very
management.                                       valuable. She was the correspondent of
The book reflects the four decades of             Cambridge         Matriculation       School,
experience of Dr. Rao.                            Royapettah. She was a lover of sports &
The book was originally written in Tamil and      games and encouraged several promising
has been translated into English by Mrs.          boys and girls to excel in sports and games.
Padma Narayanan.                                  One such student of hers was Master
                                                  Adhiban Bhaskeran, an Internation Master in
In his foreword Probn N. Vittal, I.A.S. (Retd.)
                                                  chess, whom our club honoured last year.
says as follows:
                                                  For the past two years, we have been
―When it comes to leadership, Rao offers          organising our Caroms and Chess
very valuable insights born out of his rich       tournaments for Senior Citizens in
experience. His chapter on diplomacy in           Cambridge      Matriculation     School   at
personnel management as royal strategy            Royapettah. Probn Jayalakshmi was in the
spans a wide canvas and conveys the
                                                  forefront with her encouragement, inclusive
message very effectively‖.
                                                  of providing the expertise through her
In his preface Probn Dr. Rao considers it his     chosen staff members, to conduct the
duty to tell the youngsters how he has been       tournaments. We feel like orphans now.
successfully managing an organization for         We would be cherishing her memory. While
over 3 decades.                                   condoling her death ourselves, we join, the
His skills in management have been                bereaved family members in their prayers
acquired through practical experience. He         for the everlasting peace of the departed
quotes Gandhiji to say that knowledge             noble soul.
derived from experience is better than
bookish knowledge.                                14.0 Bereavement
Dr. Rao has authored many other books on
                                                  Prof. R. Rajagopalan is one of our very
a variety of subjects.
                                                  senior members of the Club. He was
We are proud of significant achieve-ment of       Professor or Physics in Presidency College.
Probn Dr. Rao. This book has 221 pages            His son met with an accident ten years ago
and priced at Rs. 225.                            and was treated in the Apollo Hospital as an
I recommend the book to all students of           inpatient there for many months. He was
management and also to all probus                 discharged after recovery. He developed
members.                                          fever, a few days back and was rushed to
                   – Probn K. Venkatachari, PP
                                                  Apollo Hospital and after treatment was
12.0 Humour                                       discharged. But he developed sudden high
                                                  fever and breathlessness and died on 29-5-
1. Mr. X: My mobile bill how much?                2009.
   Call centre girl: Sir, just dial 123 to know
   current bill status.                           Probn Rajagopalan in 80 now. His wife
   Mr. X: Stupid, not Current Bill my Mobile      passed away long back. His son is also
   Bill.                                          gone. His son had no issues.
Probn Rajagopalan‘s grief is inconso-lable.     Probn Dr. G. Sundaram.
May God give him strength to bear this cruel
onslaught of fate.                              16.0 Mail Box
May his son‘s soul rest in peace.               Probn S. Ganesan, E.C. member in his letter
                                                dated 7th May 2009 writes:
Our heart felt condolences to our good
                                                The recently conducted Master Health
friend Probn Prof R. Rajagopalan.
                                                Check up programme with the help of the
His contact No. is 2242 3135.                   Government General Hospital, was one of
Probn R Rajan met Probn Rajagopalan and         the best projects conducted recently by our
conveyed our heartfelt condolences on           club. While all members should be thanked
behalf of Probus Club of Chennai                for their support and encouragement and the
                                                sponsors for their financial assistance,
15.0   Condolence messages for Prof. R.         special mention should be made to the
       Rajagopalan                              outstanding contribution and efforts put in by
                                                P.P. K. V. Chari and Secretary R. Subbaraj.
1. I am shocked to know from your e-mail        The programme required lot of coordination,
about the passing away of Prof. Raja-           follow up and interaction and these two
gopalan‘s son. Our heartfelt condolences to     gentlemen untiringly did all that was
him.                                            necessary to make the programme a
Probn Padmanabhan, Westland Limited             success.
# 571, Poonamallee High Rd, Aminjikarai,        Every day these two gentlemen used to go
Chennai 600 029, Phone: 4208 0417/18            to the general hospital, in the hot sun, one
Fax: 2664 2794.                                 from Mylapore and another from Adyar to
2. Your message about Prof. Rajagopalan is      supervise the arrangements and facilities. At
really touching. My heartfelt condolence to     that time most of us would be lolling in the
Professor. I will call him by Phone and         easy chair sipping up a hot cup of coffee
personally. Thanks.                             and reading the newspaper. No amount of
Probn V. N. Subramanian.                        praise is adequate for the efforts put in by
                                                these two gentlemen and I thought as a
3. I may not know Prof. Rajagopalan             matter of recognition on behalf of all the
personally; but the tragedy that has befallen   members you may like to publish this letter
him is a thunderbolt of no small dimension.     in your forthcoming edition of Probuzz.
Can you send me his email address, so that
I can send him a condolence message?            Another task done by these gentlemen was
                                                to sort and distribute all the reports to the
Regards. Probn R. Subramanian.                  right person. This is not an easy job.
4. Kindly convey our condolence to his          May god give these two gentlemen all the
family.                                         best to continue the onerous task lying
Probn Dr. P. Pandian.                           ahead.
5. It is sad to read the news about the         (Indeed, it was a stupendous task done in
demise of Sri Prof. R. Rajagopalan‘ son.        an unfavorable condition when mercury was
May the Almighty give him sufficient            rising steeply with a frenzy of ‗election fever‘
strength/forbearance to bear the irreparable    all around! Kudos to all those who made
loss. I had met him in our monthly meeting      their task lighter – the writer contributed
on a few occasions. I remember Prof. Sri        Rs. 3,000/- sponsoring 20 poor elderly to
Rajagopalan shared with us on the               undergo the Master Check up – Ed.).
International Science Day a humorous            17.0     Donations of Sundry items
episode about Sir C. V. Raman and ―Raman
effect‖. My heartfelt condolence to him.        A. Donors
Probn V. Hariharan from Mumbai.                 Probn S. Ganesan, E.C. Member.
6. Entirely agree with you and share the        B. Donees
sorrow. God is cruel on some people.            1. Udhavum Karangal
Heartfelt condolences.                             460, NSK Salai, Arumbakkam
                                                   Chennai-600 106
2. Sri Matha Trust                              19.0   Elders’ representation to Tamil Nadu
   ‗Guru Kripa‘, No. 3, Sastha Avenue                  Government
   Sundaram Colony, East Tambaram               Tamil Nadu Elders Welfare Associa-tion, 24,
   Chennai-600 059
                                                Besant Road, Royapettah, Chennai-14, in its
C. Details of Despatch                          representation, dated 16-6-2009, to Tamil
1. 1 Bundle of Old clothes to B1 on 29-5-       Nadu Government, has pointed out certain
   2009.                                        anomalies in revision of pay and pension to
2. 1 Bundle of sarees, vests, towels and Rs.    Govt. officials for early redressal. Some of
   1,000/- (in cash) to B2 on 29-5-2009.        those are:
Thank you, Donor, for your munificence – Ed.    1. Tamil Nadu Government adopted Central
                                                Government pay scales and pension/family
                                                pension for its employees in toto. However,
18.0    Helpline for Senior Citizens No. 1253   the monetary benefit is given from 1-1-
                                                2007 while pay fixation is from 1-1-2006.
A helpline for elders will soon be introduced
                                                This is in variance with the policy of the
in Coimbatore and Madurai Districts by
                                                Government of India.
HelpAge India, along with the State
Government. ―This will initiate a facility to   2. The Central Government had given some
offer protection and counselling to Senior      weightage for age of its pensioners,
Citizens‖, says Ms. Indrani Rajadurai,          whereas the Tamil Nadu Government
National Director of HelpAge India.             showed its scant respect for the aged
                                                pensioners by totally ignoring the
The 24-hour toll-free number is 1253 was
                                                interest of their aged former employees.
introduced three years ago in cities such as
Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.           The following are suggested:
The response to the helpline has been           Age of Pensioner and Family       Pensioner   –
overwhelming, Ms. Rajadurai says.               Additional quantum Pension.
In Chennai alone, the helpline receives more    From 80 years to less than 85 years:
than 80 calls a day. The calls ranged from
                                                  20% of revised basic Pension /
those made by the general public informing
                                                  Family Pensioner
the authorities of aged people lying on the
roadside, railway stations, temples and such    From 85 years to less than 90 years:
public places and by elders themselves            30% of revised basic Pension /
seeking       medical    assistance,    legal     Family Pensioner
clarification, and counseling.                  From 90 years to less than 95 years:
―Sometimes, we get calls from aged people         40% of revised basic Pension /
who are ill-treated at their homes and from       Family Pensioner
children whose parents are missing‖,            From 95years to less than 100 years:
observes Ms. Rajadurai.
                                                  50% of revised basic Pension /
The helpline will also serve as an                Family Pensioner
information centre for details regarding        100 years or more:
old age homes, legal issues and policies
                                                  100% of revised basic Pension /
concerning       Senior       Citizens.  The
                                                  Family Pensioner
Government is planning to start similar help
lines in 15 more Districts in the State.        Another factor is that the floor ceiling or the
Through its ‗adopt a gran‘ pro-gramme,          minimum basic pension may be raised to
the HelpAge India takes care of aged            Rs. 3,500/- PM as has been granted by the
people in slums, remote villages and            Central Government.
even in tribal areas.                           (Hopefully, further upward revision of
Source: The Hindu, dated 26-11-2008.            Pension / Family Pension could be expected
Received from Dr. P. Vyasamurthy,               in the broad interest of Senior Citizens. –
Secunderabad – SSS Global.                      Ed.).
20.0   Nationalization of works or Distress        Gupta alleged severe irregularities in their
       sale of Works?                              working.
―Works of writer Rajam Krishnan to be              In his petition, Gupta pointed out that the
nationalised‖ said the report in an English        living condition of Senior Citizen‘s like him
daily (Times of India, dated 31-5-2009). The       was pathetic due to negligence on behalf of
report adds ―As the 84 year old writer, who        the authorities. He said neither the food
won the Sahithya Award in 1973, is ailing          supplied was edible nor was there any
and has no legal heir, the Government              security for the aged citizens who lived
decided to nationalise her works, based            there.
on her own request for value of Rs. 3 Lakhs,       On Friday, 22nd May, 2009 HC asked the
as a special case, an official release said‖.      Government to report back to it after
The same report says elsewhere that legal          constituting a committee whose job will be
heirs of a few other popular authors were          to inspect each oldage home in the
bargaining for higher price for the works          capital and then suggest improvements.
of those who are no more now!                      These, HC directed, will then have to be
Unconfirmed reports were making rounds             implemented immediately. ‗Form panel on
that Mrs. Rajam Krishnan was admitted to           oldage homes‘ – Delhi Cities.The Times of
one of the well-run Oldage homes in the city       India (24 May 2009). Received from Dr. P.
(Chennai). Normally, oldage homes do not           Vyasamoorthy,30,    Gruhalakshmi     Colony
admit sick elderly. It could have been more        Secunderabad-500015, Ph: 040-2784 6631 SSS-
appropriate had the Government come                Global.
forward to look after all her interests in
her life-time; instead of making a one-time        22.0 Dates to Remember
payment of Rs. 3 Lakhs for her priceless
works. Think of the Government policy of           JUNE 2009
alloting of flats in posh areas to our             30-06-2009 (Tuesday) 10.30 a.m. Special E.C.
outstanding sports persons, worth millions         Meeting at AASI.
of rupees. What we need is a change in             Contact:
policy in the interest of our writers – they are   Probn R. Subbaraj, Ph.: 2442 2839
our ―National asset‖, mere nationalisation is
meaningless and verges on a ―patronising           JULY 2009
attitude‖ and demeaning to eminent writers.        11-07-2009 (Saturday)
                                                   E.C. Meeting at KANCHEEPURAM.Transport
21.0    Oldage Homes Inspec-tion, for              will be arranged.
        Improvement of                             Contact:
        Standards                                  Probn R. Subbaraj, Ph.: 2442 2839
Alarmed at the status of old age homes in          18-07-2009 (Saturday) 4.00 p.m.
the capital, the Delhi High Court has asked
                                                   Probus group–Theosophical Society, Mylapore
the Govt. to get going. HC has given four          Lodge (TS)–Spiritual & Philo-sophical Meeting at
weeks time to the Social Welfare Dept.,            M.P. Anand Matricula-tion School, Mylapore,
Delhi Govt.‘s Secretary to form a committee        Chennai-4.
to inspect old age homes and come up with          Probn K. Venkatachari, PP, speaks            on
suggestions how living conditions of Senior        Thirumangai Alwar – his life and works.
Citizens here can be improved.                     Contact:
HC‘s order came while disposing of a               Probn T. R. Jayaraman, Ph.: 2466 1998
petition filed in 1995 by one Prem Chand           Probn V. L. Aiyar, Ph.: 2499 2329
Gupta, a Senior Citizen himself who then
lived in an old age home in Kalkaji, South         25-07-2009 (Saturday) 9.00 a.m.
Delhi.                                             Annual General Body meeting at Russian
Making Delhi Government‘s social welfare           Centre of Science & Culture, Chennai-18.
department and the President of the old age        Notification will be sent by the Secretary
home where he stayed as the respondent,            separately.
Probn R. Subbaraj, Ph.: 2442 2839

Note: Programmes are subject to changes
of time, venue, speakers and the like. Kindly contact the
person(s) indicated against each programme, in case of
doubt. – Ed.

23.0 Stop Press
Dr. Krishnan Raghavan, aged 52 years,
son of Probn Dr. B. S. Raghavan, I.A.S.
(Retd.), was killed in an air accident, on
7-6-2009 in USA. He was piloting a
family-owned aircraft with some of his
Indian American friends, when the plane
developed a technical snag and plunged
into river Mohwak.
Our heartfelt condolences to Probn Dr.
B. S. Raghavan and the rest of the
bereaved family.
We join them in their prayers for the
ever lasting peace to the departed noble

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