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Learn About Using A Dictation Service


									There are bound to be times when you absolutely have to get a memo or sales report
out to the rest of the staff and you simply cannot get to a keyboard. No matter the
reason that you are prevented from the necessary technology, a dictation service can
assist you. A dictation service can transcribe your document and get it out on time for
  As with so many things these days, dictation services often provide assistance
electronically. As long as you have a recording device such as a PDA, voice recorder,
cell phone, or a computer with a microphone, you can dictate whatever you need into
the machine and save it as an audio file. This file is then sent off to a dictation service
that then transcribes your file into an email that is sent to you and your employees.
This is incredibly beneficial because whether you are experiencing automobile
troubles or are far too ill to make it to work, your voice can be transcribed from
anywhere with an internet or telephone connection.
  A dictation service can also help your business by revising and proofreading the
recorded message you send them. Any quality dictation service employs qualified
transcribers who can catch grammatical errors and fix them before completing the
transcription. It is common sense that you want the memo or report to reflect
professionalism both for yourself and your business, so it is nice to have a second set
of eyes (or ears in this case) look it over. Having a dictation service also frees up
someone at the office to do more productive tasks than proofing your report.
  It is the remote access afforded to you by a dictation service that is also very
appealing. As long as you are around a cell phone or other outlet that has internet
access (and who isn't nowadays?) you can record a message and send it off.
Additionally, as an administrator you can observe the usage of the dictation service;
who is utilizing it and how often. If it is not being employed as much as the amount
you are paying for, you can lower the package deal to one that is more fiscally
appropriate. Or, if you find that more employees are taking advantage of the dictation
service and enjoy using it, you can increase your package.
  At the end of the day, a dictation service helps your business by saving it time and
money. The remote access it provides is incredibly convenient. Plus, the professional
documents created reflect positively on you and your business.
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