The Ups and Downs of Beach Weddings by djsgjg0045


									Having a beach wedding can be absolutely idyllic. It also can have certain ups and
downs involved in it too. You picture this very beautiful ceremony by the ocean or
other body of water. However, you need to think about the special issues that could
arise and plan how to handle them. When you know how to deal with anything that
can come up you can plan an ideal beach wedding.
  The beach wedding is much more casual dress wise. This means you save a lot in
buying your wedding dress and that your bridesmaids and groomsmen save too.
Everybody gets to be relaxed and comfortable. The guests love this type of wedding
  Beach weddings are much less expensive than a traditional wedding. Renting a
church or hall can put you in some debt. Anyone planning a wedding likes to
economize unless their budget is huge. Traditional weddings run into many thousands
of dollars. Why start your marriage off in such debt. Choose the beach instead.
  The reception can also be held on the beach. This is especially fun for any of the
children that might come to the wedding. They can have fun on the beach while the
adults visit. In fact everyone can move around more on the beach than at a regular
  Sometimes you need a permit other times you don't need one. If your ceremony only
involves a few people than you can just block a small area off to use. If you are
having a large affair though then you might need to go to the courthouse or the beach
authority for a permit. This is easy to do though just have to check the date to make
sure another wedding is not happening in the same place.
  It can be a tad windy at the beach plan accordingly. Maybe there is a location
protected by the cliffs from the wind. Also plan any decorations accordingly too. The
weather for Melbourne Wedding Ceremonies can be very unpredictable so be sure to
liaise with your Melbourne Marriage Celebrant for ideas and suggestions.
  The weather could change and rain on your happy day when having it at the beach!
You might need to come up with somewhere else as a backup plan. Even your parents'
house is a good back up plan if you are having a small ceremony.
  There might be some rules at the beach about playing music at night. You will need
to check into this and plan accordingly. Also you need to see if the beach allows
cooking in case you want to have a cookout for your reception.
  Be careful to cover the food so that the birds do not have their fill of it during the
ceremony. Seagulls and other birds are common around beaches. So protect the food
from an invasion so that your reception will be a hit.
  Beach weddings are great though as a long as you remember the ups and downs
listed here. Make your plans with these in mind and your Melbourne Beach Wedding
Ceremony and the reception will come off without a glitch.
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