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					Smartphones have been under development since the early 90 鈥檚, when the first
smartphone called 鈥淪 imon 鈥?was introduced by IBM. Today, the computing
power of a desktop computer and the connectivity of a mobile phone are just within
your grasp. The most advanced smartphone you can get is an unlocked iPhone, which
isn 鈥檛 tied up to any service provider.
  A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing abilities and
connectivity than regular phones sold on the market. The first smartphone was a
primitive one by today 鈥檚 standards. Besides the regular calling features of a
mobile phone, it had a clock, a calendar, an address book, a calculator, a notepad,
e-mailing features, and it could send and receive fax. It also had the first
commercially available touch screen pad.
  Today, the most advanced smartphones provide all the services of a mobile phone
plus the computing power of a desktop computer, a fully functioning high resolution
digital and video camera, a portable music player, and many more. The most sought
after model of smartphone is the iPhone. Today, the latest available model of an
unlocked iPhone is the iPhone 4.
  The iPhone, apart from being a mobile phone, has a number of features that make it
great. It has a touchscreen liquid crystal display (LCD) and a virtual keyboard for
input. It is made out of strong aluminosilicate material and stainless steel. It also has
an advanced five megapixel digital camera, capable of capturing images and video.
The latest version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4, can record and playback images in high
definition (HD).
  The iPhone 4 can store your music in its music library. You can store and watch
movies in the video library. It has two microphones for crisp sound recording and
noise cancellation, which filters out background noise. You can also have internet
access through an unlocked iPhone. Just find a Wi-Fi connection and you will be able
to surf the net and check your email easily.
  A popular feature of the unlocked iPhone is the use of third-party applications. These
applications are made by third-party software developers using software provided by
Apple itself, and usually are fun and usable programs for all types of consumers.
  A new feature of the iPhone 4 is called FaceTime. The phone has two built-in
cameras for real time video calling to another iPhone 4. The Retina Display,
meanwhile, is a highly advanced display technology which gives it the highest
resolution phone screen of all smartphones.
  The iPhone 4 is designed to be very easy to use. The hardware and physical interface
are very user-friendly and don 鈥檛 confuse the user with too many buttons and
options. The virtual interface is also easy to navigate. You will get to the feature you
want with just a few taps of your finger.
  There are many capabilities and features that an unlocked iPhone has that make it a
lot better than other smartphones in the market. Each feature enhances the overall
value of the iPhone and makes it a product worth getting. When you get an unlocked
iPhone, you can use any service provider you want and still enjoy the phone 鈥檚
best features.
 Lawrence Foster is a mobile phone professional who knows where to get an iPhone
unlocked. For more information, go to today.

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