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									These days it is more important than ever for businesses to ensure they market
themselves effectively.
  With many enterprises suffering as a result of the ongoing economic problems,
raising consumer awareness of products and services is of the upmost importance and
companies that fail to achieve this may suffer.
  There are a plethora of advertising techniques for firms to choose from and most go
for a mixed approach.
  One popular method is leaflet distribution and a recent study suggests this could be
particularly good.
  As LinkDirect reports, the British Population Survey, which covered the three
months leading up to July 2010, suggested that leaflet delivery is effective at getting
through to potential customers.
  Respondents were asked questions relating to the marketing material they have
received, responded to and were likely to respond to.
  It was revealed that nine in ten people had been targeted by leaflet distribution,
showing its popularity among enterprises.
  The news source added: "Such coverage would be fairly meaningless though were it
not for a good conversion rate and a decent return of investment, which is why it's
also heart-warming to see door-drop leaflets running out the clear winner in the
'responded' chart too, with over six per cent."
  "No other marketing channel makes it over four per cent, with a well-established
channel like radio trailing in at just one per cent."
  Meanwhile, it was also found that leaflet delivery of this kind was more accepted
among consumers than correspondence via the internet, email, text and telephone.
  Indeed, calling people up on their phones often provokes a negative reaction from
consumers and can even put them off using the goods or services offered by the
companies that contact them in this way.
  So, enterprises that are keen to enhance their marketing may want to consider upping
their use of this method of awareness raising. As well as the aforementioned benefits,
it is relatively cheap too.
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