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Item Worksheet by prl13206


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									                                                                 Line Item Worksheet
       1.   If you sell all of the items below and meet all the buyer's terms, listed in the Ebid, then save this spreadsheet to your computer.
       2.   Fill in the Unit Prices highlighted in green only. The Totals calculate automatically - but validate them.         972-661-3265
       3.   You must then enter only the blue Grand Total in the Ebid.
       4.   To enter another, lower bid, you must repeat step 2 and 3 so this Line Item Worksheet matches your online bid.
       SPECIAL NOTE: This Line Item Worksheet is property of Sorcity. By using this form, you represent that your firm agrees to return it only to Sorcity and not
       disclose this information otherwise, and that you will honor your bid, per the terms stated in the Online Bid Event, and the Sorcity Member Agreement, and
       not enter into any communication with the Buyer, about this bid, until the Buyer contacts you. Please read the Sorcity Member Agreement regarding not
       honoring your bid and any associated penalty fees.
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                       *Dun & Bradstreet Number:                                                                     #

                       Event # 051010-4361                                                                                  Grand Total:                     $0.00

Item        Quantity         Unit                                       Description                                        Enter Your                 Your
                                                                                                                           Unit Price              Total Price
 1            360           Slab       Uba Tuba Granite Island Top                                                                    $0.00                  $0.00
 2            360           Slab       Uba Tuba Granite Countertop                                                                    $0.00                  $0.00
 3            414           Slab       Brown Granite Island Top                                                                       $0.00                  $0.00
 4            414           Slab       Brown Granite Counter Top                                                                      $0.00                  $0.00
 5            774           Slab       Kashmir Brown Granite Vanity Top                                                               $0.00                  $0.00
                                       TOTAL                                                                                                                 $0.00

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