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					fundamental Greek term meaning "skin eruption" is "acne. breakouts of the skin are a
common symptom of acne, but do not always accompany it Spots on the face and
other body parts, which can create permanent scarring, are a usual symptom of Acne
Vulgaris or common acne. But, certain other strains of acne such as Acne Rosacea,
often cause irritations with no skin eruption. usually it is Acne Vulgaris that is to
blame for the skin eruptions that afflict sufferers. Swollen pustules as well as
seborrhoea (scaly red skin) usually occur. These pimples happen as the pores are
blocked due to excess sebum and dead skin. Irritation of the blocked pores, which is a
result of bacteria that live on human skin is the next stage.

Acne is often due to hormone imbalances. Male sex hormones occurring in excess is
the main reason for acne flaring up in both male and female sufferers. Numerous
hormones may trigger the condition, but androgens, which can cause the growth of
follicular glands, are the most likely to do this. Therefore, acne is so common in
teenagers. They are not used to producing the correct amount of the new hormones.

Most acne disappears when the glands overseeing hormone production adapt to their
normal function. It is generally gone in early adulthood However, you cannot make
assumptions on knowing someone's age. Those in their thirties, forties and beyond
may also have acne

Inherited traits alone may also encourage adult acne. Extreme hormonal irregularities
that are linked to acne in adult women, however, may occur due to pregnancy or
coming off the contraceptive pill. Long term acne will probably not result. A frequent
agent of infertility, which is Polycistic Ovary Syndrome, may also be a factor.a reason.
When the usual levels of the ovarian hormone Estradoil drop, post-menopausal acne
may arise. The hormone Estradoil protects not only against acne but also against more
serious illnesses such as osteoporosis. It is therefore advisable to seek medical
assistance in cases of adult acne, especially where female sufferers are concerned.

In spite of its endurance,persistence there are ways to heal acne. Depending on what
you want, pharmaceutical and herbal remedies are available. Home-made remedies
for acne, however, are often all that is needed and a lot of acne sufferers will first try
these. Those whose acne has left them scarred may also sort the problem out by
undergoing surgery.

Acne can be difficult to cure and the occurrence of this aggravating disease is not the
sufferer's fault. Luckily, however, doctors can provide more information on how to
treat it. When undergoing extensive acne treatment reviews, we found that Zenmed
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