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									                           Westat                                                             Westrax has been used

                       Clinical Trials                                                         in over 100 clinical

                                                                                              trials in 40 countries
                                                                                             utilizing 23 languages.

Westat has provided Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions since 1995 using our
proprietary system, WesTrax. Customized solutions are available for the following
IVR services:

•   Patient enrollment and randomization
•   Study site administration
•   Clinical supply management
•   Patient diaries

The IVR system is especially helpful for studies requiring 24-hour enrollment and
randomization capability, multiple or global study sites, on-time or complex drug
or study supply shipment schedules, or on-demand patient reporting capabilities.
Westat’s IVR system is fully customizable to meet individual study requirements.

In addition, Westat is introducing a new version of our WesTrax system called WesTrax
Standard. This standard system is designed to include the most popular IVR features
but requires less programming and validation, resulting in more rapid implementation
(average 2 weeks), and reduced cost. WesTrax Standard takes advantage of standardized
scripts and processes, making it perfect for smaller or less complicated studies.

The WesTrax Standard system currently consists of these IVR functions:

•   Site activation
•   List-driven or dynamic randomization                                                        For more information
•   Recall of subject randomization assignment                                               on any of our IVR solutions
•   Unmasking                                                                                      please contact:

Other noteworthy features of the WesTrax systems include:
                                                                                                      Paul Milne
• Built-in practice center that allows the caller to become familiar with or review the             713.353.7941
  system prompts, enter practice data, and experience the call flow without the data             paulmilne@westat.com
  being saved to a database
• Ability to perform multiple functions or toggle between functions, all within the          www.westat.com/clinicaltrials
  same call
• Standardized web reports for all IVR activity
• Auto-rollover to help desk personnel

Maintaining a secure system is a key factor in all WesTrax studies. Each caller’s level of
access to the IVR functions is determined by the sponsor. The system recognizes the
caller’s privilege level through the use of unique user identification numbers (User ID)
and personal identification numbers (PIN). These numbers are assigned and distributed
at the time of site activation.

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