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									   I.    Title:          RESEARCH ASSISTANT II: SRC
         Division:       PP Muskie School Department: Survey Research Center
         Location:       15 Baxter Blvd., Portland
         Schedule:        30% FTE, 10 months
         Organizational Relationships:
                   Reports to:  Manager, Survey Research Center
                   Supervises: Temporary Survey Research Interviewers
                   Coordinates with:

  II.    Statement of the Job:
         The Research Assistant II will work with the SRC Manager to collect, compile and analyze
         qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to various research projects. The Research Assistant II
         will have research, analysis and program evaluation responsibilities within the Survey Research
         Center. The position involves participation in developing on-line, CATI (Computer Assisted
         Telephone Interviewing) and in-person interviewing instruments, as well as processing data for
         all surveys. The Research Assistant II will also assist with primary data collection, interviewing,
         data file construction, analysis and report writing. The Research Assistant II independently plans
         time and carries out project responsibilities within parameters approved by the SRC Manager.

 III.    Essential Functions:
           1. Data Collection: Assists in construction of data collection instruments; collects and
              organizes data, including for both structured and semi-structured interviews.
           2. Manages the day to day activities of research projects, including data collection, processing
              and analysis activities, monitoring of project budgets and staff work plans.
           3. Programming of data collection instruments using both ACCESS and EXCEL and web-
              based survey software.
           4. Ensure computer updating of survey programs for all SRC staff.
           5. Assist in writing summaries of data and project reports.

 IV.    Marginal Functions:
        Assist in presenting information at training sessions, conferences and meetings.

  V.    Supervisory Responsibilities:
        Occasional supervision of Temporary Survey Research Interviewers during interviewing shifts.
        Demonstrated knowledge and experience in maintaining a safe working/learning environment.

 VI.    Budget Responsibilities:
         Assists SRC Manager and Principal Investigators with project management, including preparation
         of routine administrative reports.
         Preparation of routine budget reports.

VII.    Public/Professional Activities:

VIII.   Internal and External Contacts:
         Maintains internal contacts with all project staff.
IX.   Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
        1 Basic survey research skills including knowledge of research design and data collection
           strategies and procedures.
        2. Training and experience in computer-based word processing within a Windows platform,
            Internet search engines, and office equipment including printers, photocopiers and fax
        3. Demonstrates ability to communicate and work with a broad spectrum of administrators,
            researchers and other professionals in various research fields.
        4. Training in and familiarity with PC computer, database functions and statistical
            Applications (ACCESS and EXCEL).
        5. Demonstrated ability to perform well both independently and in a team environment.
        6. Possess an attitude that fosters a respectful, non-threatening workplace environment.

X.    Qualifications:
        1. Bachelor's degree and two years experience in an academic Survey Research Center.
        2. Experience as an academic Survey Research Interviewer with progression to positions of
           greater responsibility.
        3. Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods.
        4. Knowledge of Excel, Microsoft Word and Access.
        5. Demonstrated analytical abilities.
        6. Ability to participate in project report writing.
        7. Strong written and oral communication skills.

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  Approved Date:        12/19/06
  Job Family:           6
  Salary Band:          101
  Unit:                 UMPSA
  Job #:                6606
  Employee:             Alison Salerno
  Position #:           00020078

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