LOST by daet


									“LOST” “Shipwreck”

Season 6, Episode 1

Opening scene: (Close shot) An eye, it opens, it‟s green, it closes, it opens again, blinks, it looks around! (Zoom out) It is Jack‟s eye (camera pulls back quickly), revealing, he is in a DHARMA jump suit, the sounds are chaos, an overall muted quality with a slight ringing sound! Jack gets up and looks over to his right! He sees Sawyer trapped under a pile of metal. He looks to his left, and sees Kate, completely unconscious, he runs to Kate, checks her pulse, upon doing so she starts to revive. Jack gives that sort of half crying smile we all know. He looks back at Sawyer, who is unmoving, then he sees movement out of his peripheral vision it‟s Miles, helping Chang get to his feet. Jack screams, “Hey can I get some help here?” They rush over and help him pull debris off of Sawyer who still lay there unmoving. Kate comes to her senses; she sees Sawyer and starts screaming “no!” (Cut back to Jack) He is feverishly working to revive Sawyer any way he knows how, with no luck, he persists, Kate runs over to help but there is not much they can do, (camera pulls back to reveal), Sawyer is impaled by a large piece of metal. He is apparently dead (sound comes back to normal), Kate is crying, Jack is sad and pounding on Sawyers chest. Then, Sawyer awakens, and painfully says, “Hey Doc, this still don‟t look like LAX!” Jack tells Sawyer not to move, asks if it hurts. Sawyer says not as much as you‟d think, then he looks at Kate and says “Sorry Freckles this ain‟t how I meant it to happen!” Those were Sawyer‟s last words. He closes his eyes and dies.

(Thump sound effect fade to black): commercial break,

Scene 2: The Island, The beach at the statue, circa: 1849 Jacob is sitting in the sand picking his teeth with a fishbone; Blackie has just left after having had a brief conversation with him, we see a ship in the distance closing in on the statue. (Cut to Blackie) He is running with purpose, all the while looking back at the ship. Suddenly he morphs into Smokie and heads directly into the jungle. (Cut back to Jacob) He is now standing and waving to the ship to hurry and dock. (Cut to Smokie) He suddenly drops down a hole on the jungle floor into a series of tunnels, careening around corners furiously. He changes back to Blackie then turns one last corner coming into a

smallish cave with a boar tied to none other than, the “ Frozen Donkey Wheel”, he gives the boar a good kick in the butt then, flash the boar is gone. (Cut back to Jacob) He looks upset (camera pans around) the ship has disappeared.

Scene 3 The Island 2007: Ben looks at Flocke like, who are you? Flocke says, “Let‟s go we have a journey ahead of us.” (Cut to the beach) Richard and the “Others” along with Sun, Lapidus, and the Ajira survivors are still staring at Locke‟s dead body when all of the sudden Flocke walks out of the statue with Ben in tow. Richard says, “What‟s going on John?” Flocke replies, “Oh so he did decide to show up, oh well I guess I‟ll have to do this the hard way” He then pulls a gun on Richard. “ I‟m gonna need to get to the Temple, I don‟t suppose you would be willing to take me there would you Richard?” says Flocke. Richard replies,” No John I don‟t suppose I would, but I‟m sure you can make arrangements.” Flocke Turns the gun on Ben and says, “ I guess you‟re my arrangements let go.” They disappear into the jungle. Richard looks at Ilanna and asks, “What has happened?” She just gives him this look of uncertainty and replies, “The question is, what happens now?” Lapidus looks at Sun and asks, “Where are Jack and Sayid when you need them.” (Suspenseful sound effect) Commercial break Scene 4 Flashback, “White Rabbit” plays in the background: circa 1967 A somewhat younger and hairier Radzinsky is sitting next to a younger Chang in a lecture hall at Michigan University in Ann Arbor, Michigan, listening to the speaker describe the importance of protective clothing, and the dangers of Radiation coupled with high amounts of electromagnetic activity. Radzinsky turns to Chang and says, “So are you gonna bring the beer or the weed, I need to know so I can make arrangements?” Chang gives him this look of contempt and replies, “Will you please shut up and pay attention this is important!” Radzinsky asks, “ Man when do you think we will ever need to know this stuff? I for one am not going to war any time soon, I can‟t speak for you though.” Chang replies, “Look you can‟t get too wasted this weekend, my whole career is riding on this paper.” Radzinsky says, “ Man you know me we‟ll get through this just fine.” (Camera pans across the classroom to the front and reveals…) Gerald DeGroots, finishing up his lecture saying, “ So please be careful when doing your experiments and don‟t forget, those papers are due after the long labor day weekend, have a great one, and I‟ll see you all on Tuesday.” Scene 5 The island 1977 fifteen minutes after the “Incident”

After covering sawyer up Jack asks, “ Has anyone seen Hurley, Sayid, and Jin?” almost before he can get those words out of his mouth, Radzinsky comes running around the corner and yells, “The fat one and the Asian‟s van is still running come on before the fallout gets too bad.” Jack, Kate, Miles, and Chang follow Radzinsky around the corner to where the DHARMA van is still running miraculously, Hurley is behind the wheel. Jin runs up to Jack and sorrowfully says, “Sayid died from his gunshot wound before the bomb went off.” Hurley turns and asks Jack, “Dude are they with us now?” nodding to Chang and Radzinsky. Chang replies, “ We have to get to the caves, underground is the only safe place right now!” Then Jack says,” Yeah Hurley, we need their help.” The “Incident survivors” all get in the van, the wheels spin and they are off. Scene 6 The Island 2007 the beach Richard asks Ilanna if she has enough weapons. She replies, “ We have a couple of extra handguns, but who else here can handle one?” Sun steps forward and says, “ I can.” Richard gives her a look of confusion but says, “Fine, I‟ll take the other one, we don‟t have any more time to waste.” He then gathers everyone together and announces that they must reach the Temple before Flocke and Ben do, and that the only way to do it is to take a swim. He looks at Ilanna and says, “We need to bring him too.” gesturing to the body of Locke. (Swishing sound effect) Scene 7 (flashback) The Island circa: 1849: Jacob is running furiously through the jungle. His expression is one of anger. He has a purpose but what‟s that, off in the distance, there is screaming, it is a pretty good distance away but he turns and runs toward it. Suddenly we here the sounds of Smokie on the hunt, the all too familiar chattering sound mixed with the tree crunching and siren wails. (Cut to Smokie) he‟s twisting through the jungle looking for someone or some thing. (Cut back to Jacob) he‟s close now to the screaming trying to pinpoint it. He stops for a quick moment and listens. He hears the screams and it seems someone is screaming in Latin. Then to his right he hears Smokie. (Cut to Smokie) He morphs back into Blackie and gives Jacob a look of disgust and says, “They‟re mine I saw them first.” Jacob asks, “What have you done?” (Camera pans around as it zooms out to reveal…) “The Blackrock”, with Richard hanging upside down from its mast. (Thump Sound effect) Fade to black: Commercial Break Scene 8 The Island 1977

Hurley pushes the DHARMA van for all it‟s worth driving furiously on rough terrain. Chang yells, “We need to keep these windows up, and the a/c vents closed, to keep away from the fallout!” Hurley turns to Miles and asks, “Dude did you here from Sawyer and Sayid, you know dude, since you have the gift and all?” Miles replies, “ You know, it‟s weird, for some reason those guy were silent, yeah not a peep!” Jin yells “Hurley look out!” suddenly they crash head first into a huge tree Throwing Hurley and Jin out through the windshield. The rest of them come to only to find Jin and Hurley dead on impact. Kate screams franticly, Jack tries to comfort her but he himself is barely consolable. Miles runs out to the bodies of his friends crying and screaming, “Damnit talk to me. Why wont you just talk to me?” Chang comes to comfort his son saying, “There gone Miles, there gone, I‟m very sorry, but we cannot stay here.” Jack grabs Hurley guitar case and Kate and says, “Lets get going.” Kate asks, “Why Jack? Why did this have to happen, I mean all this death, I just don‟t understand?” Jack Shrugs and replies, “Kate it‟s our destiny.”

Scene 9 Island in jungle 2007 Ben stops and begs Flocke, “Please John, you really must explain to me what is going on here.” Flocke gives him a contemptuous look and replies, “ No Ben, no I don‟t, and if you think you‟re in the dark now, just see what happens if we don‟t hurry up and get to that Temple, it will really be lights out for you my friend.” Ben hangs his head and keeps walking. A few minutes later, he looks around and says, “It‟s just a few miles away now won‟t be long.” Richard and Co. are at the stream he stops and asks, “Is there anybody here who can‟t swim?” Everyone murmurs then Ilanna asks, “Do we really need all these people Richard?” He replies, “These are my people, Jacob brought me here to protect them, He keeps me here to protect them at all cost, so yes, they are all coming with us. Lets go everyone.” They all dive into the water and follow Richard through the passageway into the underground pool. Once everyone is through, they proceed down the tunnels to the Temple. (Suspenseful sound effect) Commercial break:

Scene 10 The Island 1977: Radzinsky asks Chang, “Hey aren‟t the caves a few miles from here?” Chang replies, “I‟d say about two miles three tops.” Just then there is a sound in the bushes Radzinsky goes to check it out. He pulls his gun and screams, “It‟s a hostile!” At that moment Bernard runs out with his hands up and pleads, “Please we need help I‟m not hostile!”

Jack runs over and tackles Radzinsky to get his gun. Kate screams, “No they‟re with us, don‟t shoot” Jack asks, “How long have you been out here?” Bernard replies, “Ever since you last saw me. Now please, will you help me, Rose is very sick and I don‟t know what‟s wrong with her.” Jack says “Take us to her.” They go just into the clearing to Bernard‟s cabin and find Rose throwing-up in the yard. Bernard states “Jack, earlier Sawyer and Juliet and Kate came through here and said you were gonna blow up the Island. We didn‟t really think they were serious, but then we heard a God-awful sound, and all of our metal things just started flying towards that sound, and then boom, a huge cloud of smoke and now this. What is going on?” Chang asks, “Are you both sick?” Bernard says, “I have a bad headache that‟s all.” Chang looks at Radzinsky and says, “Remember that time when you said „I‟ll never need to know this stuff.‟ Well be glad I was listening because this looks like radiation poisoning. Jack, Miles grab her we have got to get to those caves now.”

Scene 11 Cave entrance 2007 Ben says, “We‟re here John, just a few tunnels to navigate. The Temple is minutes away. Do you want to tell me what the plan is or not John?” Flocke replies, “If I remember correctly, you are supposed to do every thing I want right?” Ben grumbles, “That‟s right John. What is it this time?” “Oh nothing hard,” says Flocke “just need you to kill Richard.” Ben looks surprised, “But John, I don‟t think that‟s possible!” Flocke says, “With Jacob gone anything is now possible.”

1977: Jack And Co. makes it to the caves they lay Rose down and tend to her. Jack tells Miles to go and find water, and take Chang and Radzinsky with him to help get it back. Just then Bernard says, “Jack I don‟t feel so hot.” And falls down next to Rose. Kate asks Jack how he feels he gives her a serious look and shakes his head. Kate falls to the ground and grabs Jacks hand. He tells her, “Hold on Kate I can fix this don‟t go yet!” Rose sort of comes to for a moment and says, “ Bernard I love you so, you have made my life so complete it has been an honor to be you wife I‟ll see you on the other side my love, goodbye.” Bernard replies, “ My love, my life it has been glorious thank you for sharing these last few years with me you have truly made it our “Garden of Eden” and you will always be my “Eve”. To eternity now my love.” And they die in each other arms. Jack turns to Kate and says, “I don‟t know what the future will now hold, but this is our destiny.” She dies in his arms. He starts sobbing there is no control left in him he reaches into his bag and pulls out three things, a black stone, a white stone, and a gun. He places the stone in Bernard‟s pouch, and put the gun into his mouth.

Scene 12 The Temple Richard and crew get to the Temple seconds before Flocke and Ben. Ilanna and the Ajira survivors lay down the box containing the body of Locke and draw their weapons. Richard and Sun draw theirs. Flocke has his pointing at Richard, Ben has the Bowie knife and is poised to strike at Richard it seems a stalemate, but what is that noise, the box starts shaking and there is a pounding, Flocke looks puzzled, Ben looks scared, Richard is Smiling. Everybody else is just stunned. Someone cries out, “What do we do?” Just then, in walk Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin, and Hurley. Sun runs to Jin and they briefly embrace, Ilanna gives Sayid a knowing look and joins them. Ben seems to lose it and screams, “Now what!” Richard replies “Open the box Ben.” (Tock sound effect Fade to white) (Black LOST logo on a white background)


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