Lawsuits Against The Makers Of Paxil by hkksew3563rd


									If you have taken the drug Paxil at any point and suffered from serious side effects as
a result of that prescription, you may be eligible to join an ongoing Paxil Lawsuit.
There is an ongoing case against the makers of this drug (GlaxoSmithKline
鈥?formerly SmithKline Beecham) which is attempting to seek personal injury
damages as a result of side effects caused by this SSRI. The actual medication is
known as Paroxetine, and it is marketed under the names Aropax, Paxil, and Seroxat.
  There is a very wide range of Paxil side effects which fall under the purview of this
ongoing lawsuit. The more severe of the injury that was caused to a patient who was
prescribed the drug; the more likely they may be of having a successful case against
the makers of the drug. The types of side effects include physical, psychological, and
pregnancy related problems.
  There are two categories of side effects which have been gaining the most attention
on the legal front. The first of these are the side effects which are related to pregnancy.
If you have either suffered a spontaneous abortion, or had a child born with a birth
defect after taking Paxil, then you need to speak to a Paxil attorney as soon as
possible. This is especially true if the defect is a congenital heart defect, as the rates of
this problem are now thought to increase dramatically in mothers who have taken
Paxil. The other side effects that are gathering the most attention are the withdrawal
syndrome problems which many who discontinue their use of Paxil are now suffering
  The reason the withdrawal syndrome is getting so much attention from lawyers is
that the drug was specifically marketed as not carrying this problem. There are many
drugs which are prescribed for the treating of psychiatric conditions that are habit
forming, and are advertised as carrying that as one of their side effects. Paxil was
marketed as being a great alternative to many of those products because it was not
thought to carry the same risks, although that has turned out not to be the case.
Because the company said that the drug was safe in a certain way and it has since
turned out not to be, there is significant possibility for legal action against the
company. This opens the door in a much more concrete way than when people are
suing drug companies for side effects of which they were warned through the
labeling. represents Paxil victims nationwide. Paxil victims have
suffered from a wide range of health problems including birth defects, septal heart
defects, suicidal tendency, high blood pressure, muscle disease and more. If you are a
Paxil victim don 鈥檛 suffer in silence. Our Paxil attorney will help you get the
compensation you deserve. For a free case evaluation call 1-800-940-0166 or fill out a
Paxil lawsuit consultation form at

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