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The Top Ten 5 Star Luxury Hotels in Dubai by djsgjg0045


									Hold on to your hats (and wallets); if you want luxury, Dubai does it best but be
prepared to pay the price! If you have the cash and want the five star treatments and
all the pampering money can buy, book flights to Dubai and look no further than our
list of the top ten luxury 5 star hotels for you to indulge in on arrival.
   Grosvenor House Hotel
  The Grosvenor Hotel Dubai is high end, classy and super luxurious without being
too over the top. You 鈥檒 l love the flawless service here; even the building has style
and is perfect for impressing either business colleagues or a romantic partner! It
exceeds expectations on every level. With stunning rooms, a spa and fitness centre, a
beach resort and twelve stylish bars and restaurants you might never need to venture
   Burj Al Arab

 This is the one everyone knows! It 鈥檚 the building in the shape of a billowing sail
and the only 7-star hotel in the world. Showy, flashy, expensive and with personal
butlers, you 鈥檙 e guaranteed the 7-star treatment! It only has suites, from one
bedroom to the royal suite, marble bathrooms, Rolls Royce and personal chauffer
service, helicopter transfers, bars, restaurants, spas and fitness galore. This is also the
place to buy the most expensive cocktail in the world. At $7000, why not treat

 This is situated on the Palm Island and is totally crazy! There is a marine park,
underwater restaurant, a pool where you can swim with dolphins, nightclubs, beaches,
cafes, tennis courts, fitness centre, spa and lots for kids to do too. The rooms are all
spectacular with views out to sea and there are even shops in the hotel if you haven 鈥
檛 had enough of that yet! Still super indulgent and classy, this is definitely a hotel
with a twist.
  One and Only Royal Mirage Hotel Dubai

 The Royal Mirage has been around a little longer than the other hotels but it 鈥檚
certainly a great place to stay. This is a huge complex with the Palace, Arabian Court
and the Residence and Spa, all of which you can stay in. Infinity pools lie like oases
in the centre of the complex with palm trees and sea views. Accommodation is
stunning, elegant and not too fussy with a fantastic choice of restaurants, bars and
cafes to wine and dine in and even a kilometre of private beach. With such incredible
facilities in the one place you may not want to go anywhere else!
   Malakiya Villas 鈥?Madinat Jumeirah

 This is the ultimate in exclusivity; unfortunately it 鈥檚 unlikely that anyone other
than someone famous will be able to book a room here and it seems to be booked
forever. Without overstepping the glam, this hotel is understated, luxurious, beautiful
and classy. It 鈥檚 secluded and opulent and promises to leave visitors relaxed
beyond their wildest dreams. As you would expect, this resort has restaurants and bars,
stunning pools, spas and treatments and every other luxury reserved for the 5-star
crowd. If you can get a room, enjoy it!
   Park Hyatt

 Very classy, the Park Hyatt is all about the finer things in life. If you call room
service at 2am you 鈥檒 l receive the same courteous and prompt reception as you
would in the afternoon. Swathes of fabrics line the walls, palm trees surround the
pools, there is a luxury spa, French brassiere, excellent restaurant, you can even learn
how to cook with a speciality chef 鈥檚 master class! The rooms in the Hyatt are
breath-taking; so elegant and understated, with no over the top glam here just a
balcony, minibar, TV, internet, marble bath, morning papers and fluffy towels and
robes. Perfect.
   The Armani Hotel

 It 鈥檚 Armani so it must be cool, stylish and expensive. If you don 鈥檛 like
Armani you won 鈥檛 like this but for those who does, this won 鈥檛 disappoint.
Every corner of this hotel down to the cushions and tableware are design masterpieces.
There is of course an Armani shop in the hotel as well as a eight stunning restaurants.
The rooms are minimal but elegant with a different signature Armani look in each.
Get pampered in the gorgeous spa, an oasis of peace and tranquillity, or work out in
style in the Armani gym!
   Madinat Jumeirah

  This place could be a holiday destination in its own right. The resort is a tribute to
Dubai 鈥檚 herniate and is styled to resemble and ancient citadel. Luxurious and
ornate, staying here is the height of opulence. There are even waterways to transport
guests to the different areas of the resort. There are rooms, suites and villas to choose
from, al with impeccable interiors and facilities. When you 鈥檙 e not relaxing in the
spa or dining on superb cuisine, you could be having fun on the private beach with
water sports and even brilliant things for the kids to do.
   Ritz Carlton

 The view alone across the beaches makes this a top ten hotel. Thankfully, it excels in
most other areas too with everything you 鈥檇 expect from the Ritz Carlton name.
The suites and rooms are elegant and beautiful and again with those breath-taking
views. There is a choice of five restaurants to dine in all offering stunningly prepared
cuisine that tastes as good as it looks. Enjoy the spa treatments on offer, take a dip in
the palm fringed pool or perhaps even a camel ride along the private beach! Bliss.

 The Shangri-La is modern but beautiful. Stunningly styled bedrooms and suites
complement the elegant service from white gloved staff. There are five restaurants
and two lounges where you can dine on and drink the finest of produce. Browse the
spa menu and choose from a variety of treatments from massage to hot stones,
aromatherapy and raindrop therapy! However much or little you do here, you 鈥檙 e
sure to feel like a million dollars!

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