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									Essential Potions Discovers Youth Serum
Essential Potions launches their new Incredible Healthy Natural Anti-Aging skin care products Day and Night Serums with state of the art ingredients including Copper Peptide and Ellagic acid. Manufacturer, Femlogic, Inc. gathers elements from Rainforest trees and vines, ocean plants, herbs and botanicals to create a line of products free from toxic chemicals as found in mainstream products. Soap free cleansers and scrubs, Deet free insect repellents, creams and serums for every skin type, from mature and normal to acne breakout and eczema prone. Essential Potions Feeding the skin what it needs to heal itself with Skin Care Products Devined from Nature.
Santa Clarita, CA (PRWEB) June 15, 2009 -- FemLogic, Inc. launches Essential Potions, a unique skin-care product line like no other on the market today. The results from their nutrient rich Day Copper Peptide and Night Serums are so astounding, customers are certain that they've discovered the fountain of youth. Essential Potions pioneers a natural skin-care science that exudes magic, providing the finest natural antioxidants and nutrition to feed the bodies largest organ. Featured in the company's new website are its products formulated with the finest ingredients, from rainforest wonders to cutting edge scientific breakthrough naturals. Leading the company's product lineup are the Day Replenishing Copper Serum and Night Transforming Serum. These serums contain many state of the art natural ingredients including Copper Peptide, Ellagic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Pao de' Arco. The thrust behind the FemLogic product line is to provide nourishment that promotes the skin's natural healing. " Essential Potions feeds the skin what it needs to heal itself, making it a superior line over the majority of mainstream skin-care products that use many known toxins," said Jeffrey Smith, the company's Vice President. Unlike most skin-care brands that promise doubtful skin changes, Essential Potions guarantees to provide the skin with excellent sustenance from proven and tested natural ingredients. Ingredients including those the rainforest and sea as well as herbs and botanicals that boost the skin's natural capacity to heal itself, and develop into its full radiance. It does away with the use harmful chemicals found in mainstream skin-care products such as carcinogenic preservatives, formaldehyde and petroleum. Femlogic uses no artificial fragrances or dyes in any of their products. There are formulations for people with mature - normal - sensitive - acne breakout as well as eczema problem skin. Essential Potions includes soap free cleansers and scrubs, bath and foot soaking salts, hot pain relieving liniment, facial serums and creams, body butters and Deet free insect repelling items to their product list. FemLogic invested significantly in the formulation of their latest skin-care line, using naturally found materials to create toxin-free products that are not paralleled by any competitor. Essential Potions is made of a variety of herbs, roots, flowers, berries, Rainforest trees and vines, essential oils, carrier oils and butters, ocean plants and sun reflecting minerals. These amazing gifts from the earth are packed with naturally occurring antioxidants, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, Omega 3 and 6, Ellagic and Salicylic acids and so much more. Such natural ingredients not only benefit the function, look and texture of the skin, but also help to repel skin cancer, sun damage, balance oil production and drain pores while plumping even deep lines and wrinkles. The company's newest advanced products are Essential Potions Night Transforming Serum and Essential Potions Day Replenishing Copper Serum. These amazing serums are formulated for all skin types, from mature and
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sensitive to those that are breakout prone or have eczema. They provide the nutrition needed to help the skin retain moisture, repair sun damage, deep lines and wrinkles as well as aid in halting acne breakouts. The ingredient, copper peptide provides astonishing results in skin repair. Copper peptide has been proven to enhance tissue regeneration since the 1970s. This property makes it highly effective in encouraging skin rejuvenation of wounds as well as wrinkles. FemLogic studied its complex mechanism, and blended it with other state of the art natural ingredients to develop their skin-care serums that work like magic. Ingredients like Pau d'arco, an amazing ingredient from the Amazon rainforest, promotes increased immunity with its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial features. Ellagic Acid, a naturally occurring polyphenolic constituent found in berries and pomegranates, has been found in studies to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and has been found to prevent UV sun damage. Essential Potions - feeding the skin what it needs to heal itself with a line of Skin Care Products Devined from Nature. About FemLogic FemLogic is a leading manufacturer of natural skin-care products under the Essential Potions line. The company is committed to the development of safe skin-care formulations using natural materials. It has joined the cause of more than nine hundred companies in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. FemLogic is a member of the Natural Products Association, the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Organization and Better Business Bureau. For more information, please visit the company's website at You may also contact the following: Jeffery C. Smith, V.P. Phone: Toll Free 1-888-661-2511 / 1-661-251-5240 / Fax: 1-661-424-1740 ###

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Contact Information TANYA SMITH Femlogic, Inc. 888-661-2511

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