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									                                             The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
                                                                               Expenses                                                  Version 3: April 2006
                                                                 Expense Report: Region 8                                                Page 2: Scroll

Name:                                                                                 Period Ending:

Event:                                                                                R8 Committee Role:
                                                                                      Attending As:

The Currency used to complete this Report is:
                                                                                      IEEE Membership Number:

 The Default Currency for Car Mileage is the EURO                                     Purpose of Trip - Note each day's activity
  If Expense Report is in a Different Currency enter
  Conversion Ratio for your Currency in Box below:


Provide details and full support
on items (1) through (7)

                                   Date:                                                                                                                  Currency?
Details:                           Location:                                                                                                               Expense
                                               MILES      KM   Enter Distance Driven each day in Row 25 and Select MILES or KM box with an 'X'.
Personal Car Usage: (Enter 'X')
Transport - Tolls and Parking
Mileage Allowance @                 0.377      per Mile               -          -           -           -            -              -              -
Mileage Allowance @                 0.234      per Km                 -          -           -           -            -              -              -
Taxi / Bus: Itemised Expenses C / F from Page 2 #1                    -          -           -           -            -              -              -
Plane, Train, Car Rental (Provide Receipts)
Lodging - Self
Meals / Self: Expenses C / F from Page 2 #2                           -          -           -           -            -              -              -
Official Guests: Expenses C / F from Page 2 #3                        -          -           -           -            -              -              -
Miscellaneous - Tel. & Telegraph
Tips and Gratuities: Expenses from Page 2 #4                          -          -           -           -            -              -              -
Other Expenditure (5):
Other Expenditure (6):
Charge Direct to IEEE Corporate (7):
Total Expense for Region 8

Provide details below and attach full support on items 5, 6, & 7                                  Total of Expenditures Incurred                     -
(5)                                                                                               Less Charged Directly to Corporate                 -
                                                                                                  Less Advance from IEEE Region 8
(6)                                                                                               Balance of Expense Report                               Currency?

(7)                                                                                               Convert Balance to Other Currency?         1.00000       Currency?
                                                                                                  Converted Currency Amount

Analysis:                                                                                                                                                 AMOUNT

         4:10                      Region 8 Committee Meetings and Social Events                                                                                 -
         5:20                      Region 8 Committee Travel                                                                                                     -

                                   Other Expenditures or Recoveries                                                                                              -
                                                                                                                                   Analysed Total                -

Signature:                                                                                                                  Date:

Approved:                                                                                                                   Date:

NOTE:           Complete the form in one currency and convert the final total if required.
                Avoid unnecessary currency conversions. Use your local currency if this is simplest.
Expenses        The Bank will reimburse in your Local Currency unless instructed otherwise.
                                                                         Page 1                                                                            2/22/2011
           Name:                                                     For Period Ending:

                                           Itemised Expenses

                                                 Taxi / Bus (1)
                       Note: Receipts are required for amounts over $25:00 or Euro 32:00
                              Daily amounts are automatically carried over to page 1

               Date:         Fare:                                       To / From

                                               Meals / Self (2)
                       Note: Receipts are required for amounts over $25:00 or Euro 32:00
                              Daily amounts are automatically carried over to page 1

               Date:       Breakfast                Lunch                  Dinner          Social

                                        Meals / Official Guests (3)
                            Daily amounts are automatically carried over to page 1

               Date:        Amount:                                      Description

                                            Tips & Gratuities (4)
                       Note: Receipts are required for amounts over $25:00 or Euro 32:00

               Date:        Amount:                                      Description

Expenses                                          Page 2                                            2/22/2011
Bank Account is Held in the Name of:                     Payment to Credit Cards can be made:
[or Name as embossed on Credit Card]
                                                         The sponsoring BANK SORT CODE:

Your Address:                                            The sponsoring BANK'S ACCOUNT NUMBER:

Bank IBAN or
Account Number /                                         The CARD NUMBER:
Sort Code:

SWIFT BIC Code:                                          Expenditure on Region 8 business must always conform to Region 8
                                                         Travel Policy. Air Travel must be at the most economic discounted rate.
Address of Bank:                                         We cannot pay Air travel for accompanying wives or partners; although
                                                         they may take part in the social events organised. Any difference
                                                         between a single and double bedroom rate is the responsibility of the
                                                         member as are any incidental expenses incurred. The Treasurer will,
MORE                                                     at discretion pay on scanned documents, but the originals must follow.

                If Payment Is Required through an Intermediate Bank Complete Further Information

Payee Bank:                                              Intermediate Bank:

Bank IBAN or                                             Bank IBAN or
Account Number:                                          Account Number:

SWIFT BIC Code:                                          SWIFT BIC Code:

Address of Bank:                                         Address of Bank:

Other Payment Instructions:

                                              Bank Details
                                 REIMBURSEMENT - PROCEDURES:

   A.     All supporting vouchers must be submitted with the report; including hotel bill, rail and plane ticket stubs, etc.

   B.     All taxi and meal expenses must be detailed on page two of the expense form.

   C.     The total reimbursement of travel expense shall be in accordance with the written travel policy of the Region,
          approved by its Regional Committee. This policy must be guided by the limits established in IEEE Policy and
          Procedures. A discussion document on IEEE Region 8 policy is at:


   D.     The expense report must have the signature of the submitter.


 All expense reports should be submitted directly to the Region Treasurer. The appropriate Region 8 Vice Chair and the
    Regional Director may authorise expenditure. The VCF co-ordinator will authorise requests for grants and awards.
Determination and payment of the full or partial reimbursement may be made at the discretion of the Regional Director and
             based upon funds available. If you require further assistance, contact the Region 8 Treasurer.

                          General Instructions on the electronic reimbursement form

   1      This report contains protected as well as unprotected data.
   2      Unprotected data is contained in ranges corresponding to: names, addresses, tolls & parking, taxi / bus fares,
          plane, train, car rental, lodging, miscellaneous expenses, tips & gratuities, other, member membership number
          and areas provided for descriptions.
   3      Protected data makes up the remainder of the report. This data cannot be edited or altered in any way. Any
          attempt to do so will result in an error message.
   4      Enter your figures and text in the unprotected cells shown shaded as:
   5      Enter the FIXED data such as Name; Membership Number; Report Currency and Bank Transfer Details - and
          save the Expense Report as your own master copy. This will save time and effort in completing future copies.

                                                Entering & Editing Data

   1      Entering Text
          Move cursor to the cell where you wish to enter text & type in your data.
   2      Entering Values
   *      Week Ending date
          Enter the date in the following format (DD-MM-YY). The corresponding fields on the second page of the form will
          be updated automatically. Validation is limited and no check is made for invalid entries such as 32-09-05.
   *      Car Mileage
          To enter car mileage type in the actual mileage in the spreadsheet row "Personal Car Usage". Do not attempt to
          enter an amount directly into the allowance row. These values are protected and the program will not allow you
          to change these cells. The default currency on the Region 8 expense report for car mileage is the Euro.
          If you are working in a different currency then adjust the ratio in the box        1.00000     relative to the Euro.
          Note: IEEE is not liable for any cost incurred as a result of traffic accident or personal injury resulting
          from the use of a motor vehicle to attend an IEEE event. Liability is limited to a fair reimbursement for the
          mileage covered. Please make certain that your insurance covers this eventuality.
   *      Entering Meals
          To enter meals for yourself or official guest, you must enter the values on page two. There are seven lines
          corresponding to the seven dates of travel that were entered on page one. Enter the amounts for breakfast,
          lunch, dinner and social, and for official guest in the applicable spaces. These amounts will automatically be
          transferred to page one. Do not attempt to enter the amounts in the spaces on page one as these ranges are
          protected. You should give the names and affiliation of the guests that you are paying for.
   *      Other Expenses
          Enter all remaining expenses directly on page one in their appropriate fields. Please be sure to complete page
          two for taxi / bus and tips & gratuities. An expense row has now been added for Visa and necessary Insurance
   *      If you have had an Advance from Region 8 then this should be entered (positive number). If there is an
          agreement that IEEE Corporate (Piscataway, RAB, etc.) will pay for part or all of the cost of your expenditure
          then this should be entered in line (7) for the appropriate dates and an explanation given.

                                                    Foreign Currency

   1      An Expense Report should be completed in only one currency. Use your local currency if this is simplest.

   2      Reimbursement in IEEE Region 8 will normally be made by electronic bank transfer. The bank will normally pay
          in your local currency unless requested otherwise. If it is required to change the currency at the end of
          the report then enter the "Currency Conversion Rate" in the box provided:          1.00000

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