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The Tale Continues- Presenting the Brand new Shelby GT500 2011

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					Racers all understand just how a muscle car wrecks the tracks of drag racing. They
render a large amount of power yet suffer once it will come to handling as well as
weight distribution. That is the key reason why those muscle cars most notably
Mustangs as well as Shelbys are adapted a great deal for races specially drag strips.
 The brand new Ford Shelby GT500 2011 has re-structured the background of muscle
cars. It provides a ton of capacity and has grown greatly any time it comes to steering
along with handling.
 They have built in the all new F1 supercar auto tires produced by Goodyear. This
permits the GT500 to hold fast to any surface much easier making turns more
controlled, acceleration quicker and the stopping time period quicker.
 The key to the performance update of the new 2011 Shelby GT500 is without a
doubt the weight reduction processes Ford has perfected over the years.They have at
this point re-structured the iron block connected with the engine to aluminum by way
of a covering similar to the approach undertaken upon jet engines. They have
furthermore utilized tires that weigh less for the front and additionally the back with a
19 and 20 inches in diameter respectively. They have also built in a 3.73:1 axle ratio
for the rear to get extra grip in addition to better handling functionality.
 Altogether, this muscle car has dropped close to a hundred and twenty pounds of
excess weight giving ten extra horsepower making a total of 550HP warranted out of
the box speed capacity along with a 510 pound per foott torque.
 Ford-Shelby have at the same time answered the criticism that their range of
convertibles really are for cruiser upgrades solely and certainly not designed for
racing. With this, they've already changed the body structure to allow advances that
will not necessarily have an impact on the corners of the car.
 The Shelby GT500 2011 comes in two packages, the starting design bundle which is
actually an out of the box style of GT500 along with a performance package that
boasts upgrades to its graphic appearance which includes narrower stripes together
with the completely new wheel style and design.
 With regard to uniqueness associated with the icon, Shelby will introduce a limited
quantity of GT500 which will be branded - "The Super Snake". This includes
enhancement options to the design, handling, capacity together with tuning of the
GT500 generating a 600HP (warranted) V8 to in excess of 800HP (unwarranted)
range powerhouse. Each of these Super Snake is going to be described in the accepted
Shelby Registry.

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