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					Laser pointer pen are widely used at all aspects of our daily life: at the meeting
presentation, it did help you to attracted enough attention from the attendances; In the
astronomy fascinator 鈥檚 club, it assisted the astronomical telescope to lead the fans
observing the fantastic asters at cosmos; during the wild exploitation, al it perfectly
completed its missionary by sending the strong beam to your partner to guided them
finding you in lost;
  As matter of fact, not only the application field but also the recreation site could spot
the figure of lasers: Bar, as a most common recreation place where you could dance
beneath the light spot of colorful laser beam.; Norway, a country prominent for its
up-to-date laser technology, was made good use of laser to the 鈥淣 orway 鈥檚
night 鈥?which was the theme for Norway pavilion at shanghai 2010 Expo; when the
festival coming , the party animals more likely to decorated their adorable party with
the laser pointer pen to create a celebrating air; At some large scale open ceremony,
the amazing beam, red , blue, green and even orange merged in dazzling light to won
the praise of even the most niggle audience.
  Furthermore, we can see that in some practice science field etc, medical, outer space,
physical, laser pointer displaying its special function: according to the lasted reported,
American successfully invented an outer space robot to collate important materials
from space, operated by a powerful computer which embedded into outer-space robot
鈥檚 body, laser pointer pen ( form 5mw green laser and 30mW Green Laser to
100mw laser pointer and 500mw one) made it possible to help the robot to spot even
the tiny things in space.
  If you are crazy about the fantastic beam of laser pointer pen , then you must have
kept the danger of strong laser in your mind, have you ever watched a radio about
laser pointer : Targeted by the green beam of laser, the balloon are broken one by one
just like the falling dominos. Focused the powerful beam on a match head, it was
catching on fire! Maybe that is why the strong laser beam was gifted a military
function, if you check its usage on line, you will find those words: Military Lasers:
Lasers are crucial military tools being used for both combat and intelligence gathering
on the ground, in the air, and even in space. The military has invested billions into the
development of tactical lasers for aerospace defense as well as homeland security,
which makes it no surprise that laser pointers are becoming standard issue for night
time missions and training. Utilize the power and efficiency of military lasers in all
portable laser technology. It is no wonder that the cautious laser vendors would like to
mark some high power products with 鈥渙 nly for the adults.鈥?
  If it possible, I would like to illustrate the most classic cases about the function of
laser pointer pen, but it would takes time and I still have no idea whether three days is
enough. So it seemed like that we could come to a conclusion that the nowadays,
focusable laser pointer has won millions of heart.