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Las Vegas Home Security Monitoring Services Helps Protect Homes and Families


									The best Las Vegas home security systems are used to protect both people and
property. The days of hardwired security systems and growling dogs to help secure
one’s home and property are long gone. Any kind of residence such as a condo or
single family house can benefit from the improved protection that an effective alarm
system can provide. In addition to installing a state-of-the-art alarm system,
homeowners and business owners have come to appreciate the peace of mind that
comes from enrolling with a security system monitoring plan. The best home security
systems include a series of sensors that when triggered alert an off site command
center. When monitoring personnel receive the signal that the system has been
breached, they immediately attempt to contact the homeowner to verify if it was a
false alarm. If they can't reach the owner or determine if it is a false alarm, monitoring
center specialists contact emergency authorities such as the local fire or police
department who respond to the emergency situation.

In the event that the owner is not at home and is out of town, for instance, it is
reassuring to know that monitoring and emergency personnel are there to respond and
provide aid to anyone in need of it. While it is customary for an independent
authorized alarm dealer to provide you with a consultation and installation of your
home security system, monitoring of your system is contracted through third party
companies. Las Vegas home security monitoring services can be obtained through
independent dealers that provide the installation and home security system parts.
There is a normally a monthly monitoring fee that works out to be about a dollar day.

Basic Home Security System Components:
Because a qualified technician is responsible for installing your home alarm system,
all you have to do is decide which points of entry to your home, like doors and
windows, you would like equipped with sensors. For instance, you would likely select
the doors and windows which are most vulnerable and accessible from outside entry.
These points of entry sensors communicate wirelessly to a master control panel that is
strategically placed at a convenient location such as wall or counter top. The window
and door sensors can detect when a window or door is opened by as little as 1 inch.

The motion detectors read the heat variations in a given field of view and can detect
the movement and presence of a human being from up to 50 feet away. To easily arm
a burglar alarm system when exiting the house or before going to sleep at night, one
simply presses the right button on the keypad of the master control panel to activate
the system. Today, most security alarm systems can be activated by a keychain remote
control device that lets the owner activate and deactivate the alarm system at a
distance such as when pulling into the driveway before even entering the house. In the
event of power outages that can be caused by inclement weather, it is highly
recommended that your wireless alarm security system includes a back-up battery unit
that will continue to power your system.

Real Time Two Way Voice Command
The most advanced home security systems include two way voice communication
features that allow occupants to speak directly with monitoring personnel which is
particularly valuable for the elderly, disabled or people living without companions.
Upon the push of a button, the home security system can automatically connect the
control panel to the monitoring station so that direct voice communication can occur.
This feature can come in very handy if the owner has health issues or has fallen and is
unable to get to the phone to call for help. State-of-the-art technology used in this
feature means that the microphone and speakers are so powerful they can allow
someone to communicate from a distance of up to 50 feet away. Many customers
enjoy the peace of mind this service provides as it gives the customer one touch
access to emergency help of all sorts.

Home Alarm Installation
Homeowners who invest in Las Vegas security systems are often pleasantly surprised
at how quick and convenient the professional installation can happen. It, normally,
only takes a few hours to have a technician install one of the wireless security systems
that are available on the market today. No longer are consumers burdened with having
to tear through walls to run cable since wireless systems no longer use cable and thus
don't require such labor intensive installation. People who invest in a home security
system have many reasons for doing so. Many simply desire the peace of mind that
comes from enhanced protection, while other people sleep better knowing they are
less vulnerable to crime or an unexpected medical emergency. Though there are no
guarantees that the best alarm system will save you from loss, having one installed
and monitored can lessen your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Registering Your Las Vegas Home Security System
As more and more homeowners and companies use security alarms services,
depending on the area in which you live, local authorities may require that these
systems be registered. You can call your local fire department or police department to
find out the specific requirements, in some cases your city or town may require a
small registration fee.

Inform Yourself Before You Buy
Many people use 24/7 home burglar alarm monitoring on both their primary residence
and their second home or weekend getaway. If your goal is to increase the safety and
security of your home or office, take the time to become more familiar with the
numerous options that are available in today's market. It is recommended that, like
any other purchase, you research and educate yourself to decide what is the best home
alarm security system for you and your specific requirements prior to making any
commitments, that way the likelihood of having a positive experience will be greatly
 For the best in Las Vegas security systems, choose Secure Your Family, a Las Vegas
ADT Authorized Dealer for home monitoring to help protect your home and

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