The Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya

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					Just a mere 30-minute drive from Pattaya in the province of Chonburi is the Sriracha
Tiger Zoo. The zoo prides itself for having more than 200 Bengal tigers and over
100,000 crocodiles in its more than 100-acre land. The figures are the largest zoo
population in the world for the Bengal tigers and crocodiles.
 The atmosphere at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo is more circus-like than a zoo-like. The
older tigers perform various tricks such as gracefully jumping through rings of fire,
walking on their hind legs and doing dances with their trainers. There are also
elephants included in the show and they literally steal the show with their basketball
games and fashion shows. One of the most interesting tricks is the one performed with
a crocodile. A trainer opens up the croc 鈥檚 mouth then puts his head in the croc 鈥
檚 mouth!
 There are other animals that call the zoo home. There are the Peruvian guinea pigs,
ostriches, pigs, wallabies and deer. The zoo breeds tigers and it is endearing to see
mother pigs acting as surrogate mommies to the baby tigers.
 There are times that piglets and tiger cubs suckle milk from the sow (mother pig).
 Part of the zoo 鈥檚 attraction is the feeding of the tiger cubs by guests. Tourists
have the option to have their picture taken with the baby tigers and crocodiles. They
could also feed the wallabies, ostriches and deer or simply observe the animals.
 An exciting part of the zoo tour happens between the months of May to August. The
Sriracha Tiger Zoo is host to the Crocodile Hatching Festival. This is the time when
baby crocodiles are hatched. Tourists are allowed to view baby crocs gingerly break
out if their eggs. Another attraction of the zoo is the Scorpion Queen where a woman
鈥渨 ears 鈥?more than a hundred live scorpions on her body.
 The Elephant Museum is a curiosity as guests learn all about the history of the
elephants in Thailand. The elephant is the national animal of Thailand. They are
highly revered for they once served generations of Thai royalty.
 There 鈥檚 a pig race that is part of the attraction and the genius pig aptly named
鈥淧 iggy 鈥?that can do math problems in 5 languages. If one gets hungry there 鈥檚
the S&R restaurant that serves both local and international cuisine.
 A day at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya is definitely worth it. The atmosphere is
conducive for the whole family. The 鈥淗 appy Family 鈥?is definitely exhibited by
the friendly relationship among tigers, pigs and dogs. Seeing a mom pig feed tiger
cubs is an endearing scene. When in Pattaya it would be more advantageous if you
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 The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is still up and running as it is supported by the Thai
government. The zoo is open from 8:00am to 6:00 pm daily. On weekends all you can
eat buffet is available.
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