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					Why should branded events matter to you? They can help get your company 鈥檚
name out there, that 鈥檚 why you should make them a part of your marketing plan.
Branded events allow your guests to learn about your company through a
non-conventional and exciting way. These days, it isn 鈥檛 enough to simply
advertise and send out direct mail. Neither is launching an internet marketing
campaign, unless you have some kind of an event to support it.
  What exactly goes on during a branded event? A branded event can be anything you
make it 鈥?it can be a basketball game, a charity ball, or a new product launching.
Promoting your business isn 鈥檛 all about placing your products on counters so that
people can browse around and look at what you have to offer. If you 鈥檝 e ever
watched the Super Bowl or the Final Four series, you 鈥檝 e most likely noticed the
banners around the arena and the television ads that promote the events 鈥?sponsors.
These are examples of branded events 鈥?they don 鈥檛 call for much planning, but
they do require an investment.
  Every business has a marketing budget, which may have allocations for traditional
advertising, online marketing, sponsorships, conferences, and so on. There are several
ways to market one 鈥檚 business, and you have to determine which you can and
which you cannot afford. You have to evaluate what works and what doesn 鈥檛 in
your marketing plan, so you can get rid of the ineffective and replace it with
something else that is more effective. This is how you can free up part of your budget
to host or participate in a branded event.
  Your budget will also direct your planning. Obviously, its size will mean the
difference between the expensive catering and the more affordable option; it will
determine if you can hire the $800 per hour DJ or the one who charges $200 per hour.
There are alternatives to everything, so you can cut corners if necessary in order to
fund the areas of your event that are really important.
  The work begins from the very moment the thought of hosting a branded event
enters your mind. For your idea to become a reality, you will have to organize
everything, from the venue and the catering to the music and the decor. Of course, you
also have to decide how you 鈥檙 e going to display your product.
  As for guest speakers, do you want to have celebrity guests? If so, you need to come
up with an itinerary first so your celebrity guests will know what they will be
committing to. Since they are busy people, you should have everything already
prepared before you invite them.
  To make your branded event a success, be sure to ask yourself these questions:
  鈥?Who are my customers?
  鈥?What are their main characteristics?
  鈥?What sets them apart from other people?
  鈥?What do they want and need?
  鈥?Why do they buy?
  鈥?What do they want my product to do for them?
  鈥?How do they perceive my brand?
  Once these questions have been answered, you will be able to plan your event better.
If you don 鈥檛 know some of the answers, you can look for existing market research
on the internet or better yet, ask your customers yourself. Conduct polls to find out
what they really think. From there, you can plan your event or sponsor one. The latter
needs less planning and may be more economically feasible for your business, but
both are great ways for your company to gain more exposure.
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