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									 Chapter Development Class
Far Western District/N COTS - 2003

            Quentin “Q” Gates
            91 Sudden Valley
      Bellingham, WA 98229-4821
             (360) 527-3142
 Chapter Development Class
Land O’ Lakes District COTS - 2003

           Quentin “Q” Gates
           91 Sudden Valley
     Bellingham, WA 98229-4821
            (360) 527-3142
How about a B-flat?

       Tell Us About You !
• Your Name
• Your Chapter
• Your Chapter Size
• Years in the Society
• Your Office in 2003 (If not VP-CD)
• Your MAJOR Chapter Concern
•   First hour - The “BIG PICTURE”
•   Second hour - Recruiting Ideas - I
•   Third hour - Recruiting Ideas - II
•   Fourth hour - Retention Ideas
•   Fifth hour - Goals & Planning
•   Sixth Hour - Joint Session - Mkt & PR
•   Seventh Hour - Planning A Guest Night
•   Eighth Hour - Orientation               5
   Chapter Administration
• President
• Chapter Development Vice President
• Music & Performance Vice President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Any Other Officers that Chapter Desires
  – Program Vice President
  – Marketing & PR Vice President
  – YMIH                                    6
      Chapter Officer Roles and

• Know Your Job Responsibilities

• Know Other Chapter Officer Duties

• Importance of Sharing and Teamwork

Four Tips for Teamworking

• Review other jobs… look for overlaps.

• Share your plan and schedule with others.

• Suggest a “Retreat” to coordinate plans.

• Communicate your plan and ask for help.
Chapter Development VP
         Job Description

Responsibilities - Membership Development
   • Recruitment Plans
   • Orientation
   • Maintain Prospective Member Lists
   • Non-renewed Member Follow-up
   • Chair, Chapter Membership Committee
      – Appoint Committee Members
   • Interact with District Member Services VP
Chapter Development VP
   Job Description (cont’d)

 – Marketing &Public Relations*
   • Interact with District Vice President for Marketing &
     Public Relations
   • Prepare/distribute Chapter/Society Materials to Public
     * (If no separate VP-MKT&PR)

 – Provide Chapter Leadership for Membership
   Growth, Retention and Marketing
    Chapter Development VP
            Society Resources

• Society Operations Manual
    – Detailed Job Descriptions
•   Chapter Management Guide
•   Chapter Secretary Manual
•   Music Leadership Team Manual
•   Society Web Site
•   Chapter Counselor (aka Coach)
•   Each Other                      11
How about a song?

Remember this . . . .

• If you think you can... you‟re right.

• If you think you can‟t... you‟re right.

  – Henry Ford

~ Chapter Development ~
 Let‟s Get Ready To Recruit!

   “Singing Is Life!”

What are you asking someone to join?

• Does Your Chapter Have an Appealing Product?
• Good Singing? - Chorus & Quartets
• Active Chapter Programs?
• Good Administration?
• Fellowship and Activities?
• Are meetings Fun?
• Do your current members like what they have?
Getting Started - Five Steps

• Develop a Recruitment Team
• Develop a Recruitment Plan with Them
• Coordinate Your Plan with Others
• Train Your Team to Recruit
• Then… JUST DO IT!
     Sources of New Members

• Member Referrals
•   Friends / Relatives / Neighbors
•   Business Associates, Customers, etc.
•   Church Choir Members
•   Music, Fraternal & Business Organizations
•   Others?
Develop comfortable questions
    to engage prospects.
– Who do you know that enjoys singing?

– Did you sing in school?

– Have you had voice training?

– You have a good voice…Where do you sing?

        More Questions...
• Do You Like to Sing?     • Are You Interested in
• Would you like to          Attending Our Next
  improve your Musical       Show?
  and leadership Skills?   • Who do you know that
• Do You Enjoy:              may enjoy this hobby?
   – Performing?           • May I Pick you up?
   – Fellowship?

                   Just Do It !
Great idea! . . .

 Pitch, please.
             Personal Contacts

• Create A Prospective New Member Data Base
   – Organized contacts will yield potential members, tickets
     sales, sponsors, and support for your chapters.

• How To Contact prospects...
   –   In Person
   –   Letter
   –   Telephone
   –   E-mail

Have A List of Prospects...
 Have Questions to Ask...

    • Contact a prospective member.
     • Contact a prospective source.
          • Contact a stranger.
    The critical MUST is to DO IT!

      Personal Visitations
• In Home Contacts
  –   SPEBSQSA Materials
  –   New Member Kit
  –   CD/Tape Player
  –   Quartet/Chorus Recordings
  –   Barbershop Video

• Evaluate Singing Interests
• Offer Rides, Show Tickets, Sponsorship
Other Recruiting Options

 • General Advertising
   – Radio and Television
   – Local News Media

 • Targeted Marketing
   –   Musical Experience
   –   Expressed Interest
   –   High School/College Yearbooks
   –   Show patrons/Sponsors
   –   Other

• Use Chapter Letterhead
• Professional Appearance for Letters.Cards
• Include Chapter Name, Address, Phone & Contact
• Offer Transportation and Map
• Refer to the Society (& Chapter) Vision Statements
   – “The Society is to be an ever-growing fraternity of
     barbershop-style singers, leading the cause of
     encouraging vocal music in our schools and communities.”

      Telephone Contacts

• Have a Workable Plan
• Develop A List of Questions
• Establish Positive Rapport
• Record Results
• Follow Up As Necessary

     Follow Up Contacts

Immediately After Initial Contact:
• Ask Questions to Confirm Interest
• Offer Transportation Pick Up
• Update Potential Member Master File
• Obtain Names of Other Potential Members

           Recruitment Aids

• Chapter Management Guide
  – Chapter 3, Page 13
  – Chapter 9

• Other Paper Aids
  –   Recruitment Messages You Can Share
  –   Sample Newspaper Ads
  –   PK‟s Top Recruiting Tips
  –   More New Ideas                       28
  More Recruitment Aids
• Society Web site
• Chapter Web Site
• Brochures
• Stationery
• Artwork
• Cards
• Manuals
Recruiting is best aided
      by a song!

 ~ Chapter Development ~

Taking Recruitment to Whole
        New Levels

When a guest visits the chapter.
 • Welcome Guest:
   – Sign the Register
   – Provide Name Tag
   – Assign a “Buddy”
   – Provide Guest Song Book
   – Introduce Guest before Break
   – Get Guest Involved in Singing
   – Members Interact with Guest
   Level 1 Recruitment Tips
• Chapter Mailing lists
• Telemarketing
• Yearbooks
• Speak at events
• Take it to the street!
• Play an Away Game
• Keep The Whole World Singing
• Former Member Letter
          More Level 1 Tips
• Open House
  – The good old-fashioned Open House still brings in the
    prospects and makes 'em feel at home.
• Share Your Prospects
  – Just imagine ... Every man getting referred to the
    chapter which fits his personal needs best. Wow!
• Who Do You Know?
  – Sometimes we need a little prompting to remember all
    the people whose paths we cross in a given day. This
    form can help!
  Even More Level 1 Tips!
• Storefront Display
   – Use a storefront display to attract attention to your
• Turn Your Radio On
   – Make use of the exposure local radio can give you.
• Wanna Sing?
   – The “Wanna Sing?” program is designed to get
     potential members to attend a regular chapter meeting,
     and can be used in conjunction with the Auditions for
     Admissions, traditional guest nights, open houses, or
     any other recruitment program.
  Level 2 Recruitment Tips
• Fair & Convention Booths
  – Local fairs, conventions and community expos can
    be a great place to spread the word about your
    chapter and chorus.
• Speak at a Community Event
  – How can you recruit if no one knows your chapter
    exists? Get out there and speak to the dozens of
    community groups which are always looking for a
    special program!
      More Level 2 Tips

• Analyze Irregular Attendance
• Recruit at Performances
• Use Women to Find Men
• Appeal to Young Singers
• Get Guests/New Members Singing
  Even More Level 2 Tips!
• Holiday Chorus
  – Create a Community Men's Holiday Chorus and bring
    in singers for a short-term project. A lot of fun, and a
    great way to "soft sell" your chapter to potential
    members. Download the full four-page Men's Holiday
    Chorus brochure (stock #4202).
• United We Sing
  – Built on the same concept as the Holiday Chorus with
    the focus on patriotic songs and community singing
  Level 3 Recruitment Tips
• Auditions for Admissions
  – The AFA program is a six-week program designed to
    find strong singers for your chapter's chorus.
• Class of 2002
  – The Class of '02 is an eight-week orientation program
    that emphasizes training in the barbershop style.
• MEmbership Begins With ME!
  – A favorite of the 1980s, MEmbership Begins With ME!
    is a great program for a chapter with a strong music
 Wow! A Tag . . .
That’s more like it!

          Extension Sites

• Throughout the last 20 years, the number of
  chapters has remained constant.

• Breakthrough results are needed to reverse
  the downward trend in membership.

• New locations for chapters are needed.
  Working Extension Sites

• Generally uses the combined efforts of the
  District Offices and the Society Staff.

• Local contact people may be involved with
  proper training.

• Concentrated effort and highly focused.

    New Site Responsibilities
• District officers will
  research the sites first.

• Staff will visit the sites.

• Chapter Conselors will be
  assigned to sites.

• Integrated Product Team
  will service the sites.
         Share the Dream
“There are risks and
costs to a program of
action, but they are far
less than the long-
range risks and costs
of comfortable

John F. Kennedy

Ready for another song?

~ Chapter Development ~

“Luv „em… or Lose „em!”


• Why Do Members Leave?

• What Can Be Done About It?

• What Resources Are Available?

Anticipate Potential Losses

• Members Complain

• Miss Chapter Meetings

• Miss Performances

• Don‟t Volunteer for Duties
   Reasons For Leaving

• Available Time to Learn New Music
• Work Commitments
• Not Having Enough Fun
• Expensive Hobby
• Other?
Do we know why we lose

    • Nearly 50% drop in the first year
      of membership
    • Seven-year itch
    • 20-years – time to go
    • 40% are inactive
    Lost Member Analysis

• Die - 3%
• Move Away - 5%
• Wooed To Another Interest - 12%
• Product or Service Failure - 15%
  – Of these, 65% are lost to Poor Service.

      What To Do About It

• Determine Member Wants/Needs
    – Mission Statement
    – Preference Survey
• Evaluate What Changes Would Help
    – VP-CD Chapter Evaluation
•   Contact Missing Members
•   Increase Personal Recognition
•   Get Members Involved
•   Find Ways to Improve Chapter Meetings   52
     More Keys to Retention

•   Thorough Orientations & Periodic Updates
•   Singing! Less talk more harmony.
•   “Lifeblood” Chapter Meetings - Variety
•   Performance Opportunities
•   A Chapter Job - Get Them Involved
•   Coaching - Individual & Group
•   Recognition - Reward Extra Effort
•   Facilitate Learning - Learning Tapes       53
Recognition resources
     •   Lapel pin
     •   Man of Note
     •   Big Ten Award
     •   BOTY
     •   Hall of Fame
     •   Awards

          Retention Aids

• The Music Leadership Team Manual
  – Stock # 4042
  – Paragraph 1.2.5 Membership Retention

• Chapter Management Guide
  – Chapter 3, Recruiting & Retention

We pause for yet
another song. . .

  ~ Chapter Development ~
   Planning,Goalsetting &

  Objective: Provide an overview of the
   planning process and emphasize the
importance of planning at the Chapter level.
Overview of Planning Process

• Starts with a need or desire to improve
• The objectives of the PLAN must be shared
  with others.
• Everyone needs to understand why the
  PLAN is important.
• Requires continual communications about
  status and results.
Planning Your Chapter’s

• Success doesn‟t just happen or happen
  – You‟ve got to WANT to achieve success
  – You must be thorough in your planning
  – You must be patient in your approach
  – You must be committed to the outcome
Planning For Success (Cont.)

• Research Society and District Programs
  – Many successful programs already exist.
  – Adapt them to your chapter‟s needs.
• Dream “BIG” - But Dream “REAL”
• Requires hard work, commitment, and
• Plan needs to be documented
• Modify as necessary, but never give up      60
   How to Plan Effectively
         WHAT? - WHEN? - HOW? - WHO?

• Identify “what” you want to accomplish
  – Consider several options and alternatives.
  – Determine what level of quality is acceptable.
• Determine “when” you want to finish the action
• Examine your resources (people, money,
  materials, etc.)
• Identify responsibilities/accountability
     Planning S-M-A-R-T

• Goals & Objectives Should Be:
  – S pecific - State precisely what you want.
  – M easurable - Numbers avoid confusion.
  – A ttainable - Give yourself a chance to win.
  – R ealistic - Do you have the resources?
  – T ime Bound - Deadlines inspire action.
      Nine Steps To A Plan
•   Assemble a Team
•   Set Membership Goals - “SMART”
•   Evaluate Previous Drives - Apply Lessons
•   Brainstorm Ideas for Your Chapter‟s Needs
•   Create A Written Plan
•   Communicate the Plan to the Chapter
•   Implement the Plan - Go Recruit!
•   Orient Guests & New Members
•   Follow up to Assure Retention
       Don’t Do It Alone!

• Share your dreams and/or concerns with
• Identify important players and get them
• Discuss options and look for workable
• Develop a “group plan.”
• Review, Revise, Implement & Evaluate
 Great idea . . .
Time for a song!

Marketing and Membership
       ~ Getting It Together! ~

Marketing & PR Instructor:

Chapter Development Instructor:

     Marketing for Growth
• What is Marketing?
  – Internal
     • Orientation
     • Recognition
     • Appreciation
  – External
     • Referrals
     • Advertizing
     • Word of Mouth Publicity
• What is Public Relations?
  – Importance of good Public Relations Program
            Market Plan

• Objective - What is your Primary Goal?
• Target Audience - Who are you talking to?
• Motivation of your Audience - What Action
  do you want them to take?
• Message that Motivates Audience to your
  product or service - What is your Slogan or
• Channels to deliver your Message - How do
  you get your word out?
          Your Challenge

• How Do We Work Together?
  – Planning for an Event
  – Identify Target Market
  – What do the involved parties do to support each
   other to achieve the goal?

         Marketing Resources

• Society Web Page        •   Society Ops Manual
• News Release            •   Harmony Market Place
• Pattern News Release    •   Singing Valentine Manual
• Radio Tool Kit (CD)     •   Award of Harmony
                          •   Membership Related Brochures
• Singing is Life Video
                          •   Young Men in Harmony
• Interview Guide
                          •   AIC CD
• Speakers Guide
                          •   Videos
• Clip Art
                          •   Chapter Management Guide
• Barbergraphics          •   Marketing Ideas for the Chapter
• Sound Clips             •   Chapter Web-Pages

          Other Resources
• Chapter Officers
• District Officers
• Society Officers
• Outside Contacts
• Trade Professionals
• Students
• Individuals with specific talents and contacts.
    Planning for Growth

• Establish a time line.
• Monitor frequently.
• Rehearse for Perfection.
• Follow-up.
• After Action Review.
Suggestions and Questions

• Thanks for your participation.

• Your input and suggestions for future
  presentations are greatly appreciated.

How about a B-flat?

  Chapter Development

The Successful Guest Night

       The Planning Stage
Who‟s Included on the Planning Committee?
 •VP Chapter Development
 •VP Marketing & PR
 •The Chapter President
 •VP Music & Performance
 •The Chorus Director
 •Program/Hospitality Chairman
     Who else needs to be on the team?
The Planning Meeting Agenda

 1. Why Do We Want a Guest Night?
 2. Identify Target Prospects
 3. When is the Best Time and Where?
 4. What Needs to be Done and When?
 5. Who Will Assist? - Greeters, Buddies
 6. How will the Event be Promoted?
  Planning a Guest Night

• What do I include?
  1. Singing
  2. A name badge for each guest
  3. Singing
  4. Music for each guest
  5. Singing
  6. Did I mention “singing?”
    I Get the Idea… Sing What?
•   “The Old Songs”
•   “Keep The Whole World Singing”
•   Gang-sing old favorites - Use pre-printed lyrics.
•   Rounds are Fun!
•   Easy Tags
•   Free „N Easy Selections
•   Any Barberpole Cat selection
•   Appropriate Seasonal Songs
What Else Do I Need?

           •   Good Refreshments
           •   Give-aways
           •   Music is good!
           •   Register
           •   A good emcee
           •   A quartet
           •   A good location
           •   Members‟ attendance
Remember… Invite Guests!
•   Who do your Members Know?
•   Former Members & Past Guest Registers
•   Chapter Mailing List
•   Old Year Books
•   Community Newspaper
•   High School / College Music Teachers
•   Local Talk Radio & Spot Ads
•   Speak at a Community Event
•   Public Performances
•   Sweet Adelines / Harmony Inc.
•   Christmas Card Lists                    81
                Check List
• Music Team ready?
• Chapter Officers all on the same page?
• Chapter Members briefed and ready?
• Members will be wearing Name Badges?
• Have Name badges for the Guest?
• Guest sign-in sheet?
• Chapter informational packets?
• Guest Music Books?
• Refreshments?
• What else needs to be on the check list?   82
         The Guest Night

Treat Them Like Guests in your Home

• Follow the Plan - It‟s NOT a Rehearsal
• Answer All Questions Honestly
• Treat Each Guest as an Individual
• Give Him the Opportunity to Sing in a Quartet
• Ask Each Guest to come back next week.

Sharing Ideas

    Hmmmm.. . .
Let’s Sing One Now

     Chapter Development

The Successful Orientation Program

  • Chapter Expectations of Members
  • Prospective Member Expectations
  • Ongoing Orientation
  • Dues Programs
Why is Orientation Important?
 50% of our new members don‟t rejoin after their first
year of membership. Why?
 Retention starts the moment your prospective new
      member first hears about your Chapter.
 Image is everything and that first impression tells the
      whole story.
 Quality Singing attracts Quality Members.

 Orientation keeps them involved in the process.
 Orientation = Retention… It‟s that simple.
Orientation… Key to Retention

  • Tells the new member what he‟s joined.
  • Gets him on an equal footing with the rest
    of the chapter members.
  • Offers him a chance to become fully
    engaged much more quickly.
  • Encourages him to share his new-found
    hobby with his friends… to Recruit!
       Successful Orientation
Tells it like it is…
•   Don‟t promise things that aren‟t possible.
•   Don‟t paint pictures that aren‟t accurate.
•   Have a written process or procedure and follow it.
•   Provide handouts about the Society, District, Chapter

     Bring new members up to speed as quickly as possible,
                 without affecting the group.
What does he need to know?

        • His Voice Part
        • Music Basics
        • Qualification Procedures
        • Schedule of events
        • When he can sing in public
        • Chapter, District & Society
          Organization & History
Effective Orientation Program
                 CHAPTER - Week 1
 Brochure or Flyer about the Chapter
   – Vision/Mission Statement and Goals
   – Special Awards
   – History
   – Performance Requirements
   – Attendance Requirements
   – Dues Program (Chapter – District - Society)
   – Music Education Program
   – List of Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs
   – Current Picture of Chorus
   – Chapter Web Site
Effective Orientation Program
                DISTRICT - Week 2

 • Brochure or flyer about the District
   –   History
   –   Music Education Programs
   –   Events Schedule
   –   List of District Officers
   –   District Web Site
   Contact your District VP of Marketing & P.R. if you need
            more information about your district.
Effective Orientation Program
           SOCIETY - Week 3

 • Brochure about the Society
  (Introducing SPEBSQSA
    – History
    – Code of Ethics
    – Music Education Programs
    – Events Schedule
    – Society Web Site
    – View Society Videos
Effective Orientation Program
  • Attendance Policy
  • Chorus Rehearsal Preparation
    (Words, Notes, Stage Presence..)
  • Riser Discipline
  • Financial Commitment (In addition to dues)
  • Time Requirements
  • Dues Plans
        Ask Your Prospect to Apply for Membership!
 Music Orientation Program

 These classes can be done weekly prior to rehearsals.
 Will vary depending on the size and experience.
 When a new member meets the qualifications or
      standards of the Music Team he is recognized.
 Society Music Leadership Team Manual outlines a
      Fundamental and Basic Music Orientation & Educatio
      Program for new members.
       They Joined to Sing…
      Music Orientation/Education Program

– Vocal Placement / Audition
– Warm-up Exercises
– Basic Craft Classes
   • Sight Reading, Vocal Technique, Woodshedding
– Repertoire Learning (Make sure they have all the music.)
   •Teaching Tapes/CDs
   •Individual Taping while Chorus Sings
– Individual Presentation Coaching
– One-on-One Section Leader Training
– Quarteting / VLQ Experience                       97
1. Easy-Dues Auto-draft:
      Convenient, low monthly payments.
2. Easy-Dues Installment :
      New members join for just $10, and
      get 6 months free!
3. Easy-Dues Annual Payment: Simple &
4. Easy-Dues Escrow :
      A "Pay-As-You-Sing" Chapter Option.
           Constructive Input

 Don‟t wait for him to leave to find out that you have a
Use new members to track how you are doing.
   – How can you improve their musical experience?
   – What will help them enjoy their hobby more?
 Don‟t let... “This is the way we‟ve always done it”…
       be the reason for not making needed changes..

• How can your veteran members benefit?
• Do you keep your members updated?
     •   Schools & Clinics
     •   Other Chapter Shows
     •   Conventions and Contests
     •   New web sites of barbershop interest
     •   New Society and District Programs
     •   Outside Chapter Coaching & Vocal training
  Orientation Resources
• Member card
• Initiation Ceremony
• Complimentary Convention
• New Member kit
• Re:Members
• Other Chapter Programs

  What Else is Available?

• District schools
• District conventions
• Quartet opportunities
• Harmony College
• International & Mid-
  Winter conventions
• Harmony Hall
• Staff services


        Remember this . . .

No one ever came to a chapter meeting to make a
deliberate mistake. When we take time to orient,
we eliminate mistakes, establish the value of the
organization and ensure that our members will
never want to do anything else when they could be
barbershopping. We fulfill our obligations to them.

                                     Ev Nau
The Song’s the Thing…

           Fred Waring

         A Final Thought . . .

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out
how the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds
could have done them better. The credit belongs to the
man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred
with dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who
errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great
enthusiasms, the great devotion; who spends himself in a
worthy cause; who, at best, knows the triumph of high
achievement, and at the worst, at least fails while daring
                       Theodore Roosevelt

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