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									When we think of accountants, we think of people in black suits armed with a
calculator, surrounded by numbers and receipts. But what is the exact role of an
accountant? An accountant is a practitioner of accountancy, whose main role is to
keep, audit, and inspect the financial records of individuals or business concerns and
to prepare financial and tax reports.

 People seem to misunderstand the importance of accountants in setting up and the
maintenance of a successful business. They are just not people in the background who
worry about your finances. They have many tasks at hand to ensure the smooth
running of your entire business. They help you make decisions about resource
allocation within the company.

 Here are some of the roles accountants play in a company or business.

 General Bookkeeping
 Accountants have to ensure that all the financial records of the business are in order.
They are responsible for generating standard financial reports and documents and
provide assistance in all aspects of the business such as filing bank accounts of the
business, tackling a payment system to client and a salary system for employees. So,
accountants pretty much have a say in the running of all aspects of the business.

  Tax Planning
  One thing we are sure of in life is taxes. No matter what business we set up, this is
something that needs the tedious experience of an accountant. Accountants provide
the business with a comprehensive tax plan, to maximise business tax exemptions
(thus maximise profits). So accountants help you save a ton of money actually! Also,
all the work of dealing with taxes is far too cumbersome and troublesome for a non
specialist to take care of. By hiring an accountant to look into these matters, you will
spare yourself the time and worry, which will make you focus more on running the

  Strong rapport and technology savvy
  A good accountant must have strong links with major sectors in the business
community. One must be able to perform such functions to be able to make a positive
difference in the overall performance of your business organization. An accountant
should also have the working knowledge and understanding of various accounting and
financial software applications and business solution, which are most suitable to your

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