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									                                  DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL
                                           Bokaro Steel City

Subject : Functional English
Text Book :   1. Language Skills book, Class-XI & XII, CBSE, New Delhi.
              2. Literature Reader, Functional English, Class-XII, CBSE, New Delhi.
 Month        W. D.     Book/Area                       Unit/Chapter                     Activities
 October       18        Lit Reader – Prose             Grief
                         Poetry                         Curtain                          Reply to
                         Drama                          The Monkey's Paw                  Invitation
                         Language Skills                5.8 to 5.11                      Letter to editor
                           book                          VII, VIII, IX and X              Article writing

 November      16+2        Lit Reader – Poetry            Sally in Our Ally              Speech
                           Language Skills                Passage 4.6                    Debate
                            book                           XI.
 December               Pre-Board Exam

Subject : Mathematics
Text Books : Mathematics for Class–XII – Part-1 and Part-2 (NCERT)
Reference Books : 1. Saraswati Mathematics Class–XII Vol.1 & Vol.2, by O.P. Chug & N.P.Bali
 Month        W.D.    Topics to be taught
 October       18     Vector Algebra (contd.) : Addition of vectors, Its properties, Multiplication of a
                      vector by a scalar, components of a vector, section formula, product of two
                      vectors, scalar / dot product, projection of a vector on a line, vector / cross of two
                       3-Dimensional Co-ordinate Geometry : Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios of
                       a line, Relation between the D.cosines, D.Cosines of a line through two given
                       points, Equation of a line in space, though two given points, Equation of a line in
                       space, though a given point parallel to a given vector, though two points given,
                       Angle between two lines, shortest distance between two lines (skew and parallel).
                       Equation of a plane in normal form, Cartesian and vector forms, Different form
                       of the plane, Angle between (i) two lines (ii) two planes (iii) a line and a plane.
                       Distance of a point from a plane.
                       Linear Programming Problems : Introduction, objective function, optimization
                       problems, Its mathematical formulation, Graphical method of solution of L.P.P.,
                       Feasible and infeasible regions / solutions.
 November      18     L.P.P. (contd.) : Different types of L.P.P.
                      Probability : Introduction, Conditional Probability, Its properties, Multiplication
                      Theorem, Independent Events, Baye's Theorem Partitioning of a sample space,
                      Theorem on total Probability, Random Variable and its Probability distribution,
                      Mean of a random variable, variance of random variable, Bernoulli's Trails and
                      Bionomial Distribution.
                      Comprehensive Revision for Pre-Board Examination cum Question Bank
 December      3+     Comprehensive Revision for Pre-Board Examination cum Question Bank
              6+       Pre-Board Examination.
              13       Discussion of Question Paper of Pre-Board Exam.
                       Sample Papers, and Grade improvement Classes.
January        3       Grade Improvement Classes

Subject : Physics
Prescribed Textbooks    :   1. Physics for Class XII NCERT
                            2. Practical Physics Laboratory Manual XII (Arya Publications)
Reference Books         :   1. Concept of Physics (Vol.I & II) by H.C. Verma – Bharti Bhavan
                            2. Physics for Competition (Vol. II) by G.C. Agarwal (Bathala & Sons.)
                            3. Physics (Vol.II) – Resnick, Halliday & Krane – (John Willey & Sons.)
                            4. Fundamental Physics by Gomber & Gogia – Pradeep Publication
                            5. Interactive Physics by (all vol.) R.Ravi, MTG Learning Media P.Ltd.
  Month       W.   Chapters / Topics Taught                                         Suggestive Projects/
             Days                                                                   Activity/ Excursion
  October     18 Polarization - plane polarized light, Brewster’s law, use
                  of plane polarized light and polaroids.                           Use of multimeter to
                  Unit – VII : Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation :                i) identify base of
                  Dual nature of radiation photoelectric effect, Hertz and          transistor
                  Lenard’s observations, Einstein’s photoelectric equation,         ii) distinguish between
                  Particle nature of light                                          npn and pnp transistor.
                  Matter waves – wave nature of particles, De Broglie
                  relation, Davisson Germer experiment.

                    Unit – VIII : Atomic and Nuclei :
                    Alpha particle scattering experiment, Rutherford’s model
                    of atom, Bohr model, energy levels, hydrogen spectrum.
                    Composition and size of the nucleus, atomic masses,
                    isotopes, isobars, isotones, Radioactivity – , , 
                    particles / rays and their properties & radioactive decay
                    law, Mass – energy relation, mass defect, binding energy
                    per nucleon, its variation with mass number, nuclear
                    reactor, fission and fusion.
                    Unit – IX : Electronic Devices :                                To study the variation
                                                                                    in potential drop with
                    Semi      conductors,     semi-conductor      diodes,     I-V   length of a wire for a
                    characteristics in forward and reverse bias, diodes as a        steady current.
                    rectifier, I-V characteristics of LED, photodiodes, solar
                    cell and Zener diode, zener diode as a voltage regulator.
                    Junction transistor, transistor actions, characteristics of a
                    transistor, transistor as an amplifier (common emitter
                    configuration) and oscillator
 November     16    Transistor as a switch, Logic gates (OR, AND, NOT,
              +     NAND and NOR).
                    Unit – X : Communication Systems :
                    Elements of a communication system (block diagram
                    only), bandwidth of signals (speech, TV and digital data)
                    bandwidth of transmission medium, Propagation of
                    electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, Sky and space
                    wave propagation, Need for modulation, production and

                    detection of an amplitude modulated wave.
                    Pre-Board Examination
 December     5+    Pre-Board Examination (Contd…)
              17    Revision of Pre-Board Question Paper
  January     14    Revision of complete syllabus, Sample papers and CBSE
                    model question paper discussion.

Subject : Chemistry
Text Book :         1. Text Book for Class XII (NCERT)
Reference Books :   1. New Era Chemistry – XII (by Prakash Publication)
                    2. Comprehensive Chemistry – XII (by Laxmi Publication)
Month         W. Chapter wise Contents                                                     Sugg.Projects
             Days                                                                          / Act./ Excur.
October       18 Chapter – 11 : p - Block Elements -
                   Group 16 Elements – General introduction, electronic
                    configuration, oxidation states, occurrence, trends in physical
                    and chemical properties
                   Dioxygen – preparation, properties and uses; simple oxides,            Investigatory
                    ozone, Sulphur-allotropic forms; compounds of sulphur :                Project.
                    preparation, properties and uses of sulphur dioxide; Sulphuric
                    acid : industrial process of manufacture, properties and uses,
                    oxoacids of sulphur (structures only).
                   Group 17 Elements :           General introduction, electronic
                    configuration, trends in physical and chemical properties,
                    Compounds of halogen – Chlorine, HCl, interhalogen
                    compounds, oxoacids of halogen (structure only).
                   Group 18 Elements : Trends in physical and chemical properties
                    and uses, Compounds of Xenon.
                    Chapter – 12 : d and f – Block Elements -
                     General introduction, electronic configuration, occurence and
                      characteristics of transition metals.
                     General trends of properties of first row of transition metals
                      Matallic character, ionization enthalpy, oxidation state, ionic,
                      radii, colour, catalytic property, Magnetic property, interstitial
                      compounds, alloy formation, Preparation and properties of
                      K2CrO7 and KMnO4.
                     Lanthanoids : Electronic configuration, oxidation states,
                      chemical reactivity and lanthanoid contraction.
                     Actinoids : Electronic configuration, oxidation states.
                    Chapter - 13 : Co-ordination Compounds –
                     Co-ordination compounds – introduction, ligands, coordination
                      number, colour, magnetic properties and shapes. IUPAC
                      nomenclature of mononuclear, coordination compounds and
November      18    Chapter – 13 : Co-ordination Compounds (Contd.) –
                     VBT, CFT (importance in qualitative analysis, extraction of
                      metals and biological system; Bonding).
                    Chapter – 14 : Bio-Molecules -
                     Carbohydrates – classification (aldoses and ketoses),
                      monosaccharides (glucose and fructose), oligosaccharides
                        (sucrose, lactose and maltose) and polysaccharides (starch,
                        cellulose and glycogen); importance.
                      Proteins – Elementary idea of  amino acids, peptides bond,
                        polypeptides proteins, primary structure, secondary structure
                        and tertiary structure, quarternary structrure, (qualitative idea
                        only) denaturation of proteins; enzymes.
                      Vitamins – Classification, functions.
                      Nucleic Acids – DNA and RNA.
                     Chapter – 15 : Polymers -
                      Classification – natural and synthetic structure, intermolecular
                      Methods of polymerization (addition and condensation), co-
                      Some important polymers : natural and synthetic – like
                        polythene, nylon, polyesters, bakelite and rubber.
                     Chapter – 16 : Chemistry in Everyday Life -
                      Chemicals in medicines – analgesics, tranquilizers, antiseptics,
                        disinfectants, antimicrobials, antifertility dyes, antibiotics,
                        antacids, antihistamines.
                      Chemicals in food – preservatives, artificial sweetening agents.
                      Cleansing agents - soap, detergents and cleansing action.
                     Revision for Pre-Board examination.
 December      22    Revision of complete syllabus, Sample papers and CBSE model
                     question paper discussion.
                     Pre-Board Examination
  January      14    Discussion of Pre-board Questions papers.

Subject : Biology
Prescribed Text Book : Biology for Class XII by NCERT
Reference Book      : 1. Elementrary Biology for Class XII (Trueman's Pub.)
                      2. Text Book of Biology for Class XII (Pradeep’s Publication)
                      3. Practical Note-Book (Saraswati Publication)
 Month       W.D. Topics                                                 Project/Activities
 October       18     UNIT – IX : Biotechnology :
                      Chapter – 11 : Biotechnology – principles and
                      processes     :     Tools      of     biotechnology
                      (rDNA Technology). Mechanism of rDNA techno.
                      Chapter – 12 biotechnology and its Application :
                      Application in agriculture, application in medicine, Demonstration of Gel
                      Transgenic animals ethical issues – Biopatents, electrophoresis technique.
                      UNIT – X : Ecology and Environment : Chapter
                      - 13 : Organism and Population : Biotic and
                      abiotic factors, ecological interactions, Adaptations.
 November      18     Chapter – 14 : Ecosystem : Structure and                 Study of plant population
                      function, Productivity, Decomposition, ecological,       density by a quadrat
                      phyramid, ecological succession. Nutrient cycling.       method & determination of
                      Chapter – 15 : Biodiversity and Conservation :           frequency.
                      Biodiversity – causes and harms due to biodiversity
                      loss, Need for conservation.

                      Chapter – 16 : Environmental Issues : Pollution         Study pH and water
                      and its control, Effects of solid waste disposal and    holding capacity of
                      agrochemicals, Radioactive wastes and Global            different samples of oil
                      warming.                                                correlating the plant grown
                      Revision of complete syllabus                           in them.

 December      22     Pre-Board Examination
                      Discussion of Pre-board Questions papers.
                      Revision of Sample papers and CBSE model
                      question paper discussion.

Subject :- Biotechnology
Text Books – 1. A text book of Biotechnology for Class-XII – NCERT
             2. Lab Manual of Biotechnology for Class-XII – NCERT
Reference Book – 1. A text book of Biotechnology with practicals by R.C. Dubey (S.Chand)
 Month        W. D.     Topics                                                         Project/Activity
 October        18      Chapter – 5 (Contd.) : Plant Cell Culture & Application –
                        Gene transfer methods in plants, Transgenic plants with Plasmid isolation.
                        beneficial traits, diagnostics in agriculture & molecular
                        breeding, bioethics in plant genetic engineering.
                        Chapter – 6 : Animal Cell Culture & Application –
                        Introduction, Animal cell culture techniques, Application Restriction
                        of Animal cell culture, Stem cell technology.             digestion.
 November       19      Chapter – 6 (contd.) : Characterization of cell lines, scale
                        up to animal culture process, Bioethics in Animal genetic
                        Revision of Unit V & VI, Chapter – 1 & 4.
 December       21      Revision of Unit VI, Chapter – 5 & 6.
                        Review question based on topics
                        Special assignments on the basis of model test paper.
                        Pre-Board Examination.

Subject : Computer Science
Text Book       : Computer Science C++ for Class XII by Sumita Arora, Dhanpat Rai Publication
Reference Books    : C++ by Venu Gopal (Tata Mcgrawhill Publication)
 Month         W.D      Topics to be covered
 October       18       Pointers & link List: Declarations and Initialization of pointers. Dynamic
                        memory allocation /de allocation operators: new, delete, pointers and arrays :
                        Array of pointers, Pointer to array, function having pointer as an argument,
                        Function returning a pointer, self referential structures, This pointer
                        Implementation of stack and queue using linked list.
 November       18      Database concepts and SQL :
                        Data base and its advantage, DBMS, Components of data base and keys,
                        Various DDL and DML commands of SQL
                        Boolean Algebra: Basic logic gates and truth table,Principal of duality and
                        basic postulates of BA, Basic theorem of B.A, Minterm/Maxterm, S.O.P form
                        and P.O.S form canonical expression, minimal form, Simplification of
                        Boolean expression using K-map, circuit diagram using universal gate and
 December       6+6     other gates for an expression.

                        Revision and Project.
 +                      Pre-Board Examination
                        Comprehensive Revision
 January         14

Subject : Web Technology & Multimedia
Text Book :- Web Tech. and Multimedia by Reeta Sahoo, Saraswati Publication.
 Month         W.Days   Topics to be covered
 October         18     Network Devices : modem, RJ45, Connector, Ethernet Card, Hub, Switch,
                        Protocol – TCP/IP, FTP, PPP, Level remote, Login (Telnet), Internet,
                        Wireless/Mobile communication, GSM, CDMA, W22, 2G, SMS, Voice Mail,
                        Application. Electronic-Mail, Chat, video conferencing, Network Security
                        Concept, Cyber Law, Firewall, Cookies, Haker and Crackers.
                        Introduction to Open Source based Software :
                        Terminology : OSS, FLOSS, GNU, OSI, W3C
                        Definitions : Open source software, freeware, shareware. Proprietory software,
                        Localisation , Unicode.
                        Software : Linux, Mozilla, Web-Browser, Apache Server, MySQL, Postgres,
                        Pango, Openoffice, Tomcat, PHP, Python.
                        Web Sites :,, etc.
                        Multimedia Application : Education (use of CAI tool) Entertainment,
                        Edutainment, Virtual Reality, digital Libraries, Information Kioska, Video on
                        Demand, Web Pages, Video Phone, Video Conferencing and Health Care.

 November        18     UNIT-4 : Multimedia and Authoring Tools :
                        Movie File Formats : AVI, MPEG, SWF, MOV, DAT.
                        Movie Frames: Concept of Frame, Frame buffer and frame rate, authoring
                        tools, making animation, embedding audio/video and embedding on the web
                        Macro Media Flash: Making simple flash movie, setting properties, frame rate
                        dimension, and bgcolor.
                        Scene: Concept of scene, duplicate scene, add scenes and Navigating between
                        Layers : concept of layers, Guide/mask layers.
                        Frame : Concept of frames, creating key frame and adding special effects.
                        Import / Export : Publishing a flash movie, producing swf, html page, gif
                        image, JPEG image, PNG image, window projector, Macintosh projector,
                        Quick Time, Real Player.
 December        16     Revision & Project Work
                        Pre-Board Examination
     January     14     Comprehensive Revision

Subject :- Informatics Practices
Text Book       : Informatics Practices for Class XII by Sumita Arora, Dhanpat Rai Publication
Reference Books : Informatics Practices for Class XII by Reeta Sahoo, Saraswati Publication
 Month          W. D.   Topics to be covered

 October         18     Review of RDBMS from Class-XI

 November      18      Database Fundamentals
                       Concept of Database Transaction, Committing and revoking a Transaction
                       using COMMIT and
                       Grouping Records: GROUP BY, Group functions - MAX( ), MIN( ), AVG( ),
                       SUM( ), COUNT( );
                       using COUNT(*), DISTINCT clause with COUNT, Group Functions and Null
                       Displaying Data From Multiple Tables: Equi-Join and Cartesian Products;
                       concept of Foreign Key;
                       Creating a Table with PRIMARY KEY and NOT NULL constraints, adding a
                       Constraint, enabling
                       Constraints, Viewing Constraints, Viewing the Columns Associated with
                       ALTER TABLE for deleting a column, ALTER TABLE for modifying data
                       types of a column
                       DROP Table for deleting a table;
                       UNIT 4: IT APPLICATIONS
                       Revisiting the features of e-Governance, e-Business and e-Learning
                       Front-end Interface - Introduction; content and features; identifying and using
                       appropriate component
                       (Text Box, Radio Button, CheckBox, List) for data entry, validation and
                       Back-end Database - Introduction and its purpose; exploring the requirement of
                       tables and its essential
                       Front-End and Database Connectivity - Introduction, requirement and benefits
 December      16      Revision & Project Work
                       Pre-Board Examination
  January      14      Comprehensive Revision

Subject :- Economics
Text Book : Economics for Class – XII NCERT
Reference Book : Micro & Macro Economics – Sawaswati House Pvt.Ltd. & Tushar Pub. House
 Month       W. D.      Topics                                                       Project/Activity
 October      18       Determination of Income and Employment – Meaning of          Show the working
                       Aggregate demand and Aggregate supply and their              of     investment
                       components. Average propensity to consume and save –         multiplier on a
                       their relation. Determination of equilibrium level of        chart paper with
                       income, concept of investment multiplier.                    the help of an
                       Excess and Deficient demand – meaning and measures to        example.
                       check – monetary and fiscal policy.
 November      18      Balance of Payments – Foreign exchange rate, meaning
                       and determination, Merits of flexible exchange rate.
                       Meaning of Balance of payments account – meaning and
                       components – current and capital account, causes fof
                       disequilibrium of BOP.
 December      16      Revision of complete syllabus, Sample papers and CBSE
                       model question paper discussion.

                       Pre-Board Examination
  January       14     Discussion of Pre-Board Questions papers.

Subject :- Accountancy
Text Books – Accounting III & IV – NCERT
Reference Book – Accounting – V. K. India

  Month       W. D.     Topics                                                      Project/Activity

Subject :- Business Studies
Text Book : Business Studies – for Class XII - NCERT.
Ref. Book : Business Studies - XII by Poonam Gandhi.
 Month        W. D.     Topics
 October        18     Chapter – 11 : Marketing (Contd.)
                       – Marketing mix – concept & elements
                       – Product – nature & classification
                       – Physical distribution – meaning & role, channels – types &
                       – Promotion – meaning & role, mix, role of advertising, personal
                          selling, sales promotion & objections to advertising
                       – Publicity – role
                       – Price – factors influencing price.
                       – Marketing philosophies.
                       Chapter – 12 : Consumer Protection
                       – Importance of consumer protection and consumers rights.
 November       18     Chapter – 12 : Consumer Protection (Contd…)
                       – Consumers Rights
                       – Consumers Responsibilities, ways & means of consumers
                         protection. Consumer awareness & legal redressal with special
                         ref. to Consumer protection Act, 1986.
                       – Role of consumer organization & NGOs.
                       Revision of all chapter for Pre-Board Examination.
 December       21     Solving previous years Board-Exam question papers.
                       Solving sample papers.
                       Pre-board Exam

Subject :- Entrepreneurship
Text Book : Entrepreneurship, NCERT.
Ref. Book : Entrepreneurship – Ankur Chhabra.
 Month        W. D.     Topics
 October        18     Chapter – 11 : Advertisement & Sales Promotion –
                       - Advertisement – its importance, functions & objectives
                       - Methods of advertising
                       - Sales promotion – importance & tools
                       - Personal selling
                       Chapter – 12 : Managing Finance –
                       - Concept, Need, Importance of finance
                       - Responsibilities of finance manager
                       - Liabilities and functions
                       - Indian financial system
                       - Sources of finance & its types
                       Chapter – 13 : Determination of Costs & Profits –
                       - Different types of costs / income
                       - Determination of costs & overheads
                       - Calculation of Profit & loss
 November    17+2      Chapter – 14 : Managing growth & Sustainance –
                       - Meaning of growth and factors that influence growth
                       - Failure of regional planning
                       - Meaning of modernization, expansion, diversification and substitution
                       Chapter – 15 : Entrepreneurial Discipline –
                       - Entrepreneurial discipline and social responsibility
                       - Ecology and environment
                       - Responsibility of business towards various interest groups, consumer's
                       - Adherence to contracts & credits
 December    5+16      Revision of all the chapters through MCQ, very short, short and long answers
                       type questions. Solving past 5 years Board Examination Question Papers.
                       Pre-Board Examination

Subject : Physical Education
Month        W. Days       Topics to be covered
October to   18+18         Part – B : Practical / Theory :
December     +21           Chapter – 1 :
                           1.6. Proper Sports Gear and its importance
                           Chapter – 2 :
                           2.4. Sports Awards
                           2.6. SGFI & its Organisation Set-up.
                           Part – A :
                           Chapter – 6 : Sports and Nutrition
                           6.1. Balanced Diet
                           6.2. Elements of Diet
                           6.3. Components of Diet
                           6.4. Role of Diet on performance.
                           Chapter – 7 : Training Methods
                           7.1. Meaning, concept and Principles of Training
                           7.2. Methods of Flexibility Development
                           7.3. Methods of strength development-isometrics isotonic.
                           7.4. Methods of Endurance development continuous method, interval
                                training and fartlek.
                           7.5. Methods of Speed Development
                           7.6. Circuit Training

                           Chapter – 8 : Psychological Aspect of Physical Education
                           8.1. Definition & Importance of Sports Psychology
                           8.2. Types and Techniques of motivation
                           8.3. Developmental characteristics at different stage of growth
                           8.4. adolescent problems and its management
                           8.5. Ethics in sports
                            8.6. Anxiety and its management
                            Pre-Board Examination
Note : (1) Part – B related to anyone Games/Sports of choice of student out of Basketball, Cricket,
           Football, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and Volleyball.
       (2) Norms for Testing Physical Fitness for Boys :
           Test – A : 60 m or 100 m race
           Test – B : Long Jump or Standing Board Jump
           Test – C : Push-ups or Bent Knee Sit-up
           Test – D : Shot-put (7.260 kg) Throw or Overhead Backward Basketball throw with both
           Test – E : Shuttle Run (4x10 m)
       (3) Norms for Testing Physical Fitness for Girls :
           Test – A, Test – B and Test – E is same as for Boys
           Test – C : Modified Bent Knee push-ups or Bent Knee Sit-up
           Test – D : Shot-put (4 kg) Throw or Overhead Backward Basketball throw with both hands.
           Each student will have to choose five items for the test of choice.
       * One item for test must be chosen from A, one from B, one from C, one from D and test item
           number E is compulsory for all.

Subject : General Studies
Month         W. Days       Topics to be covered
October         18          L-4 : Concept of Socialist State
                            Unit – V : India's Freedom Struggle
                            L-1 : History upto 1947
                            L-2 : Great Leaders
November       19           L-3 : Nurturing Freedom
                            Unit – VI : Human Rights
                            L-1 : Historical Perspective
                            L-2 : Universal Declaration of Human Rights
                            L-3 : Human Rights as means of harmonious world order.
Subject : Vocal Music
 Month      W.D. Particulars
 October      18 Qawwali – Mera Piya Ghar Aya, Challa Challa Re (Rajasthani)
 November     19 Patriotic song – Jaye Jaye Bharat Bharati, Assignment no. 2
 December     21 Revision

Subject : DANCE
 Month      W.D. Particulars
 October      18     Theory – The history of "Odissi dance"
                     Pract. – Saraswati Vandana
 November     19     Theory – Continued
                     Pract. – Continued
 December     21     Theory – "Taal ke das pran"
                     Pract. – Continued, 2nd Term Exam
Subject : ART & CRAFT
 Month      W.D. Particulars
October     18    Theory – Art of instalition
                  Pract. – Fashion designing (Contd.)
November    19    Theory – Part of designing
                  Pract. – Fashion designing (Contd.)
December    21    Revision


Month      W.D. Particulars
October     18    Fixed focus camera, Auto camera, Self camera feature
November    17    Use of different shutter in camera and aperture in lens

December    16    Composition, rules and regulations, Different shapes of pictures
January     14    Composing in enlarger and background for beauty look of a picture (elements)
February    19    Special practical, Revision and Exam

 Month       W.D. Particulars
October     18    National Anthem and Vande Mataram
November    19    Theka of Jhap tal, Ru-pak tal, Dhun - Chaat
December    21    Western music – Taquila Twist, rag – Durga, Gat, Toda, Jhalla
January     19    Song – Jagge jagge ammar bhavna
February    19    Revision and Exam

Subject : TABLA
 Month      W.D. Particulars
October     18    'kkL=k %& VqdM+k dk ifjp;
                  fØ;kRed %& Bsdk VqdM+k dk vH;kl
November    19    'kkL=k %& Loj ifjp;] uxek ifjp; ys[ku dk;
                  fØ;kRed %& Loj vH;kl ¼'kq)Loj] dksey Loj½
December    21    fØ;kRed %& uxek ds lkFk] o.kZ gLr lk/ku] Bsdk dk;nk ] vH;kl
January     14    fØ;kRed %& Ldwy xhr ds lkFk oknu] vH;kl
February    19    fØ;kRed %& uxek ds lkFk] xhr ] rky dk vH;kl
                  izkstsDV % & mLrkn tkfdj gqlSu dk thou o`ÙkkUr fy[ksa vFkok
                  vius ilafnnk dykdj dk thou o`ÙkkUr fy[ksa A



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