; Kye Allums is a Trans Man
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Kye Allums is a Trans Man


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									Kye Allums is on the women’s basketball team at the George Washington University,
and is on a basketball scholarship. Kye Allums risked his scholarship when he
announced that he is a Trans man.
  Kye Allums Allowed to Stay on the Team
  Kye Allums has been allowed to stay on the women’s basketball team since he has
not undertaken any hormone treatments yet. NYT states that the NCAA has decided to
amend its policies to include transgender athletes. If Kye Allums is shifted to the
men’s team, he will lose his scholarship, since there is not any scholarship available
for the men’s basketball team. He also may not be good enough to make the men’s
team. Kye Allums will be playing for women’s basketball because physically he was
born a female. The National Center on Lesbian Rights and the Women's Sports
Foundation advised that all transgender athletes should be allowed to participate so
long as any hormone therapy is consistent with policies regarding banned medications.
Allums will not be taking any testosterone treatments while competing in basketball.
  Very Strange Support
  Kye Allums on the other hand is happy and excited about the support that he has
received from people around the world. He said he has received several messages
from even unknown senders who have appreciated his bravery.
  Opposites View Points
  Sex change operations and surgeries, or hormonal treatments for changing the sex
are very rare. Anyone who undergoes a sex change operation usually does not let
people know about the same. This is also true for liposuction surgeries. People, who
claim to have lost weight in no time, have usually undertaken liposuction surgeries for
the removal of their fat. These people misuse the privilege of being rich and famous
and undertake liposuction just to look good. Supporters say there is nothing wrong
with that. Critics say these kinds of face lifts or liposuction surgeries gain a bad
reputation due to this kind of misuse by the rich and famous.

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