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					Kooday is the latest search engine to break into the internet market. It is a
multi-language library of every word and phrase known to mankind. Not only can you
search just like you would with Google, Yahoo or the a number of other options
internet surfers have, but as a member you can earn earnings. Here is my honest
  In today's fast changing world of the internet one thing has stayed constant. The
search engine market has been dominated by a few such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and a
few other hybrids. They earn their massive amounts of income by charging for
  If you have every used pay-per clicks, Google AdWords, banner advertising or any
other form of pay for internet advertising, you know it comes at a pretty high cost.
  This New Search Engine offering it's members a cash pay out that means, every time
anyone uses your Keyword, you get paid.
  It looks really simple. But How? you may perhaps wonder.
  When somebody buys your keyword they always have to pay 15% more than the
cost you taken care of the keyword. Keyword purchases start from 10 cents. This is
just one of the benefits that Kooday offers.
  What is the minimum investment in Kooday? The minimum investment is only 5
dollars. AlertPay can be used to deposit the money.
  Kooday is diverse from any other Internet search engine.
  Here are five reasons for using Kooday rather than any other search engine:
  1. Do other search engines enables you to actually own keywords? No they don't but
Kooday does. Ownership of keywords make money on your own account. 2. When
you advertise with other companies do they allow payment after they see results? No
they don't but Kooday does. 3. Do other search engines pay a residual income to it's
members? Most do not, but Kooday does. 4. Tell others about this and receive
commissions. When keywords are purchased or websites linked you got paid. Imagine
the possibilities how man words are out there? 5. Owners of popular keywords are
paid a bonus. Whenever you think of an excellent keywords be sure you own it.
  How to join?
  Step-By-Step Instructions 1- Register Your New Alert Pay Account (It is a free
account and it is necessary to have it in order to transfer your earned money from
Kooday) 2- Follow This Link to sign up on Kooday for a
free account. 3- A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately. Confirm it by
following the instructions in the email. 4- Now is the registration complete and you
can log into your account Kooday. [Bonus] 5- You will be sent out a link to a really
useful video with the formula to make huge profits with Kooday. This guy, Eric, has
made over $40,000 in his first 30 days!

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