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									                                                                 PROJECT CUBE
As exclusive financial advisor, Banif Investment Banking is pleased to present the equity stake
acquisition opportunity of a leading and traditional company (“Company”) in the Public Refrigerated
Warehouse sector in Brazil (“Project CUBE”).
The Company is an integrated logistic operator that provides frozen and refrigerated storage, freezing
services, less-than-truckload and full truckload distribution, pre and post cargo dispatch traceability,
cross docking, transit point, among other services.
Its business model is founded in the intensive use of technology, providing its customers with the
highest quality in logistic services, operational data, reliable and accurate processes. As a result, its
customers are able to reduce transactional costs and increase operational efficiency.
Over its thirty three year history, the Company has developed a proprietary online information system
and management processes, unique in both the domestic and international markets.

Selected Company Highlights:
    Strong growth in net revenues and profitability during the last years. Forecasted net revenues of
    R$ 24.0 million and 284.1 thousand pallets billed in 2006, expanding net sales by a pace of 8.2%
    over the next five years
    Two facilities with frozen and refrigerated storage capacity amounting 5.7 million cubic feet that
    cover the Brazilian Southeast and Northeast regions (81% of the country’s GDP). The
    Company is also allowed to export products to more than 20 countries in five different continents
    One of the highest Sales over Total Assets indicator in the sector
    Motivated and committed work force of 285 people managed by experienced professionals,
    geared to the most modern international practices in the warehousing and logistics market
    Growing customer portfolio composed mainly by large corporations in the animal protein, frozen
    vegetables and retail industries, as well as a significant pipeline in those sectors
    The business model allows gains in scale with a slight increase of its organizational infrastructure
    State of the art physical infrastructure with mechanized and computerized activities at the
    facilities. The Company uses voice and radio frequency data collectors in its operation
    Extremely comfortable debt situation. Besides being under leveraged, the Company often
    raises long term and low cost financing lines provided by governmental institutions. Consequently,
    its forecasted cash flow is expected to be more than sufficient to service financial expenses

So that we may continue our discussion on the Project CUBE, as well as provide further information
and clarification on the negotiations which are beginning, we request that contact be made directly with:

                                   Banif Investment Banking
                           Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek, 1.700 - 15º andar
                                  São Paulo, SP - CEP 04543-000

                  Mauro Faria                                         José Mascarenhas         
        telephone: (55 11) 3074-8083                            telephone: (55 11) 3074-8073
            fax: (55 11) 3074-8041                                  fax: (55 11) 3074-8041

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