The Ribbon Chronicle by djsgjg0045


									Ribbons come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Their variety is almost
limitless. Ribbons have been existing for a very long time. The ribbon has been
considered to be a decorative and adornment material from the time clothing existed.
They were handmade in the beginning and mostly made out of silk. Later, different
materials like lace and satin were incorporated. Now ribbons are available in all
possible materials known to man. The most commonly produced are rayon ribbon,
satin ribbon, silk ribbon, nylon ribbon, and velvet ribbon.
  Handmade ribbons still exist and are considerably expensive. They are used by
designers in their wares and are also available in stores. Most ribbons available today
are machine-made. They are produced in bulk and sold to the retailers and
wholesalers. Ribbon manufacturing style can be broadly divided into three: cut-edge
ribbons, woven-edge ribbons, and wire-edge ribbons. Of these, the most commonly
available are the woven-edge ribbons.
  There are many online stores that offer first-class ribbons at great deals. They have a
wide variety to choose from and give visual samples of their products. The sites allow
a person to buy ribbons online. This can be done either by placing an order or paying
online through secure portals. The variety available include organza ribbons, satin
ribbons, woven ribbons, metallic ribbons, and velvet ribbons, sheer ribbons, lace
ribbons, side-stitched ribbons, and so on. The list is endless. These sites provide
ribbon retail as well as ribbon wholesale trade.
  Ribbons are used extensively in the fashion industry and can be seen in both men's
and women's clothing. They are also used as accessories. Other than their use in
garments, ribbons are also used as symbols for various causes like Cancer and AIDS.
Thus, their use is wide and ever-expanding. is a great ribbon resource. The site offers ribbons of different
textures, colors, and prints.

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