Kobe Beef Steak The Emporer of Beef by hkksew3563rd


									The primacy of this beef steak comes from its unusual physical appearance and the
taste or texture it has. Kobe beef steak is said to be the best among beef steaks. It is no
wonder, then, that many give these comments because of how authentic Kobe beef
serves the palate of critics. You have to taste one in order to savor the distinct taste of
this type of steak.

Kobe beef steak is obtained from a Japanese breed of cattle called wagyu. Certain
restrictions require that the black Tajimi-ushi breed be used in order that the Kobe
label be given or certified. The Japanese ranchers have the uncanny practice of
rubbing the coat of wagyu cattle with Japanese wine or sake in the belief that this
contributes to the rich flavor of its meat. The cattle is also fed with organic grains and
sake mash. Usually it takes 26 to 32 months to raise these cattle which is far longer
than any American breed for prime cut beef is raised.

Farmers take pride in their wagyu beef steak because they know it is a product of
labor and dedication which the Japanese are known for. There are no shortcuts taken
to arrive at a delicacy so distinct and special as this. When you buy a Kobe beef steak,
it is like treating yourself like an emperor since this meat is expensive - with prices for
each cut going at $500 upwards. Is it worth it? You have to taste and savor it to know.

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