The Reason Cause the Computer Display Burned by djsgjg0045


									Went to the Law On the maintenance of part time workers, today we say that a small
new and rather strange fault, but also I was puzzling.
  I have a friend named Xiao Liu, a while ago, saving money to buy a
computer.Because the budget was not high, only 4,000 yuan, so everything can be a
simple configuration. Probably Atholon XP2500 +, nForce2 motherboard, 256MB
DDR400 memory, 120G hard drive, 17-inch CRT or something. He loaded the
machine that day, just a small new in the field, can not help, so we commissioned a
full credibility is also good business agent.
  Often go to the electronics Acer aspire 5720 battery market, you will be aware, the
general pulled the counter in the business after business, the company will allow
customers to go installed. And this installed capacity of companies to save time, have
come to install the machine, and then use their own display system what to do, no
problem will try to end users to buy the monitor. Liu mounted machine that day is
also the case, and finally to test the monitor, he as no power to look anxious and
friends may feel that the monitor is new, not yet unpacked, it should be no problem.
  To do because there are a small new intermediaries, businesses finally decided to
help a friend put the machine back home, had a very simple life, but thought to out of
the accident. Installed capacity of accidents, the display after another burned Liu later
to a small, installed to monitor the company's technical staff, host, keyboard, mouse,
speakers of what are connected. Then open the monitor first, about a few seconds later
you press the power switch (Liu told me orally), the machine starts the moment, there
is no reaction after the flash screen display, and then came a burst of burnt smell, the
original display is burned out.
  Liu was shocked, others favor the company technical staff who explained that it was
the monitor, and quickly go back and replace it all right. Liu still do not trust, take
advantage of this time called me, I may at first this problem, it is shown that the
failure, since people have been changed back to so for a while. Liu far from
Zhongguancun Fortunately small, less than 1 hour, people and brought a new nikon
en-el5 battery monitor. To confirm the problem, they simply go out in the company
previously tried, the display is really good.
  But I never thought that when again connected displays, press the power switch, the
new display appeared just the same fault, after flash no longer lit, and also heard an
burning. Solve the problem, was actually the host power failure This time was no root
Liu, and quickly gave me a call, listening to the failure of small new phenomenon is
Fan Yun. If you can prove in advance the display is good, then why in a friend's house
burn it? Is Liu family voltage problem? Should not the host seems to have no problem,
but why is the boot of the moment is a problem in the host it? It seems that the fault is
and the host are related.
  Technical staff to send the machine to help do not know how to do, only the machine
and all my friends back to the company's Liu. Little things behind the new is not very
clear, according to friends later said that the first change to the graphics card and the
motherboard does not work, then burned a monitor, and then change the host power
supply, and finally solve the problem. Little new ask for help, Luo workers go into
detail of which the whole story. Ha ha ~ ~ This problem can be interesting, the host of
a power dell inspiron 6000 adapter problem, even burning the monitor? And the host
is also no problem, that we may never seen Yeah. But friends that case, surely there is
such thing, in order to get hold of clear, finally had to ask his old work to Romania.
  Until we put solutions and fault conditions, and workers said Lo, the Lo workers also
feel a little surprised, and asked whether I was measuring the power? Voltage
indicators from various quarters is normal? Is there an internal short-circuit power
supply situation, but they also said I do not know ah, after all, I was not the scene.
  Later, according to Luo guess work, the host power if the normal work, it should be
no problem for the power supply voltage from various quarters. This situation is most
likely a bad power supply internal isolation, resulting in output live. At that time
access to host and monitor the CANON eos-300d battery power supply, respectively,
and the plugs different standards, thus resulting in zero potential host and displays the
differences, so the video card initialization failed port to burn out the monitor.

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