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									                          2011 Apprenticeship Program

  How would you like to have me, Monica Main, personally mentor you on your real estate investing
 business? I can show you exactly how to set up a real estate investing business that can put you in
         the middle of receiving HUGE MONTHLY CASH FLOWS within just a few months!

  If You Answered YES Then You MUST Read Every Word in this SPECIAL REPORT Because...

                     Investor, If You Qualify, I Will
                     PERSONALLY WORK WITH YOU
                     to Build a MASSIVE Real Estate Cash
                     Flow Money Machine...But ONLY If
                     You Qualify!
              WARNING: Only 4 people will ultimately be selected for this program!

If you are serious about multiplying your income and gaining an incredible personal life that
you can control, you're invited to apply to be my "Apprentice" for 12 months. But you must
act now...

Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

You can completely turn your financial life around...AND FAST!

I have the tools you need to build wealth as quickly as possible. Listen, many people are victims of the current
state of the economy.


Instead of being an economic victim, you can seize the opportunities that are only available during this

It's the worst it's been in DECADES. In fact, there are many areas of the economy that are MUCH WORST
than the Great Depression of the 1930s. What does that mean? It means that you can use this rare (and
small) window of opportunity to cash in big!

And, you can USE ME to help you attain financial freedom in ways that you have never experienced before!

How would you like to have a real live real estate investing guru work personally with you in your business for
12 full months? How would you like someone to be right by your side for a full year, showing you how to rake
in piles of money from our economic crises?

No, this is NOT a joke!

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                            2011 Apprenticeship Program

There is NO bait-and-switch scam here...

And, no, I have NOT lost my mind (at least not at the moment anyway)!

The truth is...for 4 very lucky individuals I will work side-by-side with them in their real estate businesses. I've
never done this before and I don't know when, if ever, I'll do it again. So, read this report VERY CAREFULLY
because what I'm about to share with you will unquestionably change the lives of 4 investors!

But first I must ask you 5 questions:

What would it be worth to you to have me personally...

   •   Mentor you in your real estate investing business? To get on the phone with you twice a month, review
       and structure your deals?
   •   Have me set up your marketing campaigns including your letter campaigns and connections with real
       estate brokers to get your phone ringing off the hook with building owners and agents throwing solid
       deals at your feet all day?
   •   Have me get on the phone with lenders, banks, and other people I'm personally connected with in order
       to structure your deal financially so you can close escrow ON TIME and with NO CASH and NO
   •   Have you fly out to meet me (or meet via "web cam") so we can personally go over your investing
       ACTION PLAN to ensure that you will get at least 3 commercial and/or residential-commercial buildings
       under your belt within the next 90 - 120 days with a minimum monthly cash flow of $10,000?
   •   Have me help you negotiate with the bank directly on obtaining bank-owned commercial REO
       properties so you can acquire them with NO CASH, NO CREDIT, NO MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE,

What would you pay for something like this?

I did a recent poll with my past mentorship students who many had ended up purchasing their first apartment
building within the 8-week group and they gave me a range between $30,000 and $75,000 in what they would
be willing to pay for a real guru to do all of the above!

Remember, this small window of opportunity for new investors to get involved in no-cash-no-credit deals is
starting to close. When times are bad, they don't stay "bad" forever. During the "bad" times is when deals are
found and people who start from nothing can get their foot in the door. If you plan on using the "watching and
waiting" strategy, you will find yourself out in the cold once the market begins to heat up again!

When I first told my husband that I wanted to do such an intimate program for a handful of students, he looked
at me like I had lost my mind!

He said something to the effect of, "Do you know how much work that is going to be? It's bad enough
that you run your own full time real estate business plus smaller mentorship groups for your students.
You already work 50+ hours a week. Are you [CENSORED] crazy?"

But...here's my point: "Wouldn't it have been nice to have a real live mentor like that when we were
getting started in real estate?"

Yeah..."But we didn't, did we?"

But it would have been nice...and it would have made things move like a silver bullet instead of having

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                            2011 Apprenticeship Program

to bang our heads up against the wall for some of those very frustrating years as we struggled to learn
about commercial real estate investing...with NO HELP from anybody!

Soooo to make a long story short, I decided to do a special mentorship program anyway because I can only
weigh out what my significant other says to a certain degree. He knows that I do what I want anyway.

And I'm only choosing 4 people BECAUSE I do have a daughter, a husband, and a full-fledging real
estate business of my own!

              Before I Tell You All About the Apprentice Program, Answer These Questions:

1) What is really going on with your real estate investing business? (Be honest!)

2) Are you making progress? Are you acquiring buildings? Are you stuck?

3) Are you finding deals? Are you getting the deals but not the financing?

4) Do you feel that you need help to give you a huge shove in the right direction? Do you believe that you
need hands-on assistance?

5) Are you realizing the cash flow you always dreamed of? Or are you stuck in limbo and unable to make the
deals you thought you should be by now?

    Obviously If Everything is PERFECT and You're Completely Happy with the Cash Flows You are
           Getting From Your Investment Properties then X Out this Web Page Right Now!

                                                YOU DON'T NEED ME!

But...if you are like some of my students who are having problems getting your butt out there (because of fear)
or not finding good enough deals (because you don't know where to look) or are unable to secure the right
financing...and fast (because you don't have the right connections) then KEEP READING!

I'm about to throw you a life raft! And fast!

                        The Big Question You Have to Ask Yourself RIGHT NOW Is...

"Am I living the lifestyle that I envisioned when I started investing in real estate?" Have you been able
to successfully implement all of the great ideas and education you have gathered in real estate?

About 7 years ago, I started investing in commercial real estate. I was a residential real estate investor before
then. I have approximately 12 years of total real estate investing experience.

Even with all the experience I have, I still seek out experts in the field of investing to further my real estate
investing career. No, I don't go to a bunch of rah-rah seminars with hot-air real estate gurus who pretend they

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                            2011 Apprenticeship Program

invest in real estate when really they make all their money from selling courses and seminars. I do seek out
REAL experts in investing and pick their brains until I come away with MORE VALUABLE information I can
immediately implement in my own real estate business.

And, by far, this is the best investment I have been able to make for myself. Doing this alone has increased
my net worth with investments a thousand fold!

I have been lucky to find real-life mentors to give me the real information I need to apply it in the real world of
investing. These people have included fellow commercial real estate investors, money brokers, real estate
agents/brokers, real estate attorneys, "big time" real estate investors (who I like to refer to as the "old timers" in
the business, although they personally don't like being called an old timer), and other people I've met along my

If you think about it, all Olympic gold medalists have had coaches. All super-star athletes have coaches. Even
CEOs have coaches!

How are you any different? Especially if you want to break away from being mediocre in your life and become

  It Doesn't Matter What Skill Set or Talents You Bring to the Table; Achieving Success All Alone is a
                                          Hopeless Uphill Battle!

If you have ever felt overwhelmed, stressed out, or felt like throwing in the towel, that's normal. Why?
Because doing something that can seem like an unattainable goal is overwhelming. If it's out of the "norm" of
what you normally do day-to-day then it's very easy to talk yourself out of pushing forward.

Since 2001 I have had over 40,000 students learn how to acquire real estate using my incredible no-cash-no-
credit methods.

In late 2006 I decided to take some time off for two reasons: (1) to focus on my own real estate investing
activities, and (2) to start a family. I took about 18 months off and found myself aching to start teaching again in
the spring of 2008; especially since so many things in the real estate market were changing by the day and I
wanted to inform everyone about how to use the economy to their advantage!

But I wanted to do things a little differently this time. I wanted to offer more intimate knowledge in the form of
mentoring rather than just having solid educational materials.

In the beginning of 2009 I launched my mentorship coaching programs. So far I’ve had a couple dozen
students and more than half of them not only acquired their first property within the 8-week sessions but they
are continuing to purchase property, realizing some serious monthly cash flows!

I realized just how powerful the mentoring methods are because it does several things: (1) hold you
accountable and forces you to work the necessary steps for success, (2) allows you to work with someone who
is successful in real estate, giving you the confidence to proceed, (3) pushes you through an exact procedure
in how to invest successfully so you don’t miss any steps, make any mistakes, or second-guess the process,
and (4) allows you to get answers to any of your “burning” questions while snapping you out of self-doubt at
any given time!

It’s an extremely powerful process!

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                               2011 Apprenticeship Program

   I wanted to do things even better and that’s why I came up with the Apprentice Program. Here’s what I’m doing

    My TESTED and PROVEN Real Estate Investing Strategies Mixed with a Solid Apprentice Group Equals
                                        MASSIVE SUCCESS!

   Here’s how the Apprentice Program works:

                  ·   Personal Coaching Calls
                  ·   “Ask the Expert” Access
                  ·   Monthly “Virtual” Online Video Training / Webinars
                  ·   Monthly Audio of Investing Techniques or a “Success” Interview
                  ·   Downloadable Forms in PDF-Fillable Format
                  ·   Online Chat Forum with Other Students
                  ·   Case Studies of Actual Deals Done and How They Were Executed

                                                 I’m Not Done Yet!

Once you join my Apprenticeship Program, you not only receive all the bonuses listed above, but you’ll also
receive complimentary attendance at my upcoming October Boot Camp Seminar in Los Angeles, California.

And There’s One More Thing I’ll Give You When You Act Now!

I’ll host not one but TWO full days of Masterminding where we’ll go into each person’s business. You’ll receive
specialized mentoring in a very small group environment. Imagine getting away from your own business with other
like-minded investors and sharing as a group.

This means that we will all have regular conference calls together!

Plus, you’ll get to attend a total of three (3) of these Masterminds throughout the year, receiving specialized
training from me in a small boardroom style setting.

We will discuss new strategies and detail them A – Z so the guesswork is virtually eliminated on how, when and
where to apply them.

                                              And I’m Still Not Done!

Plus, as an Apprentice, you’ll receive exclusive access to my Mr. X.

Who is Mr. X and why is this important to you?

With the real estate markets in disarray, now is one of the best times to buy bank-owned REO properties directly
from the banks. As you may or may not know, I have been negotiating quite a few of these deals in the past
couple of months and I have found a local California broker who can get 99% to 100% on these types of deals.

And I’ve never revealed this source to anyone before!

Their acceptance rate on packages is currently 72.4% because Mr. X is an expert at working with banks on REO

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                               2011 Apprenticeship Program

deals. I really am guarded about revealing his information to just anyone so I’m reserving this special source only
for those who are part of my Apprenticeship program and only for the use of short sale or REO property deals.

Here’s the best part. Mr. X only charges a 2% fee (most will charge at least 4% for the services he provides)!

                 And I’m Still Not Done Yet! (Seriously, I Have ANOTHER Rabbit in the Hat!)

Unlike my regular partnership group where many of my students have not been able to properly submit a deal (and
thus getting rejected), part of the REQUIREMENT for this Apprenticeship group is that you WILL partner in on a
deal with me personally.

My regular partnership group will get partnership acceptance for about 15% to 20% of my students because the
deals go through a “board” of investor partners who are outside of my organization.

My Apprenticeship Program will have a SPECIAL partnership group where you will be partnering with me
DIRECTLY. You won’t be using my investor partners (who are much more strict in their property requirements) for
your partnership deals.

You and I will be on a partnership deal together and going in as TRUE PARTNERS! Unless you bring me ZERO
deals during the 1-year Apprenticeship Program, we will be closing on a deal together!

                              How Is This Different Than the Mentorship Groups?

Some of you have already been in my 8-week Mentorship Program and are probably wondering how this is

The Apprenticeship Program is not at all like the 8-week Mentorship Program!

This program is special because it’s 12 months long, you get one-on-one consulting with me regularly (instead of
only one 60-minute phone call), you will be on conference (and web) calls with your other Apprenticeship Program
members, and you will be getting first-hand assistance from me directly.

You won’t be doing assignments regularly (daily) as you do in the 8-week Mentorship Program. You are going to
be working with me directly on all of your property deals.

We will be working side-by-side on every real estate deal, transaction, offer, or contract you want to put together.

It means that you get to watch me work and then model my processes. You can pick up my successful work
habits. If you live locally, you can see me in my office for personal meetings on a regular basis.

Each and every month you’ll receive 2 30-minute phone calls with me. We will review your deals, discuss your
strategies, and address your trouble spots.


I will set you up with all of my personal money sources for my own deals. I will set up your website for soliciting
yourself for funding. You will get a separate website for soliciting yourself to property owners in letter campaigns.

And…even better…

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                              2011 Apprenticeship Program

When you have a hot deal you are lining up but it comes to a screeching halt for one reason or another, I will step
in and handle the situation for you whether I can negotiate, structure, or “fix” your deal one way or another.
Sometimes it helps to send a “bull dog” in to push the process to another level.

                             “How Well Did the 2010 Apprenticeship Group Do?”

I am a very strict “drill sergeant” mentor by nature so when accepting people into the group, I chose much more
than 4 applicants knowing most of those selected would be axed on the chopping block within weeks. I chose 16
people out of 72 applicants and, within 4 months, those 16 dropped down to 5 people.

Within 8 weeks 2 of my Apprenticeship Students had deals under contract. Within the first 16 weeks, the
remaining 5 students had purchased 4 apartment buildings. They even did partnership deals amongst
themselves. The 5th student had a deal under contract and in escrow by the end of the 4th month.

I take this group very seriously. I work hard with them…harder than I do with any other mentorship group. I bend
over backwards, negotiate the hell out of a deal, and help them close escrow.

For example, 1 apartment building I negotiated for my group sold 3 years ago for a whopping $5.2 million. It was a
bank-owned REO. It fell out of contract a few months before at $660,000. I ground the bank down to $220,000 for
the deal and 3 of my students went in on it together. I am an excellent negotiator and I do the negotiating on your
deals for you as part of this group!

        Remember, I’m Only Accepting 4 People into the Apprenticeship Program…AND THAT’S IT!

Since you are a member or VIP student, YOU MAY QUALIFY for this program. You’ll have the opportunity to
become one of only a chosen few from across the country who will have the privilege of learning from,
masterminding with, and being personally coached by yours truly.

All members that respond to this letter are going to go through an interview process so that I may decide one by
one who qualifies and who doesn’t. In short, the group will be hand-chosen. It has to be that way so that I can
ensure that I can have the best group of real estate investors possible participating in this program.

         Discover Why A MasterMind Group & An Apprenticeship are TRUE Secrets to Success…

My Apprentice Program incorporates the most powerful, state-of-the-art teaching and learning methods available
anywhere in the world today. While allowing you to tap into the power of “The Mastermind,” which is incredibly

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, made this discovery after years of studying the world’s wealthiest
and most successful people: “You need brains besides your own.”

Imagine you will never be alone. Never! You’ll never have to worry about getting “stuck” or feeling scared or not
knowing what to do next.

Because I’ll be by your side all the way.

Together, I’ll help you define your true goals in life. (Maybe making more money isn’t what will really make you
happy; maybe it’s having more free time, less stress, a 3-week vacation, tithing more to your church or other

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                               2011 Apprenticeship Program

causes close to your heart, etc.) We will work as a team to help you define and design a “life plan” while we
continuously “tweak” and improve every aspect of your personal and professional life, while working less than you
have in years!

If the world’s best and most successful athlete’s attributed much of their success to having a great coach,
shouldn’t you tap into this success “secret” and star working with your own coach to help you reach your business
and personal goals as well?

                                              But…Do You Qualify?

Not everyone qualifies. I go through a stringent screening process which is why I charge you an application fee
(which gets applied to your first month’s tuition). I don’t want any tire-kickers or time wasters.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

   •   You must have a minimum of $25,000 cash to participate in this program (unless you are local to one of my
       “prime” investing areas). I would prefer $50,000 or more but I can work with $25,000. This can be in the
       form of a loan or cash in the bank, as long as you have direct access to it.
   •   I would like to work with those that have a middle FICO of 650 or higher. Not all of our deals require credit.
       Some of the REO deals we do are 100% cash-out transactions. However, in the event that we want to get
       bank-direct funding, conventional loans, or a rehab/construction loan, decent credit does help. The better
       your credit, the stronger your chances of getting in the program. If you have a partner or spouse with
       strong credit, I can go along with that if you personally don’t have strong credit.
   •   If you don’t have good credit or cash to work with, sometimes I will take on someone with a strong “hustler”
       personality who isn’t lazy, will work to the bone, and wants this more than anything. However, you have to
       be in an area of the country that I am heavily investing. If you are in Texas (namely Dallas/Ft. Worth),
       Georgia (namely Atlanta or Macon areas), or Florida (especially the Gulf side) then you are in luck! I am
       looking for people to be “on the ground” for me in those areas. Of course, my “prime” areas expand and
       change all the time. If you want to know what my other areas are and if where you live now fits into what
       I’m looking for call my assistant Cindy at (661) 295-5050 and tell her where you live. She’ll tell you if that’s
       an area I’m farming for deals in…or not!

                                    "So, What's This All Going to Cost Me?"

What's it going to cost your future if you DON'T do this?

What will your life be like without assets or a net worth?

What will it "cost" you then?

I have come up with the best price structuring that I can reasonably do while giving you 100% of my time, effort,
and mentoring on a personal level!

I have wracked my brain to attempt to make this as affordable as possible for an ENTIRE YEAR of personal one-
on-one mentoring with me! Eight weeks costs about $797, which would be $4,782 for a year and you get NO help
from me with deals, NO personal partnership, NO conference calls, and only 1 60-minute phone call!

This is what I've been able to come up to make this as economical as possible and yet giving you full access to

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                               2011 Apprenticeship Program

                  2011 Apprenticeship Enrollment Fee                      $497      $697 / Month or
                                                                                    $6,970 Full Pay   $4,970
                  This is What You'll GET...

                   * Monthly Conference Calls with Other Apprenticeship Students
                   * 1 Hour Call (or Two 30-minute Calls Per Month)
                   * Help in Negotiating Deals/Calling Agents and Brokers for Information
                   * Direct Partnership in an LLC with Monica Main
                   * Access to Monthly Audio Seminars Special for the Apprenticeship Group
                   * Negotiation on LLC Take-Overs on Your Behalf
                   * Direct Cell Phone Access to Me
                   * Direct Partnership on REO Deals
                   * Access to Mr. X and My Personal Money Sources

I am very strict on who I will be letting into this Apprenticeship Program so if you think I'll take anyone
who is willing to pay the money (above)...


I have an application that you are REQUIRED to fill out and pay a non-refundable application fee for before I'll
consider you. The fee WILL be applied into your first monthly payment (or against your full payment) if you are
accepted into the program.

If you think you can make the cut, fill out the application and either fax or mail it back to me as soon as possible. I
will be selecting students for this program that will be starting in the next several weeks.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me personally at mm@monicamain.com.

See you at the top!

Your mentor and partner,

Monica Main

P.S. I seriously will only be selecting 4 Apprenticeship Program students. If you think I'm kidding, TRY ME! I
am very selective and will not allow tire-kickers, lazy people, or those who want to do nothing while I do all the
work. If that's you then please do not apply.

P.P.S. I figure that you'll be able to get at least 3 apartment buildings under your belt within the 12 months of this
Apprenticeship Program. That's my guesstimate based on how much time, effort, and energy I will be working
with you on your deals.

P.P.P.S. How powerful is it to have someone personally help you through deals and even negotiate for you? How
about having personal access to me via my personal cell phone? I would literally be your partner where we can do
deals side by side together!

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                                 2011 Apprenticeship Program

                                                                Step 1: Fill Out the Form Below Including the Q&A Portion!
                                                                Step 2: Mail or Fax Completed Application with $200 Payment to:
                                                                                          Global Success Strategies
                                                                                       25050 Avenue Kearny, Ste. 215
                                                                                             Valencia, CA 91355
                                                                                             Fax: (661) 295-5575
                                                                Step 3: You Will Get a 30 Minute Phone Interview Scheduled. Your Phone
                                                                Interview Notice Will Come By Phone or Letter.
                                                                Step 4: After the Interview, You Will Be Notified By Phone or Letter of Your
                                                                Acceptance or Denial Into the Apprenticeship Program!

                                                                  WARNING: Payment MUST Be Included (Check, Money Order or Credit
                                                                   Card) or Your Application Will Be Shredded Without Consideration!

   Apprenticeship Program with Monica Main

Monica is very selective about who she will be working with for the Apprenticeship Program. Her time is invaluable and she needs to take
precautions against wasting time with tire-kickers or with those who aren’t that serious about investing in residential-commercial real
estate. In order to be considered for the 12-month Apprenticeship Program, a fully filled-out Personality Profile Application with a non-
refundable fee of $200 is required to be considered for the program. Monica will closely scrutinize each application that is submitted and
will personally send a written response by U.S. Mail within 4 weeks of the receipt of your application about whether your application was
accepted or denied. If your application is denied, she will reveal why. If she needs more information or would like to set up a phone
interview with you before making a final decision, you will receive notice via email or by phone to set up the phone interview with her. The
Apprenticeship Program is not free. There will be a fee assessed for the program which is determined on a case-by-case basis depending
on many factors. In some cases the fee can be waived in the event that Monica believes it would be a viable option to partner in on one or
several lucrative real estate deals that would benefit both Monica and the applicant in the longer-term perspective.

Full Name:                                                                             Daytime Phone:

Address:                                                                               Apt / Ste:

City/State                                                                             Zip Code

Email Address:                                                                         Cell/Alternative Phone:

Payment Type:          Check               Money Order               Credit Card
Credit Card No:                                                                                             Expiration:

Billing Address (if different than above):                                                                  CID #:

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                             2011 Apprenticeship Program

  “I agree to pay the $200 application fee and understand that this fee is non-refundable.”


Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible:

   1)   What is your motivation for becoming a real estate investor?

   2)    Do you currently own any investment property? If so, please explain what you own and when you acquired your

   3)   What is your personal middle FICO score (approximately)?

   4)    Do you have any bankruptcies, judgments, liens, or foreclosures on your credit report? If so, please explain each
        and when they were placed on your credit.

   5)    Do you plan on investing where you currently live or elsewhere? If elsewhere, please explain where you plan on
        investing and why.

   6)    Are you open to doing equity partnerships with Monica Main that would require revealing personal details about
        your credit and finances to a bank or lender?

   7)   Do you have down payment money for property deals? If so, please indicate how much?

   8)   If partnering on a deal with Monica, what would you contribute within your equity share of the deal?

                                                                  www.MonicaMain.com                     Page 11
                         2011 Apprenticeship Program

9) If Monica were to select you for the program, what would be your level of commitment in how many hours a week
   you would devote to your real estate business?

10) If Monica wants to interview you before making her selection, at which number should she or her assistant use to
    set up the interview? What are the best days/times to reach you?

11) Monica will not tolerate working with lazy people who are not willing to pull their weight. This is not a program
    where Monica does all the work while you prop your feet up and do nothing. What things are you willing to do to
    help Monica HELP YOU with your real estate business?

12) Why should Monica select you for this opportunity?

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