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The Quickest Way To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking


									Really think about this for a moment...What if you could reduce some of the fear and
anxiety you feel each time you have to make a presentation?? How would that change
your life for the better? Would you have more confidence at work? Do you think
you'd earn more money? How would your social interactions with people improve?
 The truth is, you learn how to conquer fear of public speaking and I'm about to give
you a tip on how to do so. In just a moment, you'll discover the secret to squashing
your public speaking fears for good..
 You see, one of the biggest mistakes people often make when they speak in public is
they have the wrong purpose in mind.
 Let me explain...
 Whether you realize it or not, you probably unconsciously feel like your purpose in
speaking is to get everyone in the audience to approve of you. If you were to pay very
close attention to your behavior, you would see the truthfulness of this idea..
 In fact, I would go so far as to say the more you try and get your audience to approve
of you, the worse off you'll do. Sure, you want them to like you and react well to your
message but this need not be your main focus.
 Oftentimes speakers, when preparing their presentation, go back and change what
they wrote in fear of sounding "foolish" in front of the audience?
 Truth is, thinking this way isn't helping you a bit when it comes to overcoming
nervousness in public speaking. I think you know this already. It's not your fault
though, that's the way you were programmed.
 Each one of us has an internal need to feel accepted and we ALL do this.. There's
nothing inherently wrong with it at all. The good news is, now that we're aware of it,
we can begin to shift our focus towards our true purpose - which it to give something
useful to your audience.
 The truth about public speaking is no matter how good a job you do...Not everyone
of your audience members will agree with what you have to say.. In a large group
there always exists a diversity of opinions, judgements, and reactions. Some positive,
some negative.
 Therefore, simply keeping this fact in mind will do wonders in helping you
overcome your public speaking fears. Now that you know you don't have to impress
everybody, you can focus your energies on delivering something of value to your
 Would you like additional public speaking help to overcome your fears? If you'd like
to discover the secrets thousands of others just like you have already used to squash
their public speaking fears for good, visit Learn Public Speaking.

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