; The Pros and Cons - Hand Held 2D Barcode Scanner
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The Pros and Cons - Hand Held 2D Barcode Scanner


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									The hand held 2D bar code scanner has been around for quite some time and as the
years go by the sales of this product increases at an impressive rate. While the 2D
scanners hit the roof, the 1D scanner barely make an appearance on the sales book. So
you must be wondering now, what's the 2D bar code scanner all about right? Here are
some of its many benefits that would show you why it does so well in the market.
  The first and main advantage of this product is that it's the only scanner that can read
a 2D code which is important to have in times of today because as technology
advances, more and more items use the 2D bar code. A few examples of this 2D codes
are Data Matrix, Aztec, QR Code and Han Xin, they are widely used in various
industries which makes the 2D scanner a hit today. The reason why people prefer
using 2D over 1D bar codes is because within the same space, the 2D ones can
contain way more information than ever thought possible. It makes it easier for
product manufactures as it helps them advance in their business.
  Besides that, every hand held 2D bar code captures the image of the bar code using
an image sensor which makes it have the ability to read them omni-directionally. After
the scanner senses the image, it is then sent to the decoder program which is a special
software that is installed in the 2D scanner's firmware. From there on forth, the
scanner decodes the bar and the information is retrieved, there is no need to line the
scanner along with the position of the unique characters because the image sensor can
pick up the characteristics of the code image in any position. This greatly reduces the
user's energy level used because the user can hold the scanner in one position at all
times and not go through the trouble of lining it up with the various positions of the
bar codes on the items. In addition to that, this scanner has a high reliability rate
which gives users a worry free work environment since it's very rare for the scanner to
have a faulty part. The only moving part of this product is the trigger switch and even
that is as secure as ever, giving you a comfortable hold as well.
  While the 2D scanner has too many advantages, like all other products it also has its
downfalls. The biggest downfall of this item is that while it's amazing with technology
and advantages, nothing comes without a price. The 2D scanner is very costly because
it's constantly evolving and there's still room for improvement in every part of the
technology used to invent this item. It's definitely more expensive than the 1D scanner
but with all the added benefits and the role it plays in today's world, it can be
considered an investment and a commodity.
  In conclusion, the 2D scanner is quite a big jump from the 1D scanner with so many
advantages and improvements. However, although there is a disadvantage to it, it is
worth having because it makes everything simpler and can help your business since
eventually, everything will be coded in 2D. Find out more about 2D barcode scanner,
visit http://2dBarcodeScanner.net/

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