The Proceess To Renew Green Cards by djsgjg0045


									Process of Green Card Renewal:

One of the most important people for the one who wants to migrate in US is the Green
Card Lawyer. Why, maybe he is the answer to the biggest dream of immigrant. Green
card lawyer represent numerous concerns about legal residency in the US. In addition
to that is a greener pasture in the United States of America.

What is Green Card? It is important documents to an alien allowing to work and live
in the U.S. permanently even in any situations. Obtaining a green card has many odd
circumstances to face. There are different methods on how to process the application.
It depends on the person on which way suitable to the situation. Ironically, many of
these ways clustered into tiny classes in different obligations.

It is essential for having a lawyer. There are many ways having a visa, here are some
of it.

"   Being a family member of a U.S. citizen

"   By means of job or employment

"   Looking for asylum or refugee status

The applicant must be filling out the Form I-551 and I90 Form. Once completed the
application forms it must be sent to USCIS office alongside the necessary documents
and fees.

All renewal green card application has to include the necessary documents such as,
Permanent Residence Personal Identification document as well, State Driver's License
card or a valid passport. You may submit front and back of the photocopied

USCIS is the agency duly recognize by the U.S. government to process the
application for renewal of green card. All documents submitted to the agency will be
scrutinize carefully and request a personal interview when the application form I-551
is approve and it will be mail if the application is denied. USCISs will send a letter to
the affected party about the rejection of the application.

Groups of professionals help the applicants named Usafis, an application review
provider for the U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery Program. They accommodate all concerns
of the applicant regarding the said program.
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