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									Pre- Departure
Food and Hotel Asia 2010 - Singapore

31st March 2010

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    About FHA 2010
•   Asia’s Largest International Food & Hospitality Trade Event - encompassing food & drinks, hotel,
    restaurant, bakery & foodservice equipment, supplies & services
•   Unbeatable in Size 82,000 sqm
•   Strong participation from industry players – 2,800 exhibitors expected from 70 countries, 80%
    overseas representation
•   Truly an international showcase: In addition to Australia, pavilions/groups from Argentina,
    Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Dubai, France, Greece, Germany, India,
    Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka,
    Taiwan, Turkey, UK, USA
•   36,956 trade professionals from more than 90 countries / regions attended FHA2008, 37% from

    “The ASEAN Australia New Zealand FTA (AANZFTA) is now in operation for Singapore, Burma,
      Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam so there are more opportunities for you to
                                            sell in the region”
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                                                                            FHA 2010 Briefing       3
    About FHA 2010
General Information:
•    Opening Hours
      – 20 – 22 April: 1000 hours - 1800 hours
      – 23 April: 1000 hours – 1600 hours

•    Admission Policy
      – Open to business and trade visitors only
      – Free entry for visitors with pre-registration confirmation emails & visitors with invitation
      – Admission fee of SGD 80 (multiple entry) will apply for visitors without invitation ticket or
        pre-registration confirmation emails

•    Organised by: Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd
•    Australian Agent of the show: Export Solutions Pty Ltd
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                                                                               FHA 2010 Briefing        4
Venue: Singapore Expo

Where is it?
• Singapore Expo
  1 Expo Drive Singapore 486150
  Halls 2-9

• The largest purpose built exhibition
  and convention centre in Southeast

• Close to Changi International Airport
  (10-minute drive)

• 30 to 40 minutes drive from city
  centre by taxi

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                                          FHA 2010 Briefing   5
Venue: Singapore Expo

- Reaching there
   - MRT or Taxi recommended
   - Shuttle Service (Official Hotels) – details on

- Travelling by Train (MRT)
  Singapore Expo is served by its own station, Expo Station. This MRT
  station is located beside Hall 6 of Singapore Expo. Alight at Tanah Merah
  station (on the East West Line) and transfer to the train heading to Expo

- Travelling by Taxi
  Taxi stands are located at Foyer 1 (in front of Hall 1) and Foyer 2 (next to
  Hall 6).

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                                                             FHA 2010 Briefing   6
Singapore Expo: Overview Map

                         Expo Station

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                                        FHA 2010 Briefing   7
Australian National Pavilion @ FHA

                                     •Using Brand Australia
                                     •Australian National Pavilion –
                                     891 sqm
                                     (Hall 8, Food Asia)
                                     •Approximately 50 stands,
                                     over 120 Australian co.s
                                     •Australian Wine and Spirits
                                     Pavilion – 87 sqm
                                     (Hall 6, Wine & Spirits Asia)

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                                            FHA 2010 Briefing       8
Taking a closer look at the Australian National Pavilion in Hall 8

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                                                     FHA 2010 Briefing   9
It’s Show Time!- Hall 8 Plan - Food Section

   Australian National
   Pavilion-one of the
   largest national

   54sqm Australian
   Business Lounge

    Toilets located on
    both sides of Hall 8

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                                              FHA 2010 Briefing   10
It’s Show Time!- Hall 6 Plan – Wine & Spirits Section

     Australian Wine &
     Spirits Pavilion with
     Brand Australia

     Toilets located on
     side of Hall 6 near
     entrance and
     back end

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                                                    FHA 2010 Briefing   11
 Event Logistics

Checklist of important things to remember
  Online Technical Manuals? - If you haven’t already, place your orders NOW! (deadlines have
  passed, late entries may attract surcharges)

  Exhibitor Passes? – Make sure you have placed your order using the online technical manual

  Freight Arrangements? – best to work with the official freight forwarders (Agility, Schenker &
  Rogers Expo Services)

  Note - Latest arrival dates
  To ensure timely delivery of exhibits, customs-cleared to the exhibition site, the following
  latest arrival dates have been advised by the Show Organiser:
  Videotapes         :     2 April 2010
  Sea freight        :     5 – 9 April 2010
  Airfreight         :     9 – 14 April 2010 (Exhibits –general and dry food, dutiable alcoholic
                           15 April 2010 (Chilled, frozen produce & perishables)

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                                                                           FHA 2010 Briefing       12
 Event Logistics

Checklist of important things to remember

  Pre-show access - Build up of stands is from 16 to 18 April (0830 – 2200
  hours). Suggest exhibitors to do set up (interior dressing) on Monday, 19th
  April from 0830 – 1700 hours, when stand is completed.
  Check in first - Upon arrival at the exhibition site, exhibitors must check-
  in. Exhibitors’ Check-In Counter located @ Foyer 3 for Hall 6 to 9
  exhibitors. Exhibitor’s kit containing badges and exhibition programme
  awaits your collection at the counter. Austrade information packs will also
  be distributed at the Australian Business Lounge.
  Bring your freight consignment details with you, this will assist if you need
  to chase anything up in Singapore.

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                                                             FHA 2010 Briefing    13
Facilities @ Australian Business Lounge

• Australian Business Lounge: Open plan with 7 tables for
  business meetings

• Pantry: Drinking water, Coffee, Basic facilities (hot & cold
  water & refrigerator), preparation area

• Information Desk: Staffed by multi-lingual assistants for

• Storage: Very limited, so you will need to consider what you
  have on the stand and what you need to bring each day. Keep
  some items at the hotel to bring each morning – extra
  brochures or business cards

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                                                    FHA 2010 Briefing   14
Other Facilities @ Singapore Expo

On-site facilities
• Business Centre
   • Foyer 1 (near Hall 2), Level 1 (9:00am -6:00 pm daily)
   • Photocopying, faxing , equipment rental, postal services, etc.
   • Internet Access

• Food and Beverage Vendors
   • Restaurants along the front of exhibition halls
   • Cafeterias within the halls

• Seminar Rooms (near Foyer 1, Level 2)

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                                                           FHA 2010 Briefing   15
Austrade Support

• Development of ‘national’ branding for the Australian Pavilion
• Pre-show marketing campaign to local and regional buyers to
  promote the Australian Pavilion in Singapore and the region
• Development of an online & printed Australian Exhibitors’ Directory
• Recruit & lead buyer delegations from the region (details follow)
• Personalised business-matching programs (fee for service basis)
• Media relations – on shore and off shore (details follow)
• Organisation of key events & activities (details follow)

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                                                        FHA 2010 Briefing   16
Singapore and Regional Buyers

We’re bringing regional buyers for you to meet at the show.

  Austrader Buyer delegations- 11 BDMs from Asia will lead buyer
  delegations from their respective markets

   Offshore based Austraders from
       • ASEAN (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei,
       • North East Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea)
       • South Asia (Bangladesh & India)

  On-shore Austraders at the show
       • Austrade and TradeStart Export Advisers (from QLD, NSW, VIC, WA & SA)

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                                                                FHA 2010 Briefing   17

•   Austrade will promote market opportunities in Asia to the Australian media in the
    lead up to FHA 10.

•   Purnima Ganapathy (Ms), Senior Media Adviser from Austrade's Media Team in
    Sydney will be present at FHA 2010 to manage media relations. We are keen to
    have your participation in relevant publicity opportunities during the event. If you
    have any new information on your company or new products you plan to feature
    or launch at this year's event, please let us know in advance.

•   You can send through latest press releases or information regarding your previous
    export success to South East Asia (resulting from innovation, new business model,
    previous participation in FHA etc). Please send your press releases to

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                                                                     FHA 2010 Briefing     18
Key events around the show
                                                                      Not to
Important Dates and Events

     Business Opportunities Seminar for Australian Exhibitors - organised by
     Monday, 19 April 2010, 3.00pm – 5.00pm
     Venue: SR@6, Hall 6, Singapore Expo
     Cost: A$ 50
     Please register online at
     or call 13 28 78. RSVP by 10 April.

     Official Opening Ceremony of show, followed by Tour of the Australian
     Pavilion by Guest of Honour & Australian High Commissioner
     Tuesday, 20 April 2010, 9.00am to 12 noon (tbc)

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                                                              FHA 2010 Briefing   19
Key events around the show

Important Dates and Events

     Australia Now – the place to Invest – organised by Austrade
     Wednesday, 21 April 2010, 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
     Venue: Singapore Expo, Conference Hall B, Foyer 1, Level 2
     For potential investors from around the region

     Taste of Australia - Australian Business Networking Evening (Buffet Dinner)
     Wednesday, 21 April 2010, 6.15 pm to 9.30 pm
     Venue: Singapore Expo, Mezzanine Floor, Foyer 1, Level 2
     Pre-registration required. Please refer to Austrade Communication # 4 for
     details. RSVP by 9 April.
     Gold Sponsors:

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                                                              FHA 2010 Briefing    20
Venue of Australian Business Networking Dinner

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                                                 FHA 2010 Briefing   21
On the show floor

• “Over-the-counter” sales are not permitted at FHA
• Display exhibitor badge at all times
• Re-stock your display each night
• Security-be aware! Mobile phones, laptop computers, display
  products and even your leads maybe targeted by thieves
• If you are doing product sampling, ensure to have good
  amount of materials and accessories
• Remember, the AUSTRADE team is here to help!

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                                               FHA 2010 Briefing   22
Pack Down/Move Out

• Event Pack down commences at the conclusion of the exhibition.
  Exhibitors’ packing and move-out (hand-carry items) from 4:00pm to
  5.00pm on Friday, 23rd April

• Exhibitors should not pull down their displays prior to this

• N.B. power to fridges, etc will be switched off on Friday evening (4.00

• Be tidy, don’t block and paths and walkway

• Stand dismantling and heavy/large exhibits removal on Saturday,
  24th April from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm

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                                                             FHA 2010 Briefing   23
Key Austrade Contacts

             Key Contact at Post
             Project Manager: Rekha Isaac, Business Development Manager,
             Tel: +65 6418 8417; Mobile: +65 91777029

             Key Contact in Australia
             Project Manager: Darren Wilson- Export Advisor Austrade
             Tel: 07 33647710; Mobile: +61 438 621 961

             Key Contact- Regional Industry Team Leader
             Project Sponsor: Ross Bray-Senior Trade and Investment
             Tel: +63 (2) 7578 136; Mobile: +63 917 848 1961
             Email:            ASEAN NOW

                                                       FHA 2010 Briefing   24
Maximising your Participation
          at FHA 2010

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                           FHA 2010 Briefing   25
Maximizing the results of
the trade show

Trade Show Realities
• May not provide immediate results and might require participation over multiple
• Effective platform to test market/ get feedback and make more informed
• Works best as part of an overall plan

Project managing participation in an exhibition
•   Set a budget - and stick to it
•   Read the Exhibition Manual!
•   Staffing - minimum of two
•   Logistics - Forms , Freight, Insurance, Travel and Accommodation
•   Selecting promotional material
•   Arriving onsite – access and bearings
•   Arranging the booth
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                                                                 FHA 2010 Briefing   26

Strategy for the four days
• Take a walk! Check out your competition and get ideas from other exhibitors
• 'Dress to impress' on-site! Consider shirts, polos, caps or aprons with your
  company logo - this will not only look smart but provides an additional way to
  promote your company.
• Use the FHA web portal to research other exhibitors before you leave
• Let someone know if your leaving the stand to cover you in your absence
• Keep your “shop” in order- tidy and welcoming
• Plan your display before you leave to ensure maximum impact
• Bring double-sided tape or velcro (for heavier items) to secure posters and
  other marketing materials to walls.
• Bring plenty of stationery such as pens, staplers, staples, tape, etc - or
  purchase as soon as you arrive in Singapore

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                                                                     FHA 2010 Briefing   27
FOLLOW-UP all contacts promptly
•   Develop a Lead Capture System before the

•   Ensure your team knows the system

•   Assess leads each night before you leave

•   Ensure first contact is made within a week
    of the show
     • consider pre-written emails which can be
       sent immediately

•   Be cautious in signing a distributor
    agreement on the spot (unless you’ve
    done due diligence/background checks on
    your potential partner in advance).

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                                                  FHA 2010 Briefing   28
At show promotions

•   The importance of your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
•   Giveaways/Premiums (for the best leads) /Incentives (survey forms)
•   Business Cards– more business cards
•   Brochures-To hand out or not to hand out
     -Single decision maker vs committee
     -High/low match to target audience
• Create ways to make visitors STOP
• Managing student groups
• Body language

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                                                           FHA 2010 Briefing   29
Business card etiquette
Tips when exchanging business cards in Asia
•   Always bring enough cards for a business meeting (or networking event)!
•   Business cards should be given and accepted with both hands.
•   Stand when exchanging business cards.
•   It is expected that the cards will immediately be inspected and acknowledged, then
    placed on the table in front of the receiver for the duration of the meeting.
•   After the meeting, cards should be stored respectfully and should never be placed in a
    back pocket.
•   You should not write on a business card.
•   If you want to be taken seriously at a business meeting, you must have business cards.
    When you get them out, they should be in a card holder - not just taken out of your
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                                                                   FHA 2010 Briefing     30
Post show promotions

• Consider staying longer after the exhibition- be flexible to stay longer to
  visit contacts or distributors you are serious about

• Objective is to build up relationship with the contacts made at the show
        -Email from staffer who met the person same day if possible
        -Invitation to subscribe to your newsletter
       - Promote to attendees who were not able to reach your stand
        -Reminder about any trade show offer expiring

• Sales leads management
       - Ensure you follow up with key potential customers or agents, and always
         respond to their requests as soon as possible

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                                                                FHA 2010 Briefing   31
Visits to other markets in the region

• Austrade is offering tailored service packages for clients
  looking to conduct follow up market research work in
  Singapore and across ASEAN

• If your planning to travel the region, to meet with customers
  or potential customers then speak to us about:
    - Detailed market research work
    - Customer introductions
    - Business translation and Interpretation

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                                                   FHA 2010 Briefing   32
Some last thoughts
    For exhibiting

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                     FHA 2010 Briefing   33
Attracting, engaging and
managing visitors

Six deadly sins of tradeshow selling

1.   Tell instead of sell
2.   Trying to do too much
3.   Ignoring visitors’ wants
4.   Failing to respond to wants with benefits
5.   Spending too much time with visitors
6.   Failing to try to close the sale

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                                                 FHA 2010 Briefing   34
Attracting, engaging and
managing visitors

Things that annoy visitors most
•   Being ignored
•   Staff that don’t know the products
•   Eating in the exhibit
•   Being interrupted
•   Hands in pockets
•   Staff failing to allow visitors to move on
•   Excessive touching
•   Continuous throat clearing
•   Bad breath

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                                                 FHA 2010 Briefing   35
See you in Singapore!

               Now for questions
               and good luck with the show!

           Contact us:

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