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  Please complete and return this module choice form with your Part-Time Courses application to indicate which modules you
 would like to undertake in this academic year. This form will be forwarded to our fees department and your tuition fees will be
 calculated based on this information. You will receive instruction on how to pay your tuition fees once you have been accepted
onto the course, however please note if your fees are going to paid by your sponsor you will also need to complete and return a
 Sponsorship Form, see below for details. If we do not receive a completed form your fees will be set to cover the full cost the

              CIMA Programme and Modules                       CIMA              Semester 1               Fee       To select a
                                                              Module                or                                Module
                                                               Code              Semester 2                          Tick here

Certificate Level

Fundamentals of Management Accounting                           CO1               Year Long               £225

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting                            CO2               Year Long               £225

Fundamentals of Business Mathematics                            CO3               Year Long               £225

Fundamentals of Business Economics                              CO4               Year Long               £225

Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance & Business         CO5               Year Long               £225

Managerial Level

Management Accounting - Performance Evaluation                   P1               Year Long               £245

Management Accounting - Decision Management                      P2               Year Long               £245

Organisational Management and Information Technology             P4               Year Long               £245

Integrated Management                                           P5                Year Long               £245

Financial Accounting and Tax Principles                         P7                Year Long               £245

Financial Analysis                                              P8                Year Long               £245

Strategic Level

Management Accounting Risk and Control Strategy                 P3                Year Long               £280

Management Accounting Business Strategy                         P6                Year Long               £280

Management Accounting Financial Strategy                        P9                Year Long               £280

         All sections indicated by a * must be completed by the student to allow this form to be processed:

Full Student Name on Application *

University of Gloucestershire Student No.                                                              (if known)

Telephone number: Daytime/Mobile *
Telephone number: Home *

Email address

Signature *
 By signing and returning this form you are confirming you have read and accept the University's Tuition Fee Policy Terms and

Sponsored Students Fee Payment Information - Please note if your fees are to be paid by your Employer/Sponsor who
does not wish to settle fees on-line a Sponsorship Authorisation Form should be completed and returned. I am enclosing
Information for Sponsored Students and a Sponsorship Authorisation Form for your convenience. You will also be able to access
this at
Please ensure that the Sponsorship Authorisation Form is completed by both you and your sponsor and returned as soon as
possible to enable us to update your on-line enrolment record.

                             Please return this form to: The CIMA Courses Administrator, LCE020
              University of Gloucestershire Business School, Owen Building, The Park, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 2RH

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