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					There are plenty of trick taking card games, but the one that excels in tactics is
definitely Klaverjassen. The game went through some changes and now is one of the
most difficult games to fully comprehend, while at the same time it is one of the
easiest games to learn. But once you start playing Klaverjassen you will see that there
are tons of tips and tricks and mind blowing moves and tactics that you will discover
in time. All of those plus a team to play against make Klaverjassen a very thrilling and
interesting game. With that being said we will walk through some of the basics of this
popular card game. The game uses 32 cards, all four colors starting from 7 to the ace
as the highest card. The game usually consists of 16 rounds, which you will play
together with your partner against two other players; the goal is to collect more points
than the opposite team. You can score points in different ways, first of there is the
bidding. The player left of the dealer starts the bidding, the player that chooses a
trump and his team must take more than half of the available points to score anything,
if they fail to do that they will have a big zero on their sheet. The other team gets all
the points scored, and if the bidding team fails to get more than half of the points than
the other team will collect all of the points in that round. You can score points either
by taking tricks or by collecting bonus points. In every round there is a trump card
chosen by one of the players, taking the trump suite cards will score you more points
than other taking tricks in other suits. So the best idea would be to concentrate on
taking the trump cards that score points, but you can’t neglect other cards. Bonus
points are made by collecting a certain combination of cards. For an example if you
take four jacks in Klaverjassen you will score 200 bonus points, which is more than
the total number of points that can be scored in one round, so you need to pay
attention to bonus points. Klaverjassen offers plenty of interesting things, signaling is
one of the ways to win a game, but you will have to learn to signal through cards.
Plenty of tactics plays are there to learn, but once you start playing Klaverjassen you
fall in love with the game and learning becomes a need.
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