Kingdom Forex- Why Choose us as Your Forex Trading Broker

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					Kingdom Forex is a IBC based STP/ECN Forex Broker that offers the best spreads to
more than 100 countries already. Our Goal is Customer championship. Customers are
at the heart of our business and we never forget that. How do we make all of our
business decisions? Easy. We start with the customer and work backwards.
  Thus, every single client trading with Kingdom Forex has following crucial benefits:
  1.Talk to us any time 聽- If the world 鈥檚 markets are open, so are we. We 鈥檙 e
here to help 24 hours a day whenever the markets are open. So any time you are
trading you can always talk to our customer management team. One click to chat
online on our website 鈥? We're here to help.
  2.Your account manager 聽- As soon as your Live trading account is approved for
opening you 鈥檒 l be assigned a dedicated account manager for as long as you choose
our company to trade currencies. You 鈥檒 l get their direct email addresses, Skype Ids
and other contact details and they 鈥檒 l be available to help you get started trading
Traders Paradise.
  3.Safe and secure 聽鈥?/b> Kingdom Forex does not hold its clients 鈥?money and
never allows clients to deposit bank wire on Kingdom Forex 鈥檚 bank account. For
clients security we cooperate with the most reliable banks such as: Deutche Bank and
Forex Capital Market (FXCM) which offer trusted liquidity feeds for comfortable and
successful trading. We are constantly adding new Liquidity Providers 鈥?just to
provide traders best currency option ever with primary ability to choose their own raw
spreads 鈥?feeds coming directly from liquidity providers (LPs)/banks.
  4.Trade best conditions ever - We offer our clients unlimited demo trading or paper
trading on our platform. Live accounts allow our clients trade in conditions of
immediate trade executions, competitive Raw spreads -聽 as low as 0.3 pips (for
EURUSD), and a wide range of leverages. We constantly improve our services and
financial support conditions to build an outstanding Paradise for the Forex world.
  5.Free Trial - Open today and enjoy Free 30 Days Trial with Raw Spreads with no
commission On Real Account at Traders 鈥?Paradise!
  6.High-performance trading tool - Metatrader4 platform provided by Kingdom Forex
is also extremely popular in the automated or algorithmic trading arena, where
systematic traders can run existing Forex robots (or automated programs also known
as EAs or Expert Advisors) or develop their own. You can also use the demo version
of our platform to practice your forex skills with virtual money. Yes! At Kingdom
Forex EAs is ALLOWED!
  This tool contains a large number of functions necessary for analyzing current and
previously received quotes, and has built-in basic indicators and functions for
managing trade positions and controlling them.
  7.Hedge allowed - Currently, some brokers prohibit hedging with their platform due
to restrictions spreading by financial regulators. In order to 鈥渒 eep 鈥?Traders
Paradise clients are free to hedge their accounts where hold both long and short
positions of the same pair. It means that one can open trades in opposite direction at
the same time for the same financial instrument. There is no limit in hedged orders
opened at the same time.
  8.Open to anyone - You can see everything we have to offer, no strings attached. You
鈥檒 l find every product you can trade on our website 鈥?
And you 鈥檒 l get a fully featured version of our trading platform with our free demo
  9.No minimum deposit required - There is 鈥渘 o 鈥?minimum deposit required for
trading. Live trading at Kingdom Forex starts at as low as 1$ deposit. This gives the
beginners possibility to touch the real Forex market and professional traders may test
their new systems on real accounts without significant financial costs.
  10.Flexible Partnership Opportunities - Kingdom Forex offers Introduced Broker (IB)
and White Label (WL) programs for individuals and or organizations to become our
  Introduced Brokers:
  Individuals and organizations that has (or has the means to obtain) the proper
contacts can become a successful Introducing Broker; it 鈥檚 a great opportunity for
them to receive compensation (commissions or rebates) for introducing their
customers or contacts to the Forex market.
  If you are interested in this program please visit fill out the IB application form
[] and start earning today!
  White Label:
  Establish your brand in the Forex Brokerage industry. Our Forex White Label
program is for qualified individuals and institutions that want to establish a brand
name and a presence in the Forex industry. As a white label partner, you will be
provided with a platform (MT4) with your brand or logo as well as content for your
website. You will also enjoy our powerful technology, no dealing desk, full service
back office support, and other administrative and support functions.
  If you are interested in this program please visit fill out the WL application form
[] and start earning today!
  Asset Management:
  Kingdom Forex & Futures LLC offers access to a Managed Account program. It is
the goal of the managed account program to provide investors the ability to participate
in the largest financial market in the world and increase the overall diversification of
their portfolios. It is designed for two types of investors:
  1. Forex investors who do not have the time, experience or desire to trade the daily
intensity of the market.
  2. Traditional investors who have been disappointed in the stock market and prefer to
have their risk capital managed in an alternative investment.
  The managed account program offers investors the following benefits:
  * Asset diversification. * Proprietary trading system exclusive to managed accounts
only. * Disciplined trading using a low leverage philosophy. * An alternative to
instruments like bonds and money market accounts. * Real-time account management
with daily and monthly reporting. * Liquidity of assets - account withdrawals can be
made quickly.
  11.Kingdom Forex debit card 鈥?/b> Instant withdrawal/funding has become a
priority for current Forex service providing entities. Kingdom Forex is following the
time beat and introduces Kingdom Forex Debit Card. This simple key is empowered
to allow you fund and/or financial withdraw resources from your Live account. This
can be done at any time of the day when the Banks and other Financial institutions
sleep. Kingdom Forex Debit Card is free 鈥?just apply for it on our website
鈥? 鈥?and enjoy real financial freedom with Kingdom
 We are a successful Metatrader 4 Broker, and strongly reliable forex trading
company, we are continuously innovating and improving our products and services
and if you seek cutting-edge solutions, then enjoy our team!