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					Basic Control Circuits                                                       WVEIS Code 1601
This course will introduce students to basic electricity fundamentals, including all related math
calculations required. Ohm’s law, various circuits, reading schematic diagrams, and
troubleshooting electrical circuits will be covered.

Standard 1: Troubleshoot, test, and repair or replace electrical components. (1601.S.1)

Troubleshoot, Test, And Repair Or Replace Electrical Components Objectives
Students will:
1601.1.1 Troubleshoot electrical faults on series and parallel circuit and calculate unknown values.
1601.1.2 Measure resistance of open and hermetic motor windings.
1601.1.3 Test and replace split phase motors (PSC, RSIR, CSCR, CSIR, and Shaded Pole).
1601.1.4 Test and install motor starting relays (Current, hot wire, potential, solid state).
1601.1.5 Test and replace capacitor (start and run).
1601.1.6 Test and replace contactors, switching relays, overload protectors, transformers and
          resistance heaters.
1601.1.7 Inspect, replace and repair switches, male and female plugs.
1601.1.8 Identify types of thermostats, test, install and adjust heat anticipators.

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