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									                           GOVERNMENT OF INDIA

                      DBT CREST AWARD: 2010-11
    (Cutting-edge Research Enhancement and Scientific Training award)

Department of Biotechnology announces the DBT CREST AWARD (The
Department of Biotechnology – Cutting-edge Research Enhancement and
Scientific Training- Award) formerly known as Biotechnology Overseas
Associateship (BTOA) programme.

Biotechnology Overseas Associateship (BTOA) programme has been revised as
“DBT CREST AWARD” which aims to promote capacity building in cutting edge
areas of biotechnology and lifesciences. The Award will promote and support
scientists of highest merit in their pursuit of skill enhancement in scientific

Applications are invited for the award of DBT-CREST (2010-2011) for the period of
one to twelve months. Broad research areas include (i) agricultural and plant
biotechnology; (ii) medical biotechnology; (iii) animal biotechnology; (iv) animal
health; (v) marine biotechnology; (vi) Bioenergy; (vii) food, feed and nutrition; (viii)
environmental biotechnology (ix) industrial biotechnology, (x) bioengineering and
biodesign;(xi) biochemical engineering; (xii) stem cell research; (xiii) basic
research in modern biology (xiv) nano-biotechnology ; (xv) bioinformatics and IT-
enabled biotechnology; (xvi) intellectual property and patent law.

Applications containing proposed work in any other promising / upcoming areas
related to life science and biotechnology can also be considered

Eligibility Criteria

   (i)     Applicants should hold a Ph. D degree or equivalent degree in the area
           of life sciences or biotechnology/biopharmaceuticals or M.D. in medicine
           with good research contribution or M. Pharma or M.Tech. with 3 years
           research experience.
           They should hold regular/ permanent positions in Government
           recognized research and academic institutions / universities and should
           be actively engaged in biotechnology or related R&D work.
           Applications from persons working on temporary positions (e.g.
           Research fellows or associates etc) will not be considered.

   (ii)    Age: Up to 55 years (as on 10th December, 2010)

   (iii)   Proposed area of work should be among the above mentioned areas or
           related to life science or biotechnology field in general.

   (iv)   Host institute should be internationally recognized academic/research
          institution and should be willing to accept and extend necessary support
          to candidate for the proposed research work. [Consent letter to be

Details of the DBT CREST Award:

             Duration:     From one month up to one year (not extendable).

             Funding Support:
              (a) Stipend of US $ 3000/- per month or its equivalent in the
              country of study;
              (b)Preparatory allowance of Rs. 1,00,000/- (one time) for duration
              of more than six months or Rs. 50,000/- for duration less than six
              (c) Air travel grant (one time) to and from the location of parent
              institute in economy class by the shortest route for joining the
              overseas host laboratory and back.

             Other Benefits:
              The Selected candidates may receive the payment of salary and
              continuance of other service benefits by the institutions to which they
              belong. However, no liability on any of this account will be borne by

             Service Bond:
              Selected candidates shall be required to execute a Service Bond to
              serve in India after their return for a period of three years.

             Terms and conditions:
              Detailed terms and conditions binding to the Awardee are available
              on DBT website and it is urged that the applicant should go through
              the terms and conditions carefully before applying

Procedure for Application:
Application form for DBT CREST AWARD should be sent in the prescribed format.
A single copy of neatly typed application required to be submitted through proper
channel (forwarded through head of the institution). Details of the award:
application format, terms and conditions and copy of bond are available at the
Application complete in all respects should be submitted to the Programme
Officer, DBT CREST AWARDS (2010-11), International Cooperation Division (IC-
I), Kind Attn: Dr. S.Kalia, Scientist ‘C’, Department of Biotechnology, 6th Floor,
Block-2, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003.
Submission deadline: 10th December, 2010.


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