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					An Attractive Region
 Right between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sierra you will find Galicia,
Asturia and Cantabria. Santiago de Compostela represents the main attraction of the
region, but this is not the only reason why you should visit this part of Spain. The
cave paintings, the medieval churches, and the delicious food based on seafood, they
all form the north west of Spain. After you visit this part of the country, an image will
remain imprinted on your mind: a clam shell. They are everywhere: on the plates, on
the boards that indicate you the direction towards the most important pilgrimage place
in Spain; Santiago de Compostela. Santiago means 鈥漇 aint Jacob,鈥?and the
pilgrims who visit the altar adopted the clam shell as their symbol.
 Changes in Time
 For many pilgrims from the past, a big part of this region was inaccessible because
of a spectacular mountain chain. This mountain chain, the Cordillera Cantabrica, is
now the reason why so many tourists choose the north west of Spain as their holiday
destination - the landscapes are simply breathtaking. You will also be amazed by the
picturesque apple orchards, by the green valleys and by the delicious cuisine that is
making a rapid progress. The cider, not the wine, is the popular drink and the cheese
offesr contain a lot of forms and flavors.
 Places to Visit
 A Coruna (or La Coruna), was the capital of Galicia. The 鈥漜 rystal city 鈥?is
worth visiting for its monuments. Plaza de Maria Pita, with its arcades, was named
after a local heroine who saved the city from an English invasion in 1589. A side of
the square is dominated by Palacio Municipal, a building that also hosts a small
Clocks 鈥?Museum. Santiago de Compostela is the jewel of the region. Santiago de
Compostela has attracted pilgrims from all the corners of Europe for over a millenium
now. The city is famous for its churches and monasteries; the Cathedral rises between
four different squares, and the Gelmirez Palace, the former metropolitan palace, is
now a space designated to exhibitions. Santiago de Compostela has a lot more to offer:
the San Paio de Antealtares Monastery, the Museo de Arte Sacro (the Saint Arts
Museum), and the Museo de las Peregrinaciones (the Pilgrims 鈥?Museum). The
region is absolutely charming, so if you want to visit Spain, consider going in the
north west of the country. It will be a pleasant experience that will make your holiday
a very relaxing one.
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