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					National Development and Reform Commission announced on the 11th, 2009 West
started 18 new key projects, plans a total investment reached 468.9 billion yuan.
Whether the number of key projects, production projects, or total investment, and the
Western Development decade than in any year, is the largest of the year.

 Started 18 new key projects For further western development, and actively expand
domestic demand and promote steady and rapid development of the western region,
the national plan in 2009 started developing the western region of 18 new key projects,
total investment is 468.9 billion yuan. 18 new major projects are: (1) Chengdu to
Lanzhou Railway, (2) Chongqing-Guiyang Railway, (3) from Kunming to Nanning
Railway, (4) Canton Railway links to Dali, (5) Lijiang to Shangri-La railway (6) Xi'an
to Baoji passenger line, (7) Lanzhou-Urumqi railway additional second line, (8) Xi'an
to Ankang railway additional second line (9) to Nanchong Expressway Guangyuan,
(10) Xiamen-Chengdu Expressway dam to Naxi paragraph, (11) An Kangzhi Han in
Shaanxi Highway, (12) Luding Dadu River in Sichuan, Yunnan Lancang River Bridge
power station results, (13) Guangxi fish beams, the old port shipping hub, (14)
Sichuan Jialing Tingzikou Dam, (15) Chengdu Shuangliu Airport expansion, (16)
Xian Xianyang Airport expansion, (17) Western Extension Airport, (18) without
electrical power construction areas.

 It is understood that the State Development and Reform Commission earlier this year
in June, has begun to collect to the public involved in the next decade, the overall
western development thinking, the main objective, key tasks and policy measures for
research. These key projects under construction, on implementing the western
development strategy, promoting the economic and social development in the western
region to improve production and living conditions of the masses played an important

 Central investment to the western slope

1999, China promulgated the western development strategy, trying to curb the further
expansion of the gap between east and west. The western development strategy
involves Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai,
Ningxia, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, 12 provinces and autonomous regions.
Decades, the rapid rise of the western region, GDP average annual growth rate of
11.42%, compared the national average by almost two percentage points, is the new
China was founded six years the fastest-growing decade.

 Not only that, previously published information Development and Reform
Commission show that over the past five years, the central focus of the project over
the years invested in the funds in the western scale, from less than 200 billion yuan
per year, rapid increase of 436.1 billion yuan in 2008. Central investment and
environmental protection efforts are accelerating.
 Has completed investments in nine years, the state has arranged for the development
of new major projects in the western region of 102, total investment of more than
17,400 billion. At the present rate of progress, about "maturity" of the western
development policy in the present, the state key projects in the western central total
investment will be more than 2 trillion.

  In Western China Development Institute, the Secretary-General Wang HP seems
tilted in the central western efforts to speed investment in the same time, new and old
western development policy as the turn of the transition phase, policy development
and the future worth looking forward to more.

 Concentration of private investment to the west

Investment in infrastructure has always given people a long time, effective slow,
difficult to attract private investment impression. The Chinese Academy of Social
Sciences Western Development Research Center Wei Houkai said that since 1999 the
central authorities put forward the western development strategy for decades, the west
to attract private capital and foreign capital gradually the strong.

 Wei Houkai example, in 2000, Zhejiang in the west more than 20 million total
investment, this figure doubled to 15 times in 2006. In 2006, the "private investment
towards the west" has become a trend. This is mainly because in the western region
input-output efficiency steadily. Data show that in 1999, the economic indicators of
industrial west most lower than the national average. By 2008, industrial enterprises
above designated size in the western region the average contribution rate of the total
assets reached 13.8%, 0.5 percentage points more than the eastern region; industry
cost margin reached 10.4%, respectively, than the national and eastern regional
average of 2.6 and 5.4 percentage points.
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