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Key To Dark Tans - Sun Labs Dark Sunsation


									Tanning has gained so much popularity these days that you will not be able to spot
almost anyone without a tan. Some of these are natural and some not. Natural tans
result from the heat and rays of the sun. The synthetic tans come from various sources
like tanning machines that use light bulbs and tanning sprays and lotions. Of these,
sun tanning and tanning with UV light bulbs have been proved to have harmful effects
on the skin. Self tanning products are therefore the best way to get tans. Today, dark
bronze tans are sported by celebrities and other famous people. To get a dark tan, one
of the best products that can be used is the Sun Labs Dark Sunsation.
  Dark Tanning Solution
  The darker the tan the more attractive it makes you looks. There are many dark
tanners available in the market. The Sun Labs Dark Sunsation is one of the best
among them. The product is the top ranked in the Sun Labs spray tan products line. It
is a mixture of many natural ingredients and oils and is ideal for self tanning indoors.
It is a wear to bed lotion. This means that the lotion has to be smeared over the parts
of the body where the person wants the tan just before bed time. In the morning, the
person would wake up to a beautiful dark tan. The product is sold with a built in color
guide. This Sun Labs lotion contains the product Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that is
harmless on the skin. It only causes a reaction on the amino acids in the dead skin
cells to make the skin change color. It is not a dye or paint. The product is known to
give a rich color and lasts for a few days.
  Sun Labs sprays and lotions are both good to get an even and smooth tan. The
products offered are available in all varieties ranging from light to dark tans. The
products are also available in various quantities and at bargain prices.
  Dark Is In
  Always on the news and entertainment channels on television, famous personalities
like models, movie and TV stars, music stars and other celebrities can all be seen
sporting a beautiful dark tan. The darker the tan the more trendy it is. These tans are
not real or caused by the sun. They are fake tans that can be sprayed on by anyone.
Some tans can be washed off while bathing while others last up to ten days. Dark
being the official tanning preference, companies are coming out with innovative
products that give darker and more effective tans.
  Sun Labs spray tan solution is most ideal for sunless tan. Products like Sun Labs
Dark Sunsation spray and lotion are for people who are interested in getting a
celebrity style tan without incurring much cost. These tanning products are cheap and
effective and can be used by anyone at home. It even saves the cost of going to a
salon to get the tan.

 The new dark tans can be obtained with Sun Labs Dark Sunsation which is available
at The site not only sells these lotions to individuals but also
to salon owners.

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