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									                                                    State of Washington
                                                Current Contract Information
                                                       Revision Date: March 10, 2010

             Contract number: 11305                                                           Commodity code: various
                   Contract title: Industrial Supplies and Equipment – Grainger Entire Catalog
                          Purpose: Administrative Change updated Contract Specialist Information only.
    Current contract period: 11/30/2009                    through:        11/30/2010                  Maximum term:              11/30/10
                    EXTENSION This contract is extended to April 30, 2011.
       Contract Designation : This contract is designated as convenience use.
   SCOPE OF CONTRACT Discount off Grainger’s entire catalog including fixed pricing for 740 of the most
                             commonly requested MRO items of the following categories: Adhesives, Sealants and
                             Tape • Motors & Power Transmission •Cleaning & Painting • Outdoor Equipment •
                             Electrical • Pneumatics & Hydraulics • Heating, Ventilation, Air
                             Conditioning/Refrigeration • Pumps & Plumbing • Lighting • Safety & Security •
                             Material Handling and Storage • Tools & Test Equipment • Metal Working, Welding &
        Mercury Reduction State law requires agencies give priority and preference to the purchase of products that
     (Chapter 70.95M RCW) contain no mercury-added compounds or components. Grainger is committed to
                             identifying those products that contain mercury. This information can be found in the
                             Grainger catalog description field. In such cases, purchasers must comply with section
                             6.17 of the Washington Purchasing Manual the total.
                 For use by: General use: All State Agencies, Political Subdivisions of Washington, Qualified Non-
                             profit Corporations, Materials Management Center, Participating Institutions of Higher
                             Education (College and Universities, Community and Technical Colleges).
                                                                        Contractor Jack Folger
                Contractor: Grainger                                Administrator: Cell: (253) 241-9696
                                                                                      Fax: (253) 922-7827
                   Address: 2260 Mottman Road SW                            Email:
                             Tumwater WA 98512

                             Phone: 360-252-3040                                                       Fax: 360-326-1769
             OSP Supplier No.: W5933                                                       Fed. I.D. No.: 361150280
                  Online catalog:                                          Website

 This page contains key contract features; find detailed contract information on following pages. For more information or if you have
        any questions please contact your local agency Purchasing Office or you may contact the Office of State Procurement.

        Visit the Office of State Procurement’s Internet site:

Washington State Department of General Administration Office of State Procurement, PO Box 41017, Olympia, WA 98504-1017
The State of Washington is an equal opportunity employer. To request this information in alternative formats call (360) 902-7400, or TDD (360) 664-3799.
Current Contract Information                                                                 Contract No. 11305

Office of State Procurement Contacts:

Contracts Specialist:         David Scott                  Alternate Contact:                Christine Schoepfer
Phone Number:                 (360) 902-7416               Phone Number:                     (360) 902-7193
Fax Number:                   (360) 586-2426               Fax Number:                       (360) 586-2426
Email:                        dscott@GA.WA.GOV             Email:                  

          Products/Services Complete Grainger Catalog, general hardware supplies and equipment, industrial
                 available: supplies and equipment, janitorial supplies and equipment, and lamps and
                            lighting equipment, motors, electrical, tools, test instruments, pneumatics,
                            cleaning and painting, material handling, safety, security, metalworking, pumps
                            & plumbing, and HVAC. Also includes Grainger Parts and Grainger Sourcing
                            (Find MRO).
              Term worth: $8,579,355.00/1-year
                                $0.00 MBE            $0.00 WBE         $8,579,355.00 OTHER      $0.00 EXEMPT
     Current participation: MBE 0%                  WBE 0%         OTHER 100%            EXEMPT 0%
On December 1, 2005 the WSCA Industrial Supplies & Equipment multi-state contract 7066 was awarded to
Grainger Inc. , WSCA state contract no. 11305 with Grainger Industrial Supply became effective. This contract
allows state agencies, participating Institutions of Higher Education and members of the Washington State
Purchasing Cooperative (WSPC) to discounts on all items in the Grainger catalog.

I.     Ordering Process: Submit Order directly to Contractor for processing. Political Subdivisions: Submit
       orders directly to Contractor referencing State of Washington contract number. If you are unsure of your
       status in the State Purchasing Cooperative call (360) 902-7415.

II.    Authorized Purchasers: Only authorized purchasers included in the State of Washington Purchasing
       Cooperative (WSPC) listings published and updated periodically by OSP may purchase from this
       contract. It is the contractor’s responsibility to verify membership of these organizations prior to
       processing orders received under this contract. A list of Washington members is available on the Internet; contractor shall not process state contract orders from
       unauthorized users.

III.   Contract Terms: This document includes by reference all terms and conditions published in the original
       WSCA agreement, including Standard Terms and Conditions, and Definitions, included in the
       Competitive Procurement Standards published by OSP (as Amended).


1. Administrative Update to update Contract Specialist information only.
2. Contract extension for 12 months through 11/30/2009
3. Contract extension for 12 months through 11/30/2010.

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Current Contract Information                                                                       Contract No. 11305

                                       SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

                                  WASHINGTON PARTICIPATING ADDENDUM
                                  WESTERN STATES CONTRACTING ALLIANCE
                                    GRAINGER MASTER PRICE AGREEMENT
                                     INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT,
                                   JANITORIAL SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT, and
                                         LAMPS & LIGHT FIXTURES
                                              WSCA IFB # 7066

This Participating Addendum (this "Addendum") is between the State of Washington, acting by and through its
Department of General Administration Office of State Procurement, and Grainger ("Contractor"). This Addendum shall
become effective on the date when all parties have executed this Addendum and all necessary approvals are in place.


WHEREAS, the Nevada State Purchasing Authority, acting as the Lead State, processed a Western States Contracting
Alliance Multi-State competitive solicitation to award a ―Convenience‖ contract for the purchase of Industrial Supplies &
Equipment, Janitorial Supplies & Equipment, and Lamps & Light Fixtures; and

WHEREAS, Contractor submitted a successful proposal to sell Industrial Supplies & Equipment, Janitorial Supplies &
Equipment, and Lamps & Light Fixtures, and

WHEREAS, the State of Washington and other authorized WSPC members wish to purchase goods from Contractor, and
Contractor wishes to sell the same.

Now, therefore, in consideration of the foregoing, mutual terms and conditions contained herein and other good and
valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is acknowledged by both parties, the parties agree as follows:

1. Definitions. The following terms shall have the meanings set forth below. In addition to the terms defined below, the
terms defined in the State of Nevada Convenience Price Agreement and the terms defined as Washington State Standard
Definitions (revised 6/02/03) attached herein as Exhibit I, shall have the meaning set forth therein, and such definitions are
hereby incorporated into this Addendum by this reference.

―WSCA‖ means the Western States Contracting Alliance.

"STATE" means the State of Washington, acting by and through its Department of General Administration Office of State
Procurement Services.

―OSP‖, means the Office of State Procurement, State of Washington, Department of General Administration.

"WSPC" means the Washington State Purchasing Cooperative, whose members include where applicable: Washington
State agencies, Political subdivisions of the State of Washington, Qualified Non-profit Corporations, Institutions of Higher
Education (e.g. Colleges and Universities, Community and Technical Colleges) who choose not to purchase independently
under RCW 23.B.10.029.

―PRICE AGREEMENT‖ means the Master Price Agreement No. 7066, between Contractor and the WSCA (via the Lead
State – Nevada), which sets forth general terms and conditions for purchase by Authorized Purchasers of the goods and
services described therein.

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Current Contract Information                                                                       Contract No. 11305

―AUTHORIZED PURCHASER and PURCHASER‖ means an agency of the State of Washington or any authorized
WSPC member that submits a Purchase Order to Contractor.

―PURCHASE ORDER‖ means the purchase order document or agency field order submitted to Contractor by an
Authorized Purchasers which specifies the quantity and type of goods or services that Contractor will provide to the
Authorized Purchaser under the terms of the Price Agreement and this Addendum.

2. Terms of the Agreement. The terms and conditions of the Price Agreement are hereby incorporated by this reference
into and made a part of this Addendum. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of this Addendum and
the terms and conditions of the Price Agreement, the terms and conditions of this Addendum, together with its Exhibits,
shall take precedence.

3. Entire Agreement. The terms and conditions of this Addendum, along with its Exhibits, and the terms and conditions
of the Price Agreement, together with its Exhibits, set forth the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject
matter hereof.

4. Changes to Agreement. State reserves the right at any time to select or deselect product catalogues awarded in the
Price Agreement. Contractor to modify their available product selections to Purchaser as advised by the state. Terms and
conditions inconsistent with, contrary to or in addition to the terms and conditions of this Addendum and the Price
Agreement, together with their Exhibits, shall not be modified by any subsequent Purchase Order or otherwise by other
means, and any such attempts to modify such terms and conditions shall have no effect, whatsoever, unless the
modification is made according to the terms of the Price Agreement or this Addendum.

5. Addendum. The terms of this Addendum shall not be waived, altered, modified, supplemented or amended in any
manner whatsoever except by a written agreement signed by State and Contractor and approved by all necessary parties.

6. Purchase Orders. Authorized Purchasers may purchase goods and services under the Price Agreement and this
Addendum by submitting a Purchase Order to Contractor for any of the goods or services specified. Contractor shall
receive orders via phone, fax, on-line or in person at no additional costs. Contractor shall accept electronic funds transfer,
check, Purchase Card (P-Card) for payment without any additional cost.

7. Purchasing Restrictions. Notwithstanding the previous Section 3, only Authorized Purchasers may purchase from
this contract. Contractor shall not process purchase orders from unauthorized purchaser under this Agreement. It is the
contractor’s responsibility to verify purchaser’s status prior to processing orders received under this contract. OSP
publishes and updates periodically a list of Authorized Purchasers included in the State of Washington Purchasing
Cooperative      (WSPC).          A    list   of     Washington     members       is   available    on     the    Internet
Contractor shall clearly communicate at the point of sale to the Purchaser that the Contractor will not accept a Purchase
Order nor sell under this Agreement any item not covered by the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) Price
Agreement. Items not included in the WSCA Price Agreement shall be sold separately and not be included on the
Purchase Order.

8. Liability of Purchase Order. Contractor, by executing this Addendum, acknowledges and agrees that the State of
Washington shall only be liable for purchases made by State of Washington agencies that issue Purchase Orders to the
Contractor that incorporate this Addendum and the Price Agreement, and that other Purchasers shall be responsible for any
purchase they make under a Purchase Order issued by them. The State of Washington expressly disclaims any liability for
any purchase made under a Purchase Order issued by other Purchasers, or any other entity.

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Current Contract Information                                                                      Contract No. 11305

Contractor agrees to look solely to the Authorized Purchaser for payments related to Purchase Orders issued by that
Authorized Purchaser, and for any other rights and remedies Contractor may have at law or in equity arising out of the sale
and purchase of Contractor’s goods or services and the resulting contractual relationship, if any, with each such Authorized
Purchaser. Further, Contractor acknowledges and agrees that Authorized Purchasers shall be entitled to the same
warranties, rights, remedies and benefits that the State has required under the Price Agreement and this Addendum for any
purchases made by such Authorized Purchasers pursuant to Purchase Orders.

9. Warranties. All goods provided to Authorized Purchasers by Contractor shall be free and clear of any liens or
encumbrances and shall be new, unless otherwise provided in the Price Agreement. All goods provided to Authorized
Purchasers by Contractor that are not new shall perform and be subject to all warranties as if new. Contractor warrants all
goods delivered to be free from defects in labor, material and manufacture and to be in compliance with the specifications
set out in the Price Agreement. All implied warranty provisions of the UCC are hereby incorporated by reference.

Further, Contractor represents and warrants to State that Contractor has the power and authority to enter into and perform
this Addendum and that this Addendum, when executed and delivered, shall be a valid and binding obligation of
Contractor enforceable in accordance with its terms.

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Current Contract Information                                                                        Contract No. 11305
                                          FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything in the Grainger’s catalog on state contract?
Yes, everything in the Grainger’s Industrial Supply catalog is on state contract. At a minimum every item is 10% off of
catalog ―each‖ price and many items have much deeper discounts. See the page with all the discounts. Grainger Parts and
Grainger sourcing (Find MRO) are also covered under the contract.
Are there any restrictions to buying from Grainger?
The State of Washington may have dual contract coverage or may have additional purchasing restrictions for some of the
items found in the Grainger’s catalog. State purchasers need to conduct their purchases as required by state law,
purchasing regulations and policies, and follow procurement requirements of the General Authorities, state contracts, and
agency policies and procedures.
What should I do before I purchase from Grainger?
State purchasers are reminded to first check with the Office of State Procurement at their web site for other state contracts
with other vendors that may have similar items found in the Grainger’s catalog.
What if I find an item both in Grainger’s catalog and on state contract with another vender?
Some examples: an item is found in the Grainger’s catalog and is available on a mandatory state contract; the state
purchaser buys from the mandatory contract; and on a convenience state contract purchaser can choose based on the best
purchasing practices. A few examples of state contract with similar items available: Lamps & Ballast #00802 is a
convenience contract, Electrical Supplies, #07400 is a mandatory contract, Air Filter, #09903 Plumbing Supplies, #03104
is a convenience contract, Plumbing Repair & Parts, #02805 is a mandatory contract, Door Hardware, # 08601 is a
convenience contract.
Correctional Industry ―Mandatory Use‖ Contracts

Contract Number                                                            Title

14393                       Furniture: Office, Classroom, Institutional, Lounge, Ergonomic Seating, Panel Systems, As Is
                            and Buy-Back/Trade-in Furniture, Remanufacturing Office Systems Furniture, Network
                            Support (LAN), Cell Furnishing, Classroom Furnishings, Custom Furniture, Office Accessories
                            and warehousing services.

10103                       Correctional Industries Umbrella Contract

12303                       Eye Glasses, Contact Lenses & Frames

06705                       Boxes, Tubes Warehouse Shipping/Storage Boxes

09205                       Binders and File Folders

Do I have to buy from Grainger?
The Grainger state contract is a convenience designated contract. A convenience contract is established to facilitate
ordering without conducting repetitive solicitations. Purchasers have the option to purchase elsewhere.

Do I have to sign any other paperwork to use this contract?

State agencies and Political Sub-divisions that use this contract do not have to sign any other paperwork to use this

Grainger Order Policy

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Current Contract Information                                                                      Contract No. 11305
Grainger Order Policy
How do I place an order?            On-line, Phone (call local branch or 1-800-743-3924), fax to
                                    your local Grainger branch or Will-Call. When placing an order, caller identifies
                                    they are purchasing off the OSP contract with Grainger.
How is Grainger’s customer          Automatically coded thru whole system. Codes are set by Grainger’s Government
account coded for the pricing?      Sales Manager. Grainger audits accounts every 90 days. Prices on Grainger’s web
                                    site are reflected only after users register on with their Grainger account number
                                    online. After registration is confirmed pricing can take up to 48 hours to view state
                                    contract pricing. Thereafter pricing will be reflected daily.
Do all customers get the same       All prices are the same to all customers using the WSCA, although Grainger can
price no matter the quantity?       offer better pricing for large quantity orders.
How do I determine my pricing?      Your customer-specific pricing is automatically applied to orders.
Do you offer any special pricing    Periodically Grainger has special promotions were you can receive special prices.
or discounts?                       Special promotions are available to customers and you will automatically receive
                                    promotional prices when ordering online.
Pricing not the lowest, but         Contract prices may not always be the best, depending on the quantity. Grainger
competitive?                        offers thousand of items at a better price than most customers could negotiate for
                                    only a few units from a commodity specialty supplier.
Pricing, may vary per order?        WSCA pricing sheet is based on a Ceiling Price Model, meaning the price will
                                    always be under the ceiling price. Grainger loads pricing per customer (WSCA).
                                    The discounts are a percentage off of ―each‖ prices in Grainger’s catalog.
Pricing, fixed or varies?           Grainger pricing is based on a ceiling price model with a percentage off the current
                                    item’s pricing for ―each‖ (one unit). The customer can negotiate a lower price
                                    with Grainger for quantity orders. Customer should request the best pricing when
                                    purchasing more than one unit, Grainger will provide the best pricing available to
                                    their customers. Some pricing is fixed, such as the 740 Fixed Price items and the
                                    Lighting section which is based on a designated dated manufacturer price list.
Pricing, for large orders?          Customer will need to request a better pricing on larger quantity orders. Grainger
                                    may negotiate ―per transaction‖ discounts on large orders.
Pricing, vary per catalog date?     Grainger updates their printed catalog yearly, but updates their pricing schedule as
                                    needed. Pricing varies based on quantity, commodity and special mfg. promotions.
                                    Catalog prices are subject to change without notice. Market sensitive commodity
                                    type products are priced according to current market conditions. WSCA 135 net
                                    items are fixed for term of the contract. Current pricing is available through
                           or contact your local Grainger branch.
How long do I have to wait to       Instant response from Grainger customer service representative or when using
find out what’s going on with my
Do you ship orders door-to-door?    UPS delivery for most orders, same day shipping for in-stock products.
How do I check the status of my     Grainger’s web site or your local Grainger customer service representative.
Grainger order?
Do you have emergency services?     For after hours emergencies contact 1-800-225-5994. Free.
How can I contact Grainger Parts?   Grainger maintains a customer service at 1-800-952-2680 or on-line, on-line look
                                    for the Repair Part section at The on-line feature is not as
                                    comprehensive as calling Parts’ customer service.
Is there a restocking charge to     No. Grainger does not charge for restocking for items we stock. There may be a
return items/parts?                 fee for non-stocked item returns.
What does the Repair Parts          The Repair Parts section of the Grainger web site provides customers with the
section of web     ability to: Search for repair parts and accessories, view parts lists and diagrams.
site offer me?                      Order from over 2.5 million OEM repair parts and accessories, even hard-to-find
                                    items, from more than 550 brand name manufacturers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a
                                    week. Customer service representatives will help you find what you need and
                                    current promotions. Receive the same benefits as when you do business with
                                    Grainger Parts offline, including same-day shipping for in-stock items when your

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Current Contract Information                                                                    Contract No. 11305
Grainger Order Policy
                                  order is placed by 5:00PM (CT), Monday through Friday (with next-day delivery
                                  available), no minimum order requirements, no restocking fees, and a one-year
                                  warranty on all parts purchases.
Can I view parts list on the      You can now view parts list and exploded-view diagrams online. These are web site?            available through the Repair Parts Search option.
How can I determine what          Grainger has a huge inventory and stocks all of the popular and frequently
products are in stock?            purchased items. Live inventory levels are available by calling any Grainger
                                  branch or on Grainger’s web site checkout process.
Whom do I contact for specific    Grainger technical support representatives are trained in parts identification. They
product questions or technical    can also assist you in viewing parts lists and diagrams, or send them to you to at no
support?                          extra charge. If you need help with Finished Good Product Selection, Application
                                  Assistance, Installation, Troubleshooting, Performance Data, Maintenance, or
                                  General Technical Guidance, Grainger’s technical experts can provide you with
                                  information. You can contact Grainger’s technical support at 847-535-5400.
Hazardous Recycling Service?      This service is not a part of the state contract and a customer must follow their
                                  procurement policies and procedures when purchasing. Grainger has available
                                  recycling services for customers at an additional charge, contact Grainger for
                                  details. The Office of State Procurement has contract coverage for this service on
                                  state contract #03505, which is a mandatory contract for state agencies.
Triple Guard Insurance?           This service is not a part of the state contract and customer must follow their
                                  procurement policies and procedures and check their Risk Management before
                                  purchasing. This extended warranty insurance is available to customers at an
                                  additional charge. Contact you local Grainger branch for details.
Diversity Purchasing Tracking?    Grainger can supply a report of purchases by WA state from the Grainger’s list of
                                  companies that meet their diversity requirements.
Customer Reports from Grainger?   Three levels of detail Available for all customer groups:
                                  Customer Focused Quality Reports—Overview of Ordering and Delivery results)
                                  Product Line Distribution by Account—Breakdown of purchases by product category

Other Current OSP Grainger        None
Non Catalog Items?                Customer may request Grainger to source out non-catalog items that are not
                                  available through the Grainger catalog. These non-catalog items as sourced by
                                  Grainger’s sourcing division (Find MRO) or Grainger Parts are on state contract.
“Find MRO Service”                740 items were Net Price all other 140,000 + items are a discount off current
                                  Grainger Catalog or discount off Mfg list price.
                                  See the page for the Fixed Prices Sheets.
WSCA Competitive Pricing?         Customer need to follow competitive procurement requirements items were Net
                                  Price all other items are a discount off current Grainger Catalog or discount off
                                  Mfg list price. See the page for the Fixed Prices Sheets.

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Current Contract Information                                                                 Contract No. 11305
                                 CONTRACTOR INFORMATION
                Contractor: Grainger Industrial Supply
  Contractor Administrator: Jack Folger                                    Email:
                     Phone: (253) 241-9696                                   Fax:           (253) 922-7827
       Web catalog address:
             Federal ID No.: 361150280           Department of Revenue Registration Tax #:          300-997239-0
           Payment address: Grainger Industrial Supply, CPAY Dept. 2FL, Palentine, Il. 60038
   Order placement address: Any Grainger branches or online
       Ordering procedures: Order on-line, call, fax or will-call
     Credit card acceptance: VISA, MasterCard and American Express
           Minimum orders: No minimum order requirements
              Delivery time: 1-2 days for in-stock items, 3-10 days for out of stock items After Receipt of Order
             Payment terms: 30 days Net
       Shipping destination: Freight on Board (FOB) destination
                    Freight: Prepaid and included
                                  Grainger Locations in Washington
          BELLEVUE,                               BELLINGHAM,                                 EVERETT,
           WA 98005                                 WA 98225                                  WA 98201
      2221 120TH AVE. NE                           427 Ohio Street                        3013 Walnut Street
           425/643-7754                             360/752-0255                             425/303-8851
          (425)485-4690                            (360)752-0256                            (425)303-9509
            FIFE,                                     PASCO,                                  SEATTLE,
           WA 98424                                  WA 99301                                 WA 98134
    2802 PACIFIC HWY EAST                         3306 W MARIE                         4930 3RD AVE SOUTH
           253/922-2268                             509/545-5065                             206/767-4500
          (253)922-7827                            (509)547-6574                            (206)767-2524
      OLYMPIA, WA 98512                        BOTHELL, WA 98011                            BREMERTON
      2260 Mottman Rd. Sw                     11711 N. Creek Pkwy S.                 Grainger Express / Will Call
    Tumwater, WA 98512-6230                   Bothell, WA 98011-8808                        Pickup Only
      Phone: (360) 252-3040                    Phone: (425) 481-9975                 939 N. Callow Ave. Ste. 100
       Fax: (360) 956-7204                      Fax: (425) 481-9875                  Bremerton, WA 98312-3806
                                                                                       Phone: (360) 373-5600
                                                                                         Fax: (360) 373-0341
           SPOKANE,                                  TUKWILA,                                 YAKIMA,
           WA 99212                                  WA 98188                                 WA 98901
    5706 EAST BROADWAY                           6725 TODD BLVD                     905 1/2 SOUTH 1ST STREET
           509/535-9882                             425/251-5030                             509/457-1518
          (509)535-9519                            (425)251-5324                            (907)457-1523

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Current Contract Information                                                                   Contract No. 11305

                              Western States Contracting Alliance - WSCA #7066
                                             Pricing Agreement

Grainger Product Categories                          % off Grainger “Each” Price

1. Motors and Power Transmission
a. Electric motors                                                28%
b. Belts and pulleys                                              28%
c. Motor accessories                                              28%

2. Electrical
a. Voice and data equipment                                       10%
b. Electrical distribution                                        10%
c. Electrical controls                                            10%
d. Electrical supplies                                            10% See also Electrical Supplies contract 07400

3. Lighting
a. Task lighting                                                  10%
b. Lamps-fluorescent, sign, HID, incandescent                     10 - 88%
c. Ballasts                                                       10 - 80% See also Lamps & Ballast Contract 00802
d. Fixtures                                                       10%
e. Accessories-batteries, flashlights, lanterns                   10%

4. Tools, Test instruments, Outdoor Equipment
a. Power tools                                                    10%
b. Power tools accessories                                        10 - 30%
c. Hand tools                                                     10 - 34%
d. Testing and measuring, meters                                  10%
e. Shovels, chain saws, hoses and reels                           10%
f. Auto shop equipment                                            10% see also Vehicle Lifts 06405
g. Generators and engines                                         10%

5. Metalworking and shop supplies
a. Machining equipment                                            10%
b. Welding                                                        10%
c. Fastening                                                      10% See also Fasteners Contract 08104
d. Adhesives and sealants                                         10%
e. Lubricants and chemicals                                       10%
f. Parts washers and accessories                                  10%

6. Cleaning and painting equipment and supplies
a. Floor and carpet care equipment and supplies                   10-20%
b. Paper and janitorial supplies                                  10-20%
c. Paint and painting supplies                                    10%
d. Cleaning chemicals                                             10%

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Current Contract Information                                                                    Contract No. 11305

7. Material Handling
a. Ladders and climbing equipment                             10%
b. Shelving and storage                                       10%
c. Casters                                                    10%
d. Carts and trucks                                           10%
e. Hoists, winches, rigging equipment                         10%
f. Packaging and supplies                                     10% See also Warehouse Shipping and Storage Boxes 06705
g. Drum and dock equipment                                    10%

8. Safety and security                                        10%
a. Safety storage and fire protection                         10%
b. Personal protective equipment                              10%
c. Instrumentation and gas detection                          10%
d. Industrial safety-showers, first aid, lockout/tag out      10 - 20%
e. Identification                                             10 - 20%
f. Padlocks, alarms, metal detectors and door hardware        10%

9. Fluid power
a. Air compressors                                            10%
b. Pneumatic tools                                            10%
c. Air treatment-filters, regulators, lubricators, dryers     10%
d. Valves and cylinders                                       10%
e. Hose and fittings                                          10%
f. Hydraulics                                                 10%

10. Pumps and plumbing                                        10%
a. Centrifugal pumps                                          10%
b. Sump and sewage pumps                                      10%
c. Water system pumps                                         10%
d. Positive displacement pumps                                10%
e. Plumbing equipment and supplies                            10% See also Plumbing Supplies Contract 03104

11. HVAC                                                      10%
a. HVAC controls                                              10%
b. Heating equipment                                          10%
c. A/C and refrigeration                                      10% See also Refrigeration Supplies Contract 01304
d. Air treatment, air cleaners, dust collectors               10%
e. Air filtration                                             30-50% See also the Air Filter Contract 09903
f. Fans                                                       10%
g. Power roof ventilators                                     10%
h. Blowers                                                    10%

Notes: Flat 10% discount includes net priced "delta" items.
740 items are net priced at deeper than 10% off the Grainger each price based on see Fixed Prices Sheet
WSCA #7066 RFP Market Basket

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Current Contract Information                                                        Contract No. 11305

Percentage off the Manufacturer Less List
Power Tools
DeWalt                                                   Up to 48 % Off Mfg List
Milwaukee                                                Up to 46 % Off Mfg List
Power Tool Accessories
DeWalt                                                   38% Off Mfg List
Milwaukee                                                35% Off Mfg List
Hand Tools
Stanley                                                  52% Off Mfg Current List
Proto                                                    55% Off Mfg Current List
Blackhawk                                                45% Off Mfg Current List
Westward                                                 10% Off Grainger’s Each Price

GE lighting
       82.5% off Mfr (9002-February 27, 2003 GE Lighting Price List)
       54 specifically Net Priced items for WSCA ITB Market Basket
       All other excluded items 10% off Grainger ―each‖ price

Advance Transformer
      80% Off Mfr List – ELB. Catalog 155-CC 06/01/05
      75% Off Mfr List – FLB. Catalog 155-CC 06/01/05
      75% Off Mfr List – HID. Catalog 155-CC 06/01/05
      70% Off Mfr List – Sign. Catalog 155-CC 06/01/05

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 2009 - 2010 WSCA
   Market Basket
To look at the 2009 - 2010 WSCA Market Basket
         Please follow the link below.

                   Grainger WSCA
                 2009-2010 Market Basket Renewal 9-17-09.pdf

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                                 OFFICE OF STATE PROCUREMENT
                                     PERFORMANCE REPORT

To OSP Customers:
Please take a moment to let us know how our services have measured up to your expectations on this contract.
Please copy this form locally as needed and forward to the Office of State Procurement Purchasing Manager.
For any comments marked unacceptable, please explain in remarks block.

            Procurement services provided:               Excellent    Good     Acceptable    Unacceptable
    Timeliness of contract actions
    Professionalism and courtesy of staff
    Services provided met customer needs
    Knowledge of procurement rules and regulations
    Responsiveness/problem resolution
    Timely and effective communications


       Agency:                                            Prepared by:

  Contract No.: 09702                                            Title:

 Contract Title: Hardware Supplies and Equip, Grainger           Date:


                                           Send to:

                                           Office of State Procurement
                                           PO Box 41017
                                           Olympia, Washington 98504-1017

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                                    PRODUCT/SERVICE PERFORMANCE REPORT

Complete this form to report problems with suppliers or to report unsatisfactory product or services. You are also
encouraged to report superior performance. Agency personnel should contact suppliers in an effort to resolve problems
themselves prior to completion and submission of this report.

Contract number and title: 11305, Hardware Supplies and Equipment – Grainger Catalog

Supplier’s name:                                                  Supplier’s representative:


       Contract item quality higher than required            Damaged goods delivered
       Contract item quality lower than required.            Item delivered does not meet P.O./contract specifications
                                        SUPPLIER/CONTRACTOR PERFORMANCE:

       Late delivery                                               Slow response to problems and problem resolution
       Incorrect invoice pricing.                                  Superior performance
                                               CONTRACT PROVISIONS:

       Terms and conditions inadequate                             Additional items or services are required.
       Specifications need to be revised                           Minimum order too high.

Briefly describe situation:

                      Agency Name:                                               Delivery Location:
      Prepared By:              Phone Number:                        Date:                       Supervisor:

                                                       Send To:

                                           David Scott
                                           Contract Specialist
                                           OFFICE OF STATE PROCUREMENT
                                           PO BOX 41017
                                           OLYMPIA WA 98504-1017

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