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									When you need the most elegant dress possible, a ball gown is your answer. Famous
for being the dress of princesses, ball gowns are worn by women at many formal
occasions. To wear a ball gown, you need to create an entire look around it that
matches the classiness of the dress.
 Generally, you 鈥檒 l find ball gowns at events thrown by wealthy and influential
people. A standard cocktail party with your coworkers, for example, is not the place
for a ball gown. If you receive an event invitation that lists attire as 鈥渨 hite tie 鈥? it
refers to the most formal dress possible. Men should be in full formal attire with a
white tie, while women should ideally wear ball gowns.
 There are other occasions to wear a ball gown even if the dress code doesn 鈥檛
specify to wear them. Debutantes are known for their gorgeous white ball gowns, and
some prom dresses that have the right silhouette could be considered a more casual,
inexpensive sort of ball gown. You could also wear one of these dresses to a costume
party if you had the finances.
 The usual silhouette of a ball gown is a fitted bust and waist, with a full skirt flaring
out from there. They 鈥檙 e floor length or ankle length at the very least, much like
other gowns meant for formal occasions. Ball gowns tend to have low necklines or be
completely strapless. The fabric used to make ball gowns is expensive, and the
dresses are often expensive as well. It 鈥檚 worth it for the quality.
 When choosing a ball gown, color is going to be one of your main options since the
silhouette and length are already decided for you. Formal events late in the evening
usually call for darker colors, while daytime events are the time for bright shades. It
鈥檚 unlikely you 鈥檒 l be attending a daytime event wearing a ball gown, however.
 For a classic dress like a ball gown, you need classic accessories. Pair your gown
with timeless pieces of jewelry made from high quality materials. Gloves and cloaks
made of soft, warm fabric are popular additions to a ball gown in the cooler months of
the year. Tiaras are popular accessories as well, adding a touch of royalty to the look.
 As for shoes, ball gowns are traditionally worn with dancing shoes, even if the event
doesn 鈥檛 involve dancing. This may mean formal heels, or in some cases even
ballet shoes are acceptable. Pay attention to the length of the dress when choosing a
shoe. Ball gowns are often designed to be worn with shoes of a certain height, and no
higher, or the dress will seem too short.
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